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Log, serving the few souls, March 23rd.

 per this graphic big step forward in terms of understanding this Mission and how to communicate it. And embracing rather than shying away from how miniscule is the target audience. But so it would be with a brain surgeon, or a heart surgeon, and many other important works.
No problem but planned maintenance on the vehicle did not happen because it would have increased visibility in this unplanned Steak-Out at the base of Mount Whitney where normally the place of sleep is not advertised, by getting away quickly in the morning and coming in at dusk. So we Are Not Invisible but the effort is to try and keep this visibility down until departure Monday morning for the part expected to arrive.
4 hours were invested in the thought of getting a more current, larger screen, smartphone. One way or another almost all day long the current Galaxy S6  5 inch screen device is supporting the work. Three models were identified, between 5 and $800 expenditure, but thankfully, at the last minute the fever broke, and it was realized that probably through a variety of things the current phone should last for another year or so. It was an expensive investment of time but much was learned and a worthwhile unavoidable exercise.
Two expensive batteries were purchased about a year-and-a-half ago in an emergency and thank goodness they were. But they are 52 volt and the primary system is 48 volt and that incompatibility makes them useful only as backup and now the 48 volt system has expanded enough that they are unnecessary weight. A good friend from Standing Rock was contacted and may well have a win-win-win situation, a little bit of money toward this Mission, and extremely affordable batteries to some worthy users.
A little bit of study on Tolstoy's translation and harmonization of the four Gospels. His Great Soul was moved by the man Jesus when he got past the abortion that is the church. This may well be a central piece of my work for the rest of my days. Certainly it is his understanding that whereas he found death in the translations and teachings of the church, he literally found life, the avoidance of suicide, in the original Greek gospels as he translated them. Maybe it was delusion on his part. But delusion or not, what he found created Gandhi and largely Martin Luther King jr. That's the kind of material that had I been connected with it much earlier in my life my rebirth as a soul, liberated from the tyranny of head and flesh, may have been accelerated by how many decades? And if I further Master his material and similar material maybe I can be a more effective conduit to that one in a million Soul looking to be Unshackled.

Comments on new verbiage for the vehicle much appreciated.

Very very very glad am I. Wrestling for days now with what to put on the side of Sol, the miraculous solar RV unit that carries me at night and 6 solar panels. Near certainly it will be the verbage in the black space below. Any serious comments,  positive, or negative, by those that thoughtfully consider what seems to be my mission,  would be much appreciated. Now would be a good time. A lot of words, but the focus is not drive by, but rather walk by when the vehicle is parked. And as much as 4 feet high by 8 feet long is the space available ARG!!! I'll correct the typo on the final, start loving, not start living. By the way, special request. Google to some degree biases every individual's inquiry, search, based on their own search history. In any browser when I Google the two words start loving the first thing that comes up is my sight. But I don't know that is the case for you. Will you please check and let me know if my blog is not the first thing that comes up? Thanks.

Pretty much no one wants to believe anything except what they want to believe. Truth is just irritating.

Pretty much no one wants to believe anything except what they want to believe. Truth is just irritating.

Money is a form of worship. No, seriously. And we worship corporations.

Money is a form of worship. No, seriously. And we worship corporations.


marooned March 22nd, 3 days, treating the soles for oppression, weakness. Log.

Marooned until Monday, not a problem.
Last night two tenths of a mile short of the destination the pedaling quit. Diagnosing this morning found a problem with the 330% gear mid vehicle. This morning removed it, diagnosed the problem, and working with a marvelous Midwest Bike parts distributor arranged for the needed part to arrive on Monday. Nobody designs a variable gear for a 900-pound bicycle payload. The problem that arose is likely to occur again, but part of today's procurement was a special tool and several replacement parts that should enable us to inexpensively deal with what today is a $500 problem, at much much lower cost in the future and much more quickly. Really it is a very good thing the way this has resolved. And with this creativity this gear becomes a long-term solution in all likelihood, instead of the $1,500 German gear that would be the alternative.

