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To a young friend deciding to pay all to the revolution: ☺ I am afraid I may never have the wisdom to counsel any individual beside myself. But........

To a young friend deciding to pay all to the revolution: ☺ I am afraid I may never have the wisdom to counsel any individual beside myself. But I constantly drive myself to understand collectively where our opportunities are. That tens of millions of us have not quit our jobs and planted Our Lives squarely in the way of the destruction of all creation, of all that is good, is clinical mass suicidal insanity. If every breath you hold yourself to the standard of being unconditional tough loving incarnate, I am so glad for you and anyone that finds that path. It is the only sanity. It is the only hope although I really see no hope, but I fight anyway, because that's the kind of person I want to be, and that's the kind of life I want to experience. James


***** nd I just realized, it isn't so bleak. Loving people will stop having children now. Selfish, unloving, subhumans will continue, but their children were never going to be human anyway, just another generation of unloving brutes. I wish I were kidding. I wish this were not true. But it is. And this is a much more merciful future then I had before seen.

I just realized, it isn't so bleak. Loving people will stop having children now. Selfish, unloving, subhumans will continue, but their children were never going to be human anyway, just another generation of unloving brutes. I wish I were kidding. I wish this were not true. But it is. And this is a much more merciful future then I had before seen.
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***** THIS IS WHAT I, Loving, BELIEVE. PLEASE READ. PLEASE? A Note to my Sacred, Beloved brother Joe.

 (a note to my Beloved, Sacred, (JW) Brother Joe; also note, the first selection, top of this web site, above, as:

[NOTE: Joe is a devout JW who I had the privilege of meeting, I don't know, five years ago, when tapped by St.Thomas, at his request, I was taking his 10 hours every day at the then, 28 year vigil at the White House.  Though our discussion on that day, Joe's and mine, was entirely respectful, deep, and thorough, I never expected to hear from him again.  Would you?  Would you expect a devout JW to wish to continue a dialogue with me?  ROFL!

But we have remained for all these years in a sacred, deep, respectful, open dialog for all these years.  And each time we have spoken, it has been a mystery to me that we did, that the dialogue was continuing, but it has.  About a week ago I received an e-mail from Joe that was sort of the e-mail I expected after our first dialog years ago, and after each of our dialogs since - tho I couldn't have predicted the exact content.

Joe clearly, surely, accurately, respectfully, Lovingly, HARSHLY... laid out a lot of things that he had heard from me over the years (including on this blog that he has faithfully followed, with OUTRAGE at times, I'm sure, brave soul) that I considered central, and preceded in this email to say, with complete respect, that everything I thought was ABSURD (my word).

And then he said in some detail what he believed.  And that enabled me to reply, in a fairly long and detailed e-mail, that in total love, respect, amazement...  That I found everything he said in that e-mail totally ABSURD!  And further, that though it was clear he loves me, and I love him, I could see no bases for either of us spending more time in our dialogue. 

Well, amazement again, this morning I received an e-mail reply from Joe.  It was fairly long.  But what I recall it saying was, in summary, in total - I love you, and I will not leave you at a time that you are facing death.  :-)
Following is my reply.  (now, I'm crying.)]

ps: Update about 10 hours later after the note below. ROFL (google it, if you don't know):



* "Love is that which cannot remain passive in the face of Suffering." Teresa of Calcutta.

* "Universal Family."  Loving

* "Laying down your life for our global neediest; servant of all; doing unto others ALL...."  Jesus

* "Agape," the Greek word for the Love Jesus spoke, taught, Lived, died... to return us to


...........body - email reply to Joe .............
Joe, I am immensely stimulated by our recent dialogue...

Out of respect for our differences, so Divinely revealed in our last exchange, I thought of sharing none of it with you.  Out of respect.  I thought of trying to pick and choose.  I'll do neither.  I'll just make available to you what is in my mind, my Soul, and you can read all, none, or pick and choose.

1.  About 5 hours after I sent my last e-mail to you, a full day before you replied,  the following popped into my mind, and I thought of sending you a PS.  But I decided not to.  What occurred to me at that time, and this was really important to my own thinking, was that of all the sentences I wrote to you in that long e-mail, they could all have been replaced by just one of them.  The sentence that could have replaced everything else that I wrote, and have still, adequately, expressed the entirety of what I Care about in the world, have hoped for in the world, have faith in, Devote my every breath to ..., Can you guess?  Lol.  It was the sentence where I said - 
'I Care about loving a trillion times more than anything else.'  
Everything else I said in the e-mail, I think, was just a restatement of that one central factor in my life; that IS my life.  I Care about loving one trillion times more than I Care about anything else in the universe.

2.  Hours before your e-mail of today the following popped into my mind [all the ideas that I value just pop up that way. Godsend?   I pray so. ] - "paradigm."  You know the concept, probably better than I do.  As my mind involuntarily pondered how two, well intended, informed, diligent...  strivers for the Truth could see the world so profoundly differently .  It became obvious to me that this feature, (Paradigm forming) , necessity, trick, of the mind must be at work in you and me And our  profoundly different view of the Truth.  In a room full of people that have never seen the picture above, if they are asked, without them talking among themselves, to contemplate the picture, and then to say what it is - some will say old woman, some will say girl, and almost invariably they will be fiercely angry at those that see it differently, near OPPOSITE, than they do!!!!  Incomprehensible!!!!  Absurd!!!!  Blasphemy!!!!  LOL. 
 And this explains many if not all of our wars.

