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Log, ransoming Souls. March 19th. Percentage of the day as a LSGIA Being. New guiding metric.

Albert Schweitzer, example is not the major thing in influencing people, it's the only thing. It seems therefore, and from lessons of life more broadly, that only by being the change that is needed in the world, is it at all possible to bring it about, even for the one.
It seems that this is a matter of how one spends each waking breath, and this new metric will guide me until it proves itself not the optimum that I think it is.

And employing it today certainly helped sharpen the focus of the poor old tool, James.
 Most of the day was spent on study of saving Paradise, annotating the written text. Much learned, much clarity.
Jesus said, if you will hold on to your life you will lose it. Is not life more than clothing and food, he asked rhetorically?
There are many well-intended Souls throughout the history of Christianity particularly in the first 400 years. Probably none adhered to what Jesus taught, and rather, could only imagine that saving the material world was the dominant goal. One should be careful where one aims, because that is the target they are most likely to hit, missing all others.
People have spent two thousand years missing the Target that Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, Hillel, the Pharisees, and others clearly marked.  The kingdom of God is within you, as Jesus specified it.


Updated. Working for good is life, and Life Giving. Working for anything else is cancer, life taking. This is Harsh. It is also true. It is true of every type of life, actually.

Update below. Working for good is life, and Life Giving. Working for anything else is cancer, life taking. This is Harsh. It is also true. It is true of every type of life, actually.

Ridiculous notion. Criminally idealistic. What if everyone lived that way, as every healthy cell in every organism does? And what happens when any cell chooses the way of selfishness, cancer?
Not ridiculous idealism. The only way away from cancer.
Update.If I am a person of my convictions, and true to those, then this is what you will see from me as an ever-increasing proportion of my every breath, my primary metric as of today. It is not my desire that other things that I value, kindness, gentleness, being Pleasant, are sacrificed, by being displaced by this preeminent value. But already today I've experienced that. And it is my understanding that I am a failure the degree to which I bend the other way. Attempting to work for good every waking breath is not license to violate these other things. Nor is triage on the part of the most Humane and capable nurse, license to ignore other priorities. It is sacred Duty. And it brings with it a terrible price, worth every bit.

Would you like these? The voice behind me asked. I've been watching what you do,  around town they must have meant. I like it, said the driver, the non-white young man, who did the talking. This from several young man in a car that had stopped behind me that I was not acknowledging. Two Scruffy young guys, one white,  the other Hispanic or native. They offered and I gladly accepted a bag of corn nuts. Early 20s, a long used car, I find such encounters significant and encouraging. Who knows what they really thought.

Tell me why I'm wrong. You need to be devoting your life, every breath, me too, To ransoming Souls from joylessness, by whatever words or none. Everything else has failed. No one has ever seriously tried what Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, taught. tell me why I'm wrong

Tell me why I'm wrong. You need to be devoting your life, every breath, me too, To ransoming Souls from joylessness, by whatever words or none. Everything else has failed. No one has ever seriously tried what Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, taught. tell me why I'm wrong. .


RV cycling log. March 8th. Yes, it's a bicycle and I'm still learning.

Yes yes yes it's a bicycle but instead of full extension being straight down, full extension is about 110 degrees from perpendicular. This is the lesson of the last three logs, and continues to be.
Much more sustainable than any time in the last year, much more logical, much more easy and sure to bring to mind. This seems to be the most important plateau in several years. Today was roughly a thousand calories on top of 1500 yesterday, fairly easily done, not possible in Prior weeks or months.

Yes the primary focus is on completing full extension to approximately 120 degrees, with the knee area, at constant velocity throughout the stroke, throughout the out stroke.
Particularly at lower velocity, lower RPM, and accentuated distance between the up moving thigh and the full extension is desirable and very helpful. I'm not certain why but several things seem to happen, it seems to give time for the lower leg to fully find its full extension home position, it seems to create downward momentum potential, it just really works well.
Toward the end of the trip today something surfaced that hasn't been seen for quite some time. Not sure if this is sustainable and should be happening throughout the voyage. But it certainly was nice at the end when it appeared. Instead of the focus being in the strength of the hamstring moving to full extension the focus went to the inner thighs of both legs and not sure the right words, maybe see-sawing although that certainly doesn't do it or scissoring maybe but they were almost like to Planks, the inner thighs, and they found an equilibrium of moving past each other in coordinated opposition.
And then complimenting this last point was something else that was quite nice. The notion of finding a force for all that which was in between full exoneration and significant relaxation as a mechanism for absorbing slight increases in the grade moment-to-moment or slight decreases. This would be nice to try throughout the journey. It did not result in substantial huge power but it did seem to be very sustainable.