There is motor power, full, but it would be foolish to chance getting in an uphill situation where the vehicle could be stopped because getting it moving again with motor power without the ability to Pedal would be very chancy. It could be disaster. So we are planning to sit tight at the base of Mount Whitney until Monday when the part arrives.
Most of the day was spent on physical plant issues. 3 spokes replaced in the rear trailer. The diagnosis, mentioned above. Wiring on the rotating safety Beacon on the RV unit failed a week ago and it was soldered and repaired today.

Productive usofor Facebook was made, a workaround for Facebook blocking posts from my blog was established. Study of Tolstoy, not done by me in many years, was resumed yesterday afternoon, and blossomed in a very important Insight in this meme published today. This is quite a strategic insight for the work of this mission.
Weather permitting, if warm enough, the vinyl sides of the RV unit have been cracking dangerously, and if warm enough repair will be conducted of that.
If really warm enough then finally the replacement decals, replacing, starve the corporate state, with, for joy..., may be applied to the front and rear of the vehicle, Sol. The major plan for the next three days is to plow through the Tolstoy translation of the four gospels, translation and harmonization.

The only Revolution is to be radically good., Humane, dectnt. All else is criminal delusion.

The only Revolution is to be radically good., Humane, dectnt. Alleles is criminal delusion. 

If your Positive feeling in life depends upon anything external everyday, you're doing it wrong.

If your Positive feeling in life depends upon anything external everyday, you're doing it wrong.

Christian Church, proudly crucifying Jesus for a two thousand years.


Solar RV cycling log March 21st. Oh, the purpose of peddling is to turn the chain, and the gears that the chain drives.. Who knew?

Important building on the last 3 or 4 or 8 journeys.

If one is at the beginning of a sprint the notion of digging is a common notion. Not long stride, but extremely short explosive sharpest rides. After momentum is established then the stride would lengthen considerably.

For the first time ever that James can recall this notion of digging  is being applied by James for the first time ever in this 2000 ft, seven mile climb. At the beginning of a cycling race sprinr  Frenc or otherwise the first hundreds of yards would be this digging motion. Well James is constantly climbing, the point being, in climbing, and at the start of a race, there is no momentum to take advantage of. Everything is about cycling to overcome momentum. And climbing, weather on foot or in a bicycle every stroke is attempting to overcome momentum. Of course digging is the appropriate notion. And motion. The question is how has it taken James 5 months of this routine to get a glimpse of this?

The metrics of power per hour is totally un impressive, just over 100 human watts per hour. But the watts per mile is very high. Probably between 10% and 30% higher than normal to this point of the journey. 5% on the whole journey, and additional 20 watts or though if the vehicle hadn't broken down, probably 10%. Very worthwhile. Very satisfying. Very helpful. A night of about 1,500 calories.

Constructive Lee and gladly carried over from the last voyage was the idea of the body establishing a smooth stroke instead of searching for the little advantages in each stroke that it wants to do. This has been experienced as only positive.

Toward the end the emphasis, and this is probably the last 25% of the journey, a little steeper, what was very pleasant was keeping things smooth but refocusing on the notion that pedaling is about achieving full downward extension except in a recumbent down is 40% forward. This was very nice, lost was some of the advantage of power in the up moving leg but it certainly was a nice change of pace at least.

But then in the last 10% something really nice happened. Because so much was working well a new thing was revealed. James, what you're doing is cranking the chain all the way over. That was a really really helpful thought. The body responded very well. Especially useful was the notion of Shane over the gear underneath my seat, which, LOL, shortly after this stopped working. Luckily we were able to make it another 2 tenths of a mile up the hill on motor power. Hopefully that disaster can be diagnosed and rectified first thing in the morning and part flown in.


extremely important. March 21, free soul from chains log.

Intensified from yesterday is the focus on, what did young James need, what did young Jesus need, what did young Buddha need, to free his soul from the chains of head and flesh. This is a very positive step. All history indicates that it is one in a million that can and will be freed from these chains. Possibly there have been periods In history where the fraction has been a higher  but there is no history to indicate this. It's an environmental problem. Aboriginal tribes throughout the ions are profound Lee limbic, of Soul, not cerrebral, because their environment essentially made it. so.

