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I pledge allegiance to the same as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, before me. To serving the neediest souls in solidarity. For the joy of it. And to every individual, and group, dying to do the same. And to none other.

I pledge allegiance to the same as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, before me. To serving the neediest souls in solidarity. For the joy of it. And to every individual, and group, dying to do the same. And to none other.


Extremely important update. Joy is the answer, LSGIABeing is the way.

What if there might be a cure for cancer? What if you see what might be a cure for cancer? You go for it? I mean do you try and develop it? What if it turns out you were a fool? What if you have almost zero chance, one in a trillion?

Ever since the birth of my two biological offspring I have been operating on a theory that joy is the answer.  

As a young, socially crippled, socially unable, socially repugnant young executive in high-tech, I have operated on the theory that Joy is the answer. That human beings as the most powerful creatures known in the universe, that their output and the Purity, goodness, creativity, brilliance, of their output could only be maximized when they were aligned with the pursuit of joy, not pleasure, not happiness, not Comfort,  not wealth, not even personal survival, etc etc etc,  but only when aligned with the opportunity for joy. And in Industry despite how incredibly unpalatable I am personally, the results were impossibly astonishing.

And where is the opportunity for joy? Probably unlike anything else in the Human Experience there is a sure and certain answer. Totally within the control of each individual regardless of circumstances. So it can be extremely difficult and seem impossible, it is never beyond the grasp of any individual.

I believe that a man like Jesus referred to it as Soul, having the soul in charge, living out of the Soul. Serving from the soul in solidarity with the neediest. Living out of our capacity to be, by whatever words or none. But our language has been so corrupted over the centuries that I suggest that this cumbersome assembly of words, loving soul of goodness in action being is necessary. 

Nothing blindly is done by me, to a fault, and each step along the way this Theory, that joy is the answer, has been studied by me, challenged by me, practiced by me, refined by me, at each step of the way I remain willing to throw it out. But instead every day week month year decade teaches me that it could be the cure to everything important to the human species and now to all species that we are Exterminating.

It is too late to save the human species and the rest of the species were destroying. The cancer caused by not pursuing joy as a species, except the one in a million, is far too advanced.

But there is still you, there is me, and there is the one in a million that we might  impact,  to help resurrect  their joy, to save them from the prevailing joylessness, to resurrect their LSGIA Being. 

I had no idea that not only be human giant Jesus, the colored guy, not the white fiction, but not only Jesus but all of the Giants of humanity, Confucius, Buddha, Etc were pointing in this direction if not grasping it fully. In fact Jesus the colored guy, the real one, maybe the one that did grasp it. Fight every historical measure he had zero interest in a life after this one if he believed there was one. By all reliable scholarship he was convinced that each individual could find and live a life of Joy, Heaven if you will, in this one.

The other giants like Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, it seems that it was more instrumental for them although my study is far from complete. They saw it as a way, what I call loving soul of goodness in action being, they saw this as a way of ending the Carnage that each of them were living in culturally. Jesus did forsee the Jews were going to be destroyed but it seems that he was not seeing that that could be stopped, but that each individual despite the oppression and impending destruction by the Romans, that each individual could live in joy, Heaven, every breath, despite their impossible circumstances.

To me this is way more than the equivalent of curing cancer. And I expect to be redoubling my pitiful inadequate efforts to try and work on Bridging the Gap.
Much of it for the coming weeks will be online, trying to improve what has already been created by me, my blog, and, as a more effective cure, in the unlikely event of the one-in-a-million susceptible to cure wanders into them.

All thoughtful , constructive, serious comments, contributions, insights from you are welcome.


For those few serious human beings, indescribably important.

On my third reading now, beginning a detailed annotation and digestion.

If like Karen Armstrong you are a great spirit, International scholar on the world's religions, unlike me, then this book is not important to you.

If you do not have an undying Agony over the pain in the world, Unstoppable for most, but not for all, then this book is of no importance for you.

If you think that so-called spirituality, religion, is either just a personal choice or something to fight over, this book is of no value to you.

But Armstrong clearly sees it differently by implication, and I'm finding it Beyond invaluable. She understands that the giant founders of the world religions were creative Geniuses, inventors, regardless of how they thought of themselves. They created Solutions to improve upon the Life of human beings and all of creation, by creating a vision, an understanding, of how to be that was a less painful, more joyful, less destructive, integration between the truth of our human being, and the physical and cultural environment in which we live.

I do not know of a more important book, or body of information to study and go beyond, in this 2019 world for the serious human being needing to personally grow to be of Greater service to creation.

It is legally free for download here.

Often I have thought of myself as that character in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, driven mad by a vision that grasped him that he did not understand, in his living room sculpting he knew not what. Armstrong's understanding is not new to me, but the exhausive scholarly insightful underpinnings are. It is gasoline on my fire.

Almost exactly a year ago an iteration of that Fire Within Me, The Vision Within Me, took a large step forward, much larger than I realized up until this moment, I'm seeing now, here. We have all got a lot of work to do.]