March 8th. Ransoming Souls log. Paul might not be so bad.

Maybe I was a bit Hasty in being so harsh about Paul the other day. It was based on reading some of the few items that the scholars say he really did write. And there was not much about serving from the soul in solidarity for Joy there. And a disturbing amount on exhorting those that he had previously encountered to stay the line, what the hell line? But in listening to the section from the great transformation, Karen Armstrong, on Paul, she speaks so highly of him that I probably was mistaken. Will have to spend more time with her analysis and her sources. And what a wonderful thing if he really was at all on track. We are dying for examples.

Much good study today. And yesterday. Much listening to saving Paradise. Continually encouraged as to the Goldmine for my research. The Litany of characters from absolutely anti good, Antichrist, anti God, in the name of God, all the way to really trying to be good Souls.

There is such Brilliance in Parker and Brock, and then they make me want to scream. It is as though one is watching them sprint toward the cure for cancer, and then at the last moment brilliantly and definitively snatch failure from the jaws of Victory. They are so goddamn cerebral. And I think the book was written by committee, and they almost suggest as much. So who knows why but there is some real great Brilliance there.

And also study of the 200 versus of a thousand in the New Testament that Scholars indicate the man Jesus, the colored Palestinian guy, probably said. So Sublime. I have yet to encounter anyone through the lens of Parker and Brock, that think we should listen to that colored Palestinian guy. AB sub f****** lutely amazing.

My older biological offspring gave me a photograph, a large framed.....

My older biological offspring gave me a photograph, a large framed poster, of this, many years ago. It was one of my prized possessions. Would be still except as a wandering holy man, therapist, activist, brother, lol, such possessions were separated from me long long ago.


video log March 7th combined

Wow, and wow. Cycling level today has not been seen in probably a year and a half. And it is sustainable I'm quite sure.
The lessons of the last log or so are proven now and nuggets of wisdom from recent years are all found in the principles that resulted in the high performance sustainable low mental tasking technique of today.
In a nutshell, the out stroke of the knee to maximum extension and rolling through that maximum extension, achieved at a constant velocity from the beginning to the end of the stroke, stroke after stroke, until the Cadence changes is the formula. This became attainable once it was remembered, for the first time it seems, that this is a bicycle. Unlike a conventional upright bicycle which unmistakably provides gravity and body orientation as the communicators of what the body is to do, to extend all the way down to the bottom of the stroke, till the full completion, the full extension, of the stroke, the recumbent doesn't do that. Gravity still speaks but contrary to where full extension actually is which is roughly a hundred and ten or a hundred and twenty degrees from perpendicular. It is out, not down.
An important secret teased out somewhat concerning the Optimal Performance usually achieved in the last 10% of any journey and the last 10% of this climb almost every time. fatigue and maybe practice, of the prior several hours each trip, the body achieves what was described above but now it has been captured in conscious competence greatly increasing the odds that it can be held onto and repeated now. And to a large degree, really, for all intents and purposes throughout this 1500 calorie, 3 hour Journey, this high-performance found in the last 10% of the journey was maintained throughout.
Another nugget which has appeared in the past with great appreciation but then lost, is that it seems that in lower Cadence higher power situations that the length of this downward stroke increases, or can be increased, Canby, needs to be, begun earlier, higher, or should be increased to be able to establish that constant velocity forward thrust to full extension.