Sometimes in an asphalt road a dandelion or flower poke through and flourish. The environment is totally hostile but one in a million seeds makes it. Our rate of putting up asphalt for the soul is increasing at a geometric rate. Nothing is going to stop that. But what can be done to increase the speed and success rate of that one in a million? That is my work.

What is it about James environment the caused this to happen for him? What might have accelerated it? What has been in the environment of the other one in a million no credit to them no dis credit to the others.

To what degree is it the seed itself? A lesser interesting question and less important but it should be considered. Young Greta, student leader, autistic, depressed, is there something about different about her seed?

Turning Sol, miraculous solar RV vehicle, from a terrible distraction for the mission, to an asset, a powerful lure of the one in a million, what is the optimum verbiage for the two sides in the back?

If chained  your soul feels, for you I am here.

If in prison your soul feels, for you I am here.

If lifeless your soul feels, for you I am here.

If joyless…

If enslaved…

If the sick or dead…

If tortured…

If tormented…

If captive…

Snuffed out…

If extinguished…

If oppressed…

If persecuted

If hated…

If reviled…

If ridiculed…
…. For you one in a million I have come.

James, you are one in a million, it is an honor to meet you. Something told me I needed to meet you. This about half a mile west of Lone Pine at the beginning of the four hour cycle up the hill. A gentlemen about my age on a bicycle speeding up behind me. From a large RV back in the campground I'll guess. From the Cape Cod area he said. He wanted and received a five minute story of this voyage, my life, mission. For a long time I'll be telling the story, he said. Probably the encounter didn't change his life, but probably it was a tiny nudge. Certainly it resonated with something deep within him. He knows where to find the blog if he would like. To him I said, I'm very glad for our encounter, which of course I meant. Anyone that has been reading my logs of late would know pretty much what was shared by me in the conversation.

Listening to the Gospel of John is pretty much unbearable after months now of immersion in Buda, Confucius, Muhammad, Jeremiah, Hillel and other sages. And Jesus through the eyes of Karen Armstrong and in the 200 verses that he likely spoke. These that I just mentioned all speak strongly to the soul although also too often to the cerebral cortex. John is all cerebral cortex and reptilian brain with hardly any exceptions. Utterly excruciating. Totally Antichrist.

Finished up by listening to the very beginning of the very long for gospel translation and harmonization by Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy’s own life was saved from suicide after all his Fame, late forties, when he went and did his own translation of the original Greek Gospels. Looking not for Dogma, not for directives, but for and understanding of God and the meaning of life, and how to live life. He spent the next 40 years writing of this and I have read many of the works over the last 20 years. They have always spoken deeply to my soul. One of his books on this subject, the kingdom of God is within you, is the reason that we know the name Gandhi. And directly and indirectly he was instrumental in the creation of Martin Luther King jr. As mentioned yesterday James has quite a struggle because part of him wants to be able to convince the world, but that's a whole different job then nurturing the one in a million soul that has some combination of the attributes mentioned at the top of this log, some level of Agony, some level of feeling in Chains, their Soul. That's a whole different individual. They need to be brought in to a community that resonates with that soul and thereby strengthens it. By any objective measure Tolstoy’s rendering of the teachings of Jesus, as opposed to that of the abortion called The Church, is a very powerful mover of the One in a Million Soul. There be maybe nothing like it in the last 200 hundred years, and possibly, ever. I would love to know if Tolstoy was correct in his translation. I assume he was honest but that doesn't mean he was correct. But why would that matter? What matters is the unleashing of souls that are in Chains. Tolstoy has done that. Who else has? Even Jesus did not from everything I can see. All his so-called followers were people of the cerebral cortex, and hypothalamus, that were stimulated by Jesus but they didn't understand him and they certainly did not transmit his religion in a way that created more people like Jesus. Tolstoy did. And at least in the eyes of Gandhi, Tolstoy was the most person like Christ since Jesus himself. That's a pretty extraordinary track record. Tolstoy eyes work just went way up on my priority list. Continual study.

