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If I could ask God one question, I'd ask her, how could it have taken me more than 6 years to find my relationship to this vehicle? There's no other way I could find out.

 3 things definitely to my credit. 1. I knew I didn't have a working relationship with this vehicle. 2. I was near certain it was possible., 3. And day after day, day after intensely frustrating day, I chose not to commit suicide, and to continue the attempt. Madness. Divine madness?

Today was was a monumental breakthrough, and would not have happened without climbing Peak after Peak after Peak after Peak after Peak for more than 6 years, more than 54,000 miles.

Early in the day today a question came which quite possibly could not have come earlier and not been answered earlier than today, james, why don't you meet the vehicle where it is, where it is in your legs, rather than searching for it each stroke? What I believe made that question possible and the answer possible, was, embracing to a much higher level than ever, the legs do not work in tandem james, not in this vehicle, not on these roads, they are independent agents that can coordinate with one another, and they can't ask for help, in fact they need to constantly provide help, to the Torso and the arms.

And with those in place on today's ride they were able to begin answering the question, why not meet the vehicle where it is, for the first time in 6 years. And for the first moments they thought that answer was felt at the back of the thighs and on the arch of the foot. But then quickly something new materialized. Wait a minute james, it is felt in the entire area of the ankle and the foot. With the legs operating independently as agents, and not locked into some relationship with the torso, they can make the choice to stay in constant relationship with the vehicle at the ankle and in the foot area.

And that A Whole New World opens up. So in this relationship area, james, you can make independent choices. You can choose to have that area higher or lower physically relative to the vehicle, and lower is a much longer stretch for your legs, and higher is much shorter. Shorter is the obvious choice. Yes the thighs complain a little bit about holding things higher but not a big deal. Not today anyway.

And james, you know how you've wanted to use a whole range of muscles? And we're always awarded in that one way or another? But guess what, by maintaining a constant relationship with the vehicle in this way, all of a sudden your ankles and the balls of your feet see what they can do. They can articulate forward at the 2:00 and 3:00 area of their region and thereby help maintain that higher and closer area of contact which the thighs and the rest of the legs prefer. And also add a little bit of energy there toward contribution to your overall movement. And guess what the heels can now do, within that region, that area of constant contact, that's fear of contact, that tube of contact, they can pull back both helping to keep the area of contact closer to the buttocks which the whole leg area prefers, and also adding energy at the same time. Engaging new muscles, relieving the area, the most contribution area the first 2/3 of the thighs.

Will this be replicable tomorrow? Not if history holds. Just one more slightly higher Peak with others endlessly stretching beyond.

HHowever, and I thought this many many times before, I think this is different, I think this is a Quantum Leap to the final Plateau where we can refine from here.

The video is just the first part of these Revelations today. The rest of them and all of them outlined in the post above.

Notice, this my primary blog for many many years has stopped being so since at least the beginning of this year. Now I use it pretty much just for the occasional cycling breakthrough. All of the posts that are fundamental in my life, and the fundamental contributions I hope to make, are posted at and secondarily at my Facebook page.

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