And all this was accomplished with much less attention to cycling and much more to ongoing study, saving Paradise, Parker and Brock.
This is the second or third listening, and as of this morning with a solid technical copy annotation has resumed. all of the disclaimers of Prior posts still stand, as do the a clamation of the gold mine this is if the land minds are understood and avoided. I see many days ahead of mining the gold here for the purposes of my work. It is a broad pallet from those that have extrordinarily perverted distorted destroyed the goodness of the human soul to the other extreme almost, those that have  stumbled well in the right direction. I am envisioning among other things one graph that tries to capture the various names and place them in relation to the ultimate goal of the establishment of the human soul in charge of the head and flesh which none of them except for the man Jesus, barely referred to directly in this book, that the man Jesus examplified in word, actual historical word, and deed.. But they're were other attempts and somewhere certainly worthy of a study for the various element stuff they got right.


March 5th. Ransoming souls log. So disappointing, Paul, Parker and Brock, even Armstrong.

Technical difficulties with annotating the saving paradise copy from archive. Org. It is not an excellent scan and unfortunately hours worth of annotatinh have been lost. Not a tragedy but a new copy will have to be downloaded and work resumed on that.

Parker and Brock have an agenda. There's nothing sinister about that. They have a right, and maybe a Duty. But it is extremely problematic in their book  saving paradise, which has the pre tents of being extremely scholarly and therefore focused on the truth, and it is not that. Unclear to me is whether they realize that. But the problem remains that it will entrap even the best truth seaker into thinking that they are reading scholarly truth when at the bottom line they are reading the world that Parker and Brock would like to see. Be warned. There is still much of value to be mined here but it is more of a mine field then earlier I thought.

Oh Karen Armstrong, such excellence, not perfection, but still  excellence you demonstrate in the great transformation. But in your much earlier book Paul, where in heavens name does your enthusiasm for this individual come? A nice guy I'm sure, but extremely delusional, and not a fraction of the faith or understanding that Jesus had in Jesus teaching, do unto others all things whatsoever… . And Paul does not begin to come to the caliber of the great leaders to the soul that you write of in great transformation, Hillel, Mohammad, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and a few others. Now you wrote this book on Paul, the Apostle we love to hate, much earlier than the great transformation. But have you disclaimed it? I'm not challenging you, I'm concerned either that your integrity will be diminished, or that your scholarship and judgment are not of the caliber that I have thought up until now. I suspect it is the former.


Ransoming Souls log March 4th. The centuries of saving paradise everyone but Jesus has a say.

Benedict, Anselm avalor, Eloise the list of authors decade by decade century by century, untold. Almost never the slightest evidence that anyone thinks to look at the words teachings and example of Jesus. It doesn't happen. It doesn't occur to them.

This is certainly the right of each individual. But that it is never seemingly explicit. That it is never seemingly recognized or deliberate. And they even Brock and Parker reporting on it seem not to understand the implications is mind exploding. The fish are the last to discover water.

Rock and Parker, excellent cerebral scholars, excellent, appear to like the idea that right headed Christianity has been searching to establish material paradise on earth and that has a spiritual component, but in that order of priority. Occasionally their words suggest that logically spirit, psychology, the lymbic system, soul in charge itself is paradise but never do these words seem to be a stopping point for them, rather, a casual mention from which they immediately move on to their pree conceived notion, an notion desired by their overly developed head and flash, it's the answer they want. How much more useful and satisfying if they recognized the choice and made it deliberately and explained to us their choice. If ever I could access them I would hope to respectfully try and bring this to their attention because based on their scholarship their processing of this choice could be very very valuable to me. And for some probably to others. Wishful thinking.