The soul, lives, and dies, for good.

The soul, lives, and dies, for good. 


Free souls from lifelessness log March 19th.

Wrestling gladly with competing ideas for the rear vehicle graphics. Free soul from lifelessness versus rescue soul from joylessness. The former is in the ascendency. It sets up nicely the discussion of how soul is captive of head and flesh.

40% of the 200 sentences authentic to Jesus, have received analysis in terms of three categories, primary science, secondary science, political effect.

Well into this analysis the following valuable thought occurred, James, you want to find things that will help awakeen the soul of anyone. You can't start there, and you probably can't finish there. What touches your soul, James? What encourages your soul? What strengthens your soul? What gives your soul the courage of its convictions? I think this will be strong footing going forward.

Breathtaking beauty captured in photographs, the weather put on quite a display today.

Some fairly vital work on the vehicle is being put off, and there's a danger in that. Should be tackled within the coming days. The primary pedal chain needs replacing, the rear wheel is dangerously warn, a trailer wheel has a broken spoke.

Overcast slightly and the full super moon tonight. Hoping to awaken at 4 a.m. to see if there's a break in the clouds.

After many failed attempts found the text that can be read to me of King James Version Gospel of John 1611. Not sure what I’ll find but it may be less perverted by the church then later versions.

March 19th Solar RV cycling log. James, just pretend you're in a gymnasium on a piece of equipment.

You know the previous 10 logs or so, all those principles, the two or three key ones especially, validated.

But some additional thought and important lessons on this journey now 40 % complete.

James, relax, the purpose of your involvement is your exercise. Just let it happen. In fact, let everything else take care of itself. Imagine that you are simply on a piece of exercise equipment in a gym. Just let it flow from there.

About 30% into the voyage tonight the notion popped up, James, instead of trying to find the leverage points within each cycle just deliver your power in smooth isolation. If you lose some power so be it. Don't try to find where the machine wants your legs to find every little advantage, sacrifice that, for the benefit of letting your body know that it can count on a steady fluid pace. Does not seem to be sacrificing much power, and is even more enjoyable, and probably slightly less stressful on this old body and it's joints and ligaments and muscles.

Integrating with the above is the notion of, James, what level of workout do you want at this particular instant, low, medium, or hi? Probably the key aspect there is, workout, what level of workout, James? That idea helps decoupple  from the distraction, the illusion, of moving the vehicle, and increasing the focus on only place James can really control, how much productive work he is doing at the moment. Again, this seems to be contributing to the automatic nature of the exercise, lowering frustration, freeing the mind for study, and does not seem to be sacrificing much performance.

A strong propensity in James body is to leverage the upper leg whether it is in hiking, climbing stairs, skiing. And it's usually counter productive maybe very counter productive. Well, riding on the shoulder which is what we do there is a crown, it slopes off to the right making the left leg the upper leg. This encourages the upper leg to try and do funny stuff, asymmetrical, it's annoying, distracting, fatiguing, and never ending. Well, almost never ending. Tonight more than before there's an effort to lean the upper torso to the right at least so it is perpendicular to the vehicle and the crown and maybe even a little more so. It's a nice thing.

The warrs per hour, human, are quite low, 98, but the proportion of human power is slightly higher, than usual, about 26 and a half percent.

March 19th rescuing soul from joylessness log. Those feeling sick or dead of soul, Jesus came for you, James too.

Such important clarity this morning. Such an incredible indictment of the cultural insanity that is so sick, expert, ever present, unceasing, that this 67 year old nervous system would still be making progress towards the simple message, life, teaching, purpose of the man Jesus.

He was a physician of the soul, here simply for anyone feeling sick or dead is soul, and James writing to you now, is here for the same reason. It's so simple. The soul, Limbic system, mamalian brain, this it is part of our anatomy. Jesus was called to be a physician to that, to those feeling sick in that organ. Me too.

Some of today is spent studying the 200 verses of the 1000 in the New Testament attributed to the man Jesus, but only 200 the Jesus seminar scholars say he actually spoke. Each of those phrases is at least consistent with, and never distant with what was just written of above.

