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Whoever is not gladly giving their life for a worthy cause is already dead. James


All waking moments I cram my mind with strategically important high quality information and sometimes it makes connections making me wiser, more able. Joy.

 Insight comma wisdom comma epiphany comma revelation period period period is the brain making connections period

Catastrophic equipment failure. A glorious godsed.

I hate cancer, it kills the body. I hate wealth, it kills the soul just as certainly.


Our creator, Who Art in our deepest Soul, holy is your name. Thy kingdom comes as thy Loving is done on Earth as we would do if we had no earthly fear. Give us all this day our daily bread, that is, our vision for this day of how to best serve our neediest on Earth. Lead us not into self-centeredness, but Deliver us into solidarity with the neediest. For loving is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.


Obviously for most people Christianity destroys their soul. But not all. Jesus teaching of Kingdom on Earth building does not.



Cycling today was pretty easy, and 25% more powerful. WTF?

  • Let the uprising leg totally fend for itself. It will.
  • We are a smoothe running engine 90% in the back, 75% of which is in exactly the lower back and buttocks that walk a heavy package up the stairs.
  • Everything Beyond of the two and a half in thigh stump is linkage that we keep out in the entanglement at the pedals. Relaxed, limp, just there.
  • Any and all stress in the knees, drop it down to the buttocks, back, and possibly heels.
  • Underhanded grip pulling the legs through.
  • Dropping the shoulders way way way back to get the stress off the knees. Imperceptible but it has an impact.


Cycling. Take 2 [trillion]


  • On the back, slid under the crossbar.
  • Particularly under stress, a interlocking gear mechanism jealous of every single tooth engagement, from the shoulders down to the first inch of the femur stump.
  • Especially under stress, the gears along the back from the shoulders to the first inch of the femur stump.
  • Averaging probably 95 Watts human per hour, only mild discomfort in the knees. Possibly pretty Optimum for a seventy-year-old, five or six hours per day.

No, I am not a Christian. What I am is a follower of Jesus teachings about how to live in this world to build the kingdom. For the joy of i



Cycling update. We are the small gears at the perineum turning the turbine their forward.


One good, one bad, way too inform the legs.

 Best ride ever yesterday.

  • Properly positioned perineum pointed in crank Direction. Creating the effect of the conventional bicycle seat which is of instrumental information content to the body, the legs, what their range and direction of motion is, profoundly freeing and empowering. The alternative way of informing the legs range is to use the pedals as a reference and this has been four years of disaster. And James has no recollection that the pedals is what was used on a conventional bicycle, no, the perineum.
  • Linkages between femur Stump mid-thigh and crank top and bottom. Thigh stump is not nearly precise enough.
  • Smooth running, taking the initiative; can be fast.
  • Positioning such that the end of the stroke is never encountered.
  • A synchronicity between-the-legs such that they thought I can return more quickly than the leg extend.
  • Smooth run the size, the femurs, forward and back next to one another.
  • Feedback aligned approaching 90 degrees to the line of the legs to the crankset .
  • Smooth running. 
  • Running correlates with not missing a small tooth on the gear for power.
  • Experiencing the power at the Crossing Point between the femurs.
  • Remembering that any pressure port weight belt be on the femur stuff is subtracted from the total energy delivered..
  • Constant tension gentle in the abdomen boarding some of the weight of the Torso off of the back of the seat so that the uprising femur always has something to pull again. Much better balance of the system.
  • And torso and femur stumps in constant relationship spatially to the outgoing and returning CRAN CK period
  • We are the small gears after perineum that was run forward to turn the turbines forward.
  • We are the 4 inch long femur stump that smooth Runs small beers at the perineum that drives forward the turbine that is us.
  • Centering our weight on the coccyx so that the pelvis is free to enable the femur joints to free smooth run.
This assembly above is driven by a number of factors including the need to feel competent, the need to feel psychologically satisfied both that we are contributing to the magical power and that we are a thing that we make sense that we understand what we're doing that we have some level are the master of what we're doing as opposed to a slave of sol as wonderful as sol is. We also, what's above also is the fruit of the need to be able to cycle for between 4 and 6 hours or more per day feeling comfortable and not damaging tissue and never with the possible exception of Iowa which may be impossible for such a wide crankset now and that's fine this is the well this is the best we've found and it's good enough if we can repeat this. Einstein said I'm not particularly bright I just stay with problems longer than most people James apparently is dumb as a rock just staus with important problems for the long longer than most. Voice typing while cycling hopefully not too many errors Google.