The mission to which I am called is a refined  version of my entire adulthood call. This refined in call is for joy, serve those poor souls in solidarity. To live that for the joy of it, to communicate it for the potential joy of others. To make it more able to be grasped and held onto in the world and a historical culture that says no, that's not the way. That's not paradise. Ignore Jesus. Ignore Tolstoy.. Buddha didn't mean it, listen to his 20th century, 21st century teachers. And on and on and on. As reported last week a surprise evolution of this is to understand in this imagination I try and use that prospective client, what they demand of James, what they need of James, what they need of us all, more than anything, is become transformational Souls yourself. Powerful Portals to the soul in charge if you will. The equivalent of the sought after wormhole. As reported several days ago initially to me what this seems to mean is be the  Limbic system, the soul in charge in your life. It will be amazing to me if this does not intensify in clarity and implication overtime tho it may change, extremely unlikely that it will. This increases my being a tune to those few souls that are or could move toward being transformational with an interest for helping and certainly protecting those. One of the few that I sense maybe approaching physical unsustainability, death. This is moving me for the joy of it, for the call of it, to see if maybe protection for this soul can be arranged. It is far from clear that that's possible. Today's response to this by me was to develop some thinking on this and to share it with a few promising souls I know. And the response of one absolutely astonished me. Immediate generosity. Immediate commitment. Instinctual. Reflexive. Devine. It is no disrespect to this individual being referred to, that it is off, amaze meant, shock, that wells up in me. World class, Olympic  caliber performances do that to us, don't they? The person of concern maybe in the final stages of saving themselves. It may be that it is far too late to save them. We have been neglected far too long. It is completely unclear to me how this will work out. But at least two of us, two souls, are now in solidarity to meaningful attempt to provide aid if that proves to beof promise. This is paradise. Agony yes, but the ecstasy also. Such a privilege for me to know such a fellow soul. And such a privilege for us to maybe have the opportunity to help another. Such a gift. This is the gospel. Jesus had none other.

Cycling log. March 4th. Yes, this is a bicycle!

All major lessons of yesterday are proving themselves important sustainable repeatable.

Yes, as with a traditional bicycle the purpose of each stroke is to thrust down and through the bottom of the stroke. But the recumbent bottom is some angle between 90° to perpendicular and probably 140 degrees.

Insight tonight on what impact where the bottom is. In a conventional bicycle gravity is key to sensing that full extension is down. In a recumbent gravity is somewhat a Miss Q. In zero gravity bottom would be probably 100 or 110 degrees from perpendicular. But gravity acts as a downward vector and somewhat increases that angle. Speed of rotation also effects where that natural terminating bottom is. Aggressiveness of the thrust also is a determinent. If necessity for high power and or freshness of the legs allows for a time the legs can comfortably set the angle hire more toward zero gravity 110 degrees. But where endurance or fatigue or both are factors then there is virtue in finding the center somewhat lower, 120 degrees at cetera.

In case it is necessary to repeat, the bottom is for the knees an end of the thighs including the bottom under part of the thighs under the knee. Bottom is not for the feet on the crank. So far, maybe a blessing that will not continue, so far it has been quite natural to implement somewhat automatically that the bottom being reached is with the knees as just described and not the feet. It is not assumed that this happy clarity will be maintained by the body but it  Might, as it is quite natural on a conventional bike.

Yesterday and new electronic hergear was mentioned. This under 30 dollar handlebar mounted plug in component, A+ button and a - button works with the vehicle brain allowing preset to be established within a range. So for the second day now the benefit of effectively 10 gears, really 30 gears because three different ranges can also be selected with a 3 position switch, this is now instead of being a cumbersome 6 gear vehicle on this arduous climb, now is between s10 and 30-gear vehicle. Unlike traditional gears which this vehicle has, these gears are not used to change the effort required for different vehicle speed, but rather to change effort required at the same speed but for difference in climbs. This because of certain mechanical limits, not hinderences, but limits, that limit  minimal vehicle speed to two and a half or 3 miles an hour at a reasonable cadence of 60 or 70 or 80 RPM. So although we have been doing this arduous climb every other day for almost 4 months, these last two days are the first time we have a effective gearing system that is at all normal for a cyclist. Quite a nice thing.

Probably for most cyclists even some very high performance cyclists on conventional bicycles the instant of arrival of the leg at bottom is a miniscule but significant rest  each cycle. And instant point of neutrality. The benefits of the mental imagery describe yesterday and today include that now this recumbent cyclist James is also having the benefit of that instant  relaxed neutral point at the bottom of each cycle. Possibly little more than psychological relief but that it is. At least. Probably more.

