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A godsend again, as this Mission struggles to keep its head above water. A guardian angel of.....

A godsend again, as this Mission struggles to keep its head above water. A guardian angel of this mission for over a year now every month provide substantial material support. A godsend. And this angel did it again this morning. Within this last month it looked like the mission would still finally climb out of an ocean of credit card debt. Through Herculean efforts it is definitely inching toward being a stable proposition and I thought it was finally there. And then the Rube Goldberg fix regarding regenerative braking announced disaster. So far it has cost over $300 in transportation of one motor to a repair facility transportation of another motor on loan and now it has been determined that the primary motor is not repairable and needs to be replaced. Between replacing the motor and the Machining and labor associated with finally making regenerative stable in the rear wheel assembly this month will cost the mission unexpected thousand dollars approximately. This godsend donation today makes a dent. If anyone else wants to help make a dent that would make a big difference.


LSGIABeing: Jesus Isaiah Heschel...are f****** fundamentalist God crazed lunatics, right?

LSGIABeing: Jesus Isaiah Heschel...are f****** fundamentalist God crazed lunatics, right?

I'm mean listen to Isaiah, he says God is going to destroy everything because he's not worshiped, right. f****** b*******!?

And take this idiot extremist Jesus, if you don't hate husband wife son daughter your own life you cannot follow me! what the f***??!!

And much more recently Abraham Heschel, the meaning of this hour, we have ceased having God in our lives so everything is going to come to an end. what the f***?!?!


Unless God is understood as something like the loving spirit of goodness in action Being, one of the spirits within us, the central spirit born within us? What if that is what they mean by God? Hint. It is buy whatever words or none.

If this is understood as the Being, the way of being, the spirit  deep in each individual and in the cosmos itself, meant by the word God, then history is proving this exactly f****** correct.

We treat the discovery of a cancer sell in the loved ones body as an all out emergency, every single sell of this type must be eliminated immediately whatever the cost every single solitary one now!. That is sanity, correct? But Isaiah Jesus heschel seeing that moral imPurity in society will certainly cause the death of everything, is Insanity, right?

History is proving them absa f****** lutely correct. It is not there insanity for personafying this destructive force, the absence of totally glorifying God,  good, it is our insanity for not seeing the structural truth of what they had to say!!! We don't want to see it! We want the pleasures of worshiping the head of the Flesh! F*** our children. Let them all f****** die!

They are absolutely correct proven by history if we don't worship with every breath, if our lives don't glorify, with every breath, the loving spirit of goodness in action being born within each and everyone of us.

Or Everything is coming to an end. This can't be argued by any sane person and the truth innately understood of this has driven every revolutionary in history, has driven them to the brink of actual insanity to appear as mad  in front of every population.

Until, like Jesus, he is brought under control by adulterating, bastardizing, sanitizing,  totally destroying the value of, and corrupting his message.

And finally after 66 years James is now fully in the possession of this idiocy too. He didn't see it. He didn't understand it. He does now. Plain as the nose on his face.