Jesus said, the kingdom of God will not come through observation they will not say, low here, lo there. For the kingdom of God is within you. The soul is within you. That piece of creator. limbic system, the Mamalian brain.

Every and all pieces of verbage in the Gospels other than these is  empowering of the head, empowering of the flesh, as so much of it is, they did not have a clue what Jesus was teaching.

Because of all this study the clarity coming from James in a 30 minute conversation today was such potential hope for the soul of this somewhat alive individual with whom he was speaking. Very high quality seeds for this person.

Another individual, it was a very different thing. The seeds in this long term relationship were dismissed out of hand as worthless. Not unkindness. Cerebral cortex blindness.

Jesus did not repeat himself. Not to the same individual. He spread the seed. It was beyond him to control whether the sick or dead soul was available to receive it. If it was, it was. If it was not, it was not. And so it is with James here, with me. In my work. How helpful, how exciting, how empowering in my work to start getting a clue of what I am here for, what the nature of my work is. Physician for the soul that feels sick or dead.

Even in these 200 versus that they Jesus Scholars say we're actually spoken by the man, there are so many agendas. There is the agenda of establishing that the kingdom of God, soul, is within you. Another agenda of addressing the material errors of the Jews as they were practicing. Another agenda of providing elements of the secondary science, what the limbic system in charge, the soul in charge, looks like. These latter to are very problematic in that they easily appeal to and empower the reptilian brain and the cerebral cortex and there by dissempower the soul. And although the Jesus seminar has acknowledged these 200 verses., what about the translation? How is it that the man Tolstoy was able to see such different meanings in the Greek words than other translators, probably in putting the highly cerebral Scholars? It takes a highly developed soul to understand and grasp a highly developed soul.

I am so drawn into getting closer and closer to the man Jesus, but this is not necessarily what my work requires. My job is to be in as able a position for the individual who feels sick or dead of soul. There are so many distractions for me from that test that don't seem like distractions but they are. I must not and will not  indulge my fascination with the man Jesus to the expense of my mission but much skill required to see where the dividing line is moment to moment.

What to study now? Jesus? Creator of Gandhi, and largely king? He knew something powerful. Mammals don't have the distraction of our cerebral cortex. Mammalian studies primate studies must be a priority. Mammals are so much more humane then we human of this century. Scholarly study and thought on Joy.

What happens to the body if you ignore the cancer too long? Ignoring the cancer of immorality works the same way


Rescuing soul from joylessness log, March 18th. Productive, important, non-strategic day.

Yesterday was a relatively easy day because everything was clicking in place. The vision was really maturing, ideas were coming together. Possibly a bit of a manic High?
But not just a manic High, things are building, focus is increasing, accountability is increasing, the vision is maturing with so much work and study.
Work continued to attempt to support one of the more important Souls that has been in Mortal Danger of being crushed by our cruel Society. I don't know if I'm helping. I know that I care. And probably I'm being of a little bit of help. So a fair amount of today was spent on that communication.
The season at this magical sacred Mount Whitney area is changing, the tourist traffic is beginning to increase soon dramatically. So instead of an empty Park where the little pennies I can spend in town make a difference, I could quickly turn into an unwanted homeless guy. Several days ago I expressed a concern that I was feeling a bit of a chill. An encounter with a very key individual to that feeling, today, was quite a flow of warm air. If I need to leave tomorrow it is no tragedy. It would be best for the work if this sacred Rich conducive area can remain our base of operations until the fall at least. And today's encounter suggest to me that that is quite possible to be comfortable for all. Time will tell.
But additional venues for discreet parking at night are a good idea, probably necessary, so some of today was spent scouting out such things. And frustratingly time will be spent in the coming week or so scouting out areas. But it's all part of the process of keeping a base of operations underneath this Mission.