And the ongoing Miracle of the particularly strong last 15% of the journey became less mysterious tonight. The central issue is the necessity and effectiveness of knowing where the full extension is, the full thigh extension as discussed above and yesterday. This is a function of a number of things. What happens in the last 10% which is the steepest and the body is the most fatigued, the body by this point figures out, okay, searching subtly for exactly where the full out stroke is, nice idea body, but we don't have that energy or luxury right now. So you can ascertain, you can establish where that end point is, that. Stroke is, by making certain that your stroke, downstroke speed,  is constant velocity every stroke. That will establish the same reliable spot stroke after stroke after stroke after stroke. This probably can be implemented throughout the journey but that remains to be seen.

Without Guardian Angels, Miracles, James is in prison for five years. Life and death need for some, now.

( if needed, scroll way down to the part, life-and-death now.)

Instead of being in my first year of five in prison, last night my lawyer guardian angel responded with this photo to my inquiry as to whether my record was now expunged as per the miracle she worked, negligible cost  plea bargain, it was supposed to be expunged in October. The online record was one of the reasons Canada would not let me into the country back in August.

Not the blue eyed white male supremacist that billions look too, but a small colored guy by the name of Jesus 2000 years ago, said basically, if you do what I say, give your life for the joy of it to the neediest, it will cost you, but you will get a hundred fold in this lifetime. Encountering guardian angels and occasional Miracles is what he was talking about, I am certain. And it continues to happen in my life.

Almost two decades of radical activism offering my life in hunger strikes and jail in Washington DC taught me that I was completely alone. The Liberals detested me far more than they lunatics on the right, largely because I stood with my body, didn't just stand flapping my or taking token cheap safe actions. So when I was told two weeks before they swept the Standing Rock camp that if I stayed it was five years in prison that was a done deal as far as I was concerned.

But many months later it became clear that some Guardian Angels had other plans it turns out.

Though we were shipped six extremely painful hours across the state for jail that night, oh, maybe malice, maybe scarce resources, the next day we were bailed out with sandwiches and coffee and hotel room and kindness and transportation back to Bismarck. Water Protectors Legal Collective. Sorry, choked with emotion here for the moment.

And still it occurred to me not the slightest that prison would be avoided. Neither was I going to seek legal assistance other than one or two online mentions, nor was it going to be forthcoming. And the insane brothers and sisters, passionately destroying their children's future for a few Pennies from fossil fuels now, wanted us suffering as much as absolutely possible.

But some angels had plans I didn't foresee. Guardian angels that I will never know provided the legal funding to us. I haven't a clue who they are.

And not just legal funds but a genuine Guardian Angel, Amanda Harris, Harris law.

For example, last night, probably 8 p.m. her time, I simply sent a message via messenger hoping that some day I get a reply maybe, and Within moments had the photo above from her. What lawyer does that? Instantaneous response in the middle of the night? Amanda does. Incredibly generous, incredibly driven, impossibly productive, incredibly clever and good and competent and expert and relentless.

It is a hidden feature of the human nervous system in one out of a million, exactly like that colored man in Palestine said two thousand years ago, if you give your life for the joy of it for the sake of the neediest souls, it will cost you, but you will come in contact with some of the other Angels, which is the Supreme Human Experience.

Life and death now. Speaking of which, near certainly we are going to lose one of the greatest Souls I know personally living within the next two months unless a miracle is Stirred Up, and that requires guardian angels swooping in to provide wind under the wings of this parent, or desperately trying.

It is impossible that this individual can go on without Miracles and angels. This parent, early forties, two teenage autistic son's, in a godforsaken red-state of Michigan, is being crushed to death by the heartlessness and non-support of her state. A sister of mine in Upstate New York in a similar situation responded the other day in horror at the non-support that this drowning parent is being left in Michigan.

And this parent is not without fault. What Fault? Asks nothing, except 5 or 10 times, literally, 5 or 10 times too much of them self. Now working four part-time jobs substitute teaching, caring for delinquent children, waitress, part-time Creative Marketing) this high-level marketing executive who left their job a year ago to give the basic care to their children that this criminally negligent state will not provide.