And some thoughts that have occurred to me since receiving your most recent e-mail below:

3.  I think that all the preventable suffering in the world is due to one factor, and one factor alone, regardless of how it might be stated:

...putting anything, anything, anything... within a trillion layers of the priority of Being Loving.  All, all, all, all preventable suffering is a result of this error.  This is the substance of all, all, all, Sin, Error.

4.  It is so clear to me that this was Jesus' teaching (#3 here), that this was his Gospel, this was His good news - that all, All, ALLLLLLLL... needless suffering on earth would be solved by this one thing - Placing loving at a trillion times higher priority than anything, than everything else. 
And even better, for each INDIVIDUAL person -

...if no one else on earth did it, but just one person did, that one, individual, person would instantly enter heaven on earth. 

And that has been my life experience-  totally, completely, exactly, entirely, intellectually, historically, religiously, experientially, absolutely.   
And it is pointed to by the words and lives of all the people throughout history for whom I have admiration, which is how I've found it, re-discovered it (we're ALL BORN knowing it; and our culture destroys our knowing it, within months of our birth, now).  "As you do unto the least of these you do unto me." "They will know you buy how you love..." "The greatest among you is the servant of all." "Do unto others all that you would have them do unto you." "The good shepherd lays down his life for his flock." "There is no greater love than to lay down your life for brother." The parable of the good shepherd. The parable of the woman who put in two farthings, more than all....

5.  Your e-mail to me below was such a surprise.  Such a joyful surprise.  Such a nice gift.  Maybe it should not have been seen by me as such a gift.  I mean, obviously I can't be sure of why you sent it.  Not that I try to be non obvious to you, anymore than you try to be non obvious to me.  But we are, clearly, non-obvious to each other.  LOL!

6.  Not being in your head, as I do not have the benefit of being, I cannot know whether the following is true or not.  But that you sent the e-mail below, and that you sent ME, a blasphemer (LOL) the e-mail below, it makes me wonder: is Joe's belief system really that different from mine?  What belief system?  That loving is one trillion times more important than anything else on earth.  That what ever God is, that what is one trillion times more important to Him or Her than EVERYTHING else, is that we be loving.  That to God: us being loving, is one trillion times more important than what we call him or her, or if we call him or her anything at all.  One trillion times more important than any individual or collective religious belief, tradition, dogma...  that we hold, OR THAT WE HOLD NONE AT ALL.

7.  So if my understanding is that being loving is one trillion times more important than anything else, than EVERYTHING else, does that mean I think nothing else is important?  Well, if so, I sure am wasting an awful lot of my life -studying, writing, advocating, sacrificing....  :-)

8.  But I suppose the only two things besides loving that I find important are:

A.  Staying loving,

B.  Becoming loving  -

....As A. and B. apply to me, as they apply to everyone born, and to be born. 

9.  And that if I, or God, or you Joe, or anyone... care about religion, that A and B are the entire and only, ONLY valid, Godly, reason why.  That the only right reason, 100% of the Right Reason for caring about Religion, the only reason God would care about a right religion, or that you or I or anyone's belief system, is:  
....that it does or does not, is optimal or suboptimal, in making and keeping an individual or a group -loving!!!!! 
That's it.

10.  And therefore, getting religion right is immensely important to me, to God.  But not for itself!!!!  Never, for itself!!!!!!!!!  Never one nanosecond, one breath... Religion is NEVER important for itself!!!!  Religion is Only important because, if we ever got religion right, it would be instrumental to what religion, and everything else, has so far failed to do - 
....reliably, predictably, effectively, powerfully, consistently, broadly, universally:

A. Make us all Loving,

B.  Prevent us from not being loving. 

Brother Joe, thank you for stimulating all these thoughts.  I'll treasure them forever.  I'll be posting them, shortly.  Thank you.  Thank you for helping me toward this Divine clarity!

Your brother forever, no matter what.  Loving



Entire convoy of tractor trailers hauling ‪#‎fracking‬ machinery stopped in their tracks by one ‪#‎Ohio‬ woman who took a simple action to protect the drinking water of the 220,000 citizens in the Meander Creek Reservoir area.

Please SHARE & make sure to LIKE: Stop Fracking Ohio.


Community · 4,771 likes
Entire convoy of tractor trailers hauling #fracking machinery stopped in their tracks by one #Ohio woman who took a simple action to protect the drinking water of the 220,000 citizens in the Meander Creek Reservoir area. Please share new image to help all of us continue to protect our water by aiding #frackfree citizen w/ civil disobedience fines, court costs - donate if able: & Share, thnx )





Idle No More
INM- "It seems nothing is sacred and no one is safe" Australia LOCK THE GATE on fracking.