This parent is trained among other things as as a social services Advocate and has used brilliant skills to advocate for their children in this criminally inhumane state of Michigan. So far to no avail. This parent has written me at my request that there is some slight slight slight glimmer that a Year's worth of work may come to fruition in terms of a modicum of support for the children within the next month. If this doesn't happen this individual cannot keep going and will be crushed to death literally. Personally I am really really really bad at giving up on important situations, but I'd have gone to sleep in an exhaust filled garage long ago hair dye  you've been carrying what this individual carries. It can't be otherwise. It is impossible to survive what this individual has survived. Without some Guardian Angels kicking up a miracle. This individual gives and gives and gives their life for the neediest. Isn't it time?

I am racking my brain about how I can help. I have gladly pledged here, unbeknownst to this individual who asks nothing, ever, I have gladly pledged here whatever scarce resources I have, 100%, Beyond food, the vehicle, bedding, and clothing, all the meager savings scraped together, if that will help get this individual on a sustainable path. I know few Souls whose goodness demands this, but this is one.

I am racking my brain and soul as to how else to help.

A month or two must not be lost. If the state again fails as is likely it is too late to start Alternatives from a standing start. New York, California, and Texas are Nirvana compared to this hellhole Michigan. But how to say near drowned to death Soul get there? And or how do so far unavailable resources get shamed up, dug up, brought to bear in Michigan?

Many hours now have been spent buy me brainstorming what organizations can be contacted, that might help, that might have networks nationally and or in Michigan and help either bring pressure on the state or access to people that can help. Hours have been spent now crafting a communication campaign, though minuscule, to try and lift the odds from zero of this individual being able to survive.

Aren't you called to do similarly? Aren't you called to help this individual survive? Several of you know who I'm speaking of. If you do not you must not try and guess. This individual's privacy is their own. They know and Express gratitude I am advocating on their behalf. But they are the pilot, I am simply ground support. Bring to me your serious ideas, your contributions, your work on this individual's behalf and I will share it and this pilot I'm referring to will then decide what if anything to do from there.

If not you, who? If not now, when?


James, said my friend, climb up in Creator's lap.


March 3rd. Solar RV cycling log. Oh, this is first and foremost a bicycle. never have looked at it that way before.

March 3rd. Solar RV cycling log. Oh, this is first and foremost a bicycle. never have looked at it that way before.

How is that possible? Yes the lead thought is that I'm an idiot. I wonder however if a recumbent bicycle, a primary liability is that there are many many ways not to think about this as a bicycle?

Thinking about it as a bicycle from the beginning of today's Journey, now 400 calories into the journey, has been huge. Tremendously organizing. Tremendously sane and logical. Tremendously encouraging and seemingly sustainable. Quite powerful, more powerful it seems so far than any time in weeks or months.

Upon reflection there are times that the body has treated it somewhat like a bicycle without realizing it was doing so. How promising to be able to bring to mind that it is a bicycle so that there are not such long week or month or multi-month long gaps between high performance.

A bicycle, what does that mean? Well, in a traditional bicycle I'm not sure my body ever made the mistake of not understanding that maximum power was maximum downward thrust completed at the bottom of the thigh, the full extension of the knee. But anyone that has agonized looking at summer all of my logs knows that many months have gone by without me grasping what I just wrote in the prior sentence.

Yes, except such optimism seems to be an every two-day event for me. Will be interesting to see if this is a new Milestone. That would not surprise me.

And in the event that it is difficult to master a recumbent because where gravity leaves no doubt as to where the thigh  should end each thrust, straight down, it may be that not only I find that a recumbent does not make this singularly important fact obvious. Rather it disguises it under so many tempting alternatives. Whatever.

The metrics here where the horses should be, first third of the journey, the metrics are better than any time in many months quite possibly 136 human watts, average of 128 watts per hour human, and average RPM of 57.

The next two thirds of the journey, the next two hours, the next 240 calories, confirmed the positive outlook of the first third. With some additional lessons.

A Holy Grail, the Holy Grail Maybe, is constantly discovering and moving for the bottom of the pedal stroke, which is not determined by the pedal itself, it is influenced by that, but it is the effective full extension to the Bottom by the knee which must roll through that bottom but quickly smoothly and sharply. Years now it has been observed that by some miracle in the last 20% of any arduous Journey the power and smoothness and Effectiveness and efficiency and sustainability of the stroke is often Optimum. Several other things are true in the last 20%, obviously the body has expended a lot of energy by then, it is supposed to pleated but maybe finding a final second wind. Something else that is often if not usually true and always true in these months of travel uphill, the last 10% is the steepest. And tonight it was discovered that this Holy Grail just mentioned is what is accidentally, and tonight purposefully, found. The body quits crapping around and sharply and smoothly targets the optimal downward point of the knee crank Time After Time After Time wasting no energy time secondary muscles it goes right to the point. Can this be done at the beginning and throughout a journey? Tune in next log.

The metrics tonight were quite favorable. 1350 calories. As the new digital gear, to be explained later, a wonderful addition, was implemented the instrumentation was somewhat interrupted but it appears that the Cadence was a more reasonable 62 RPM or so vs more recently 40 or so, and the human watts per hour were probably closer to 130 then what they have been, about 118. This is very positive movement.

March 3rd. Ransoming Souls log. A chronology of Jesus crucifixion, 2000 years and Counting , by the Christians.

March 3rd. Ransoming Souls log. A chronology of Jesus crucifixion, 2000 years and Counting , by the Christians.

What a mean title, yes? No, unless the truth is mean. Maybe many books, but this one by Brock and Parker, saving Paradise, is a 2000 year history including their addition, their personal additions, 2000 years of crucifying the teachings of the man Jesus. He was never more than anything but a brand? An excuse? A prop? Those could all be malicious things but not necessarily intentional or intentionally malicious. Nobody ever practiced his religion. No one ever wanted his religion. At Best One in a Million. Over coming weeks it may be necessary for me to provide some graphical Renditions of these incontrovertible facts. Why necessary? It is said that the last one to discover water is the fish. I don't assume anyone wants to see the truth. But I suspect I need to provide the simple graphical representation that this book by Parker and Brock is.

James, everyone here and Lone Pine likes you. This during the periodic conversation I have with a local Forest official, an extremely nice guy as our are interchange has been enjoyable by both of us for quite a few months now. I like this community so much, everything from the natural magnificence to so many of the folks in town. Jeff who runs the local post office and Dylan one of his lieutenants. Doug and Doug who own the local hostel and Mountain portal stores, Mara and their staff, Kelly at the pizza bar, Christie at the Mount Whitney restaurant, John and cord at the local climbing store, Don Jeff Josh at the hardware store…. And according to this local official Everyone likes me. Well, for sure not everyone, there are several that may well kill me literally for the fun of it, for their self-medicating malicious fun, passing me on the high-speed Road up the hill. But a lot of people like me. This is a first in my life. Maybe it will change. But it's quite Pleasant.

I know few strong mature honest Souls, one of the best I ever knew ended its physical Life by drinking to death not too many years ago. I did my best to try and stop that, investing many months of my life directly toward that end. I did not succeed. Now another of the few alive good strong Souls I know may be being crushed to death by the life circumstances they have. If by some miracle they choose to fight on I may find that there are no personal lengths of my meager means that I will not go to in order to help them stay Among Us. We need more strong Souls not fewer.

Hey Parker and Brock, well intended people no question, what part of Jesus saying, the kingdom of God is within you, it will never be look low there, low there, it is within you, what part of that don't you understand? Facetious question but not malicious, obviously it does not concern you what Jesus had to say or teach. And that is the two thousand year history of Christianity in a nutshell. Jesus was nothing more than a Rorschach inkblot picture for you to project whatever you feel like f****** projecting.

It is excruciating, and so eye-opening, to see decade after decade, Century after Century, for 2,000 years, Christianity was created. Which is to say it was not created by Jesus. It was created Brick by Brick, turd by terd, cancer cell by cancer cell, disease, disease, for two thousand years. That's a lot of work. That's a lot of manure on top of, burying, crucifying, killing, destroying, the man Jesus and his teaching. It need not be malicious. Little of it was done for that purpose. The result is the same. Christianity is not the religion of Jesus.