Donate to Tar Sands Blockaders facing $1000's in legal fees for fighting for YOU

In November, Ben Reynoso, Lizzie Alvarado, and Julie Henry climbed into trees in Texas to stop the construction of the KXL pipeline.

Their action got them charged with criminal trespass, felony mischief, and felony use of a criminal instrument. Altogether, these charges could lead to imprisonment for several years and fines of tens of thousands of dollars.

On August 26th, they will face the Cherokee County judge for the first time. You can show your support for these activists by donating to their legal fund: ...See More



Fearless Summer Week of Action Against Extraction starts today.
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Howdy neighbor,

It’s gonna be a long, hot, beautiful summer.

This morning, ten people with Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance were arrested blockading the construction of a Keystone XL pump station in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, dozens with the Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands stopped dump trucks in their tracks from adding to a massive mound of toxic petcoke, a byproduct of tar sands mining, that’s piling up along the Detroit River. And in Marshall, Michigan, a brave activist climbed into a segment of an Enbridge pipeline to protest the pipeline giant’s failed clean-up of the biggest tar sands spill in U.S. history in Kalamazoo, MI -- and its plans to expand construction on the very pipeline that spilled.

And that’s just the beginning.

Fearless Summer, a coalition of over 50 grassroots organizations, including Tar Sands Blockade, today launched a Week of Action to step up the fight against the pathological extreme energy industry and its deliberate destruction of our communities and the climate we depend on for survival.

The extreme energy industry would rather our movement remain disparate and siloed in our individual issues. But our struggle is one. We recognize that our fight in Texas is being fought all across the country -- in every community facing resource extraction -- so we are coming together as a movement to fight back together.

We know that fracked gas is not better than coal; uranium mining for future nuclear waste endangers everyone; and tar sands exploitation is poised to take every bad idea in recent years, mix them together in a toxic slurry, then allow corporations to pump it through our homes without permission or disclosure.

The solstice has passed; the nights grow longer daily. As the daylight wanes, Fearless Summer moves to light the way to a future where we refuse to trade one community's suffering for another. We act in solidarity with all of the escalating calls to action within and beyond our Fearless Summer network like Sovereignty Summer, Summer Heat, Pledge to Resist, and Our Power Campaign.

In Solidarity,

Murtaza Nek
Tar Sands Blockade


JOIN TarSandsBlockade National Action March 16-23

Last week I was arrested for telling the truth. I became one with the sound system at a pipeline industry convention...
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Last week I was arrested for telling the truth. I became one with the sound system at a pipeline industry convention where TransCanada was lecturing on pipeline safety compliance. I chained myself to the loud speaker because I had a message to deliver! [1]
The tar sands industry and its investors are spending billions on dangerous pipelines to open the Canadian tar sands to unbridled exploitation: the Keystone XL, the Northern Gateway, and the Trailbreaker, to name a few….but there’s one thing standing in their way: you. Yes, you! 
Grassroots resistance begins with you, and together, we can send a message to TransCanada and their profiteers: Stop scheming to expand Alberta tar sands exploitation and bankrolling Keystone XL.
Investors are becoming uncertain about the future of Keystone XL and that’s why Tar Sands Blockade and our allies are calling for a Week of Action to Stop Tar Sands Profiteers, March 16 – 23. 
From my indigenous brothers and sisters in Alberta most impacted by tar sands extraction to the environmental racism of refining in Houston’s toxic East End, TransCanada’s business as usual means death and destruction for the biosphere and our communities. Together we can confront these toxic profiteers by showing up at their offices, public events, and extraction sites to demonstrate that we won’t stop until they do. You don't need to come to Texas or Oklahoma or go to DC to rise up and defend your home!
Extreme energy extraction like mountain top removal, fracking, and tar sands exploitation are fueling climate chaos and disproportionally poisoning low income and communities of color at an alarming rate. Institutional avenues of change –corrupt politicians and regulators – have failed to protect our most impacted, vulnerable communities.

Tar Sands Blockade has done many things to stop KXL, from tree sits to locking ourselves to heavy machinery, and we've asked for help before. But to help us stop KXL now means we must go straight to the folks investing in the projects that are poisoning our friends and families and tell them enough is enough! Investing in Keystone XL is as toxic as the contents of their pipe!

Sign up to plan an action to Stop Tar Sands Profiteers, March 16-23!
To stop the most destructive project on Earth and preserve any hope of a liveable planet, we must put a end to “business as usual.” It’s time to act now and stop those working to poison our world and strip-mine our future. It's time to take direct action to build the world we know is possible.  
In Solidarity,
Ramsey Sprague 
Tar Sands Blockade

PS. A new direct action group just sprung up in Oklahoma! Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance is brand new and already taking action to stop KXL. They’ve announced a Training Camp March 18-22nd. Sign up today on their website.

1. Video: Ramsey disrupts TransCanada Exec at Oil and Gas Conference in Houston:


Averting Ecocide - WAR ROOM - Tracking Plan B 01.19.13 <<< Subscribe to free, anonymous daily summary

Averting Ecocide - WAR ROOM - Tracking Plan B  01.19.13  <<< Subscribe to free, anonymous daily summary


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