Another operations issue enabled by Sol, this miraculous platform, is to fortify Sol in several regards if possible. On the trailer wheels and the rear wheel of this vehicle there's just too much weight, too much stress. It is manageable and if things can't be stabilized further we will be okay. But exploration of some possible upgrades is taking time. Feelers have been put out and some feedback come in on the idea of going to a much fatter rear wheel with much more tread and it would also provide more cushioning to the vehicle. It would require a new rim and quite a bit of Labor to rebuild the wheel but I could probably do that and it wouldn't be terribly expensive. And the next grade of spokes, increase thickness, which is the greatest thickness available, would be put on at that time. Probably as of tonight it's about fifty-fifty that that will be done in the next two or three weeks, or finally put aside as an idea. Similarly exploration is occurring to see if thicker spokes can go on the rear trailer wheels. That will probably be determined tomorrow. And again would require me or maybe someone in the town 60 miles north of here, Bishop, to rebuild those Wheels. Tedious, distracting from the research and study Central to the mission but necessary.

Much time and attention now is going to trying to process the flood of ideas, improved Vision, improved understanding that came in a bit of a nice Crescendo with in recent days. The idea of replacing all of the technology-oriented graphics on the rear of the vehicle has taken root but trying to massage in terms of what the basic color should be, it could be black but I think that's too overbearing, I'm leaning toward a gray, or maybe a muted green, and the verbage which I suspect will be the new logo on the shirt and uniform which I've shared, and also the words rescuing soul from joylessness. But that's an important decision, this will be two or three hundred dollars worth of signage, and I need some time to think it through.

" I too used to think the technology important," I replied to the to Enquirer. They played Lee walked away, But with something to Ponder.....

In yesterday's, Free Soul, log, it was shared that the signage on the back of the vehicle is going to be replaced with messages such as are at the upper left of this blog. It has been a long time, more than a year that it has been clear that this technology of Sol is nothing more than a bad distraction from the only issue that matters, freeing the occasional soul. Freeing it from the tyranny of head and flesh.
Although that will take a few weeks to design and another few weeks to execute the notion already made my reply more potentially beneficial to those two  Enquirers. Will it prick their soul, my reply? It could, and the reply I would have given them yesterday or the day before would not have had that potential. All hope depends upon freeing the soul of the tyranny of head and Head & flesh.

Not between good and bad people, but between good and bad, is the eternal struggle.

Not between good and bad people, but between good and bad, is the eternal struggle. 


March 17th solar RV cycling log. Where the eyes are focused makes a big difference.

Over the years it has come to me at times that where are the eyes are focused makes a big difference. each time it has come to me it was that focusing way down the road was really helpful. No question that it was. But few if any of those times were in constant climbing. It turns out that where the eyes are focused is enormous Lee helpful in climbing, but not way down the road, inches in front of the vehicle!. Yes, this never occurred to me. But now I can reflect on various ways the body has tried to achieve this without my knowledge. But having it in conscience competence now is really in powering.

Other than that all lessons of the last 7 days or so continue to prove themselves correct. Having said that, who knows how much of that is now automatic, but what is conscience today is staying entirely within the engine compartment, all focus, and by focusing the eyes only inches in front of the vehicle further placing attention simply on achieving sustainable strong power each stroke. Very freeing of the mind. Very non frustrating. Very nice. Very sustainable.

More on this. If one is running a sprint there gaze maybe way down the track. if one is running up an extremely steep mountainside there are gaze maybe a foot or so in front. Obviously, correct? LOL. Well, not obvious to James for the last 5 months of climbing every other day. Not obvious to James three and a half for 4 years now in to extensive cycling. But obvious today. Better late than never?
 above discussed was that looking just inches in front of the vehicle, well, just immediately over the dashboard which is probably 5 ft in front, not ideal, is extremely helpful. As helpful or more is understanding that the pedal stroke in steep grade is targeted just inches ahead of the pivot point in the road. Biting off just a little bit of climb. At faster speed the target would be a foot or two feet or 3 ft or 5 ft ahead. Very logical. Has been on obvious to change. Now he is seeing it and very very appreciative that he is.

Also helpful at times today and then forgotten and then remembered, is to attempt a mix of power with every stroke. What is automatic so far is asking too much of the downward stroke and nothing of the upward stroke and possibly even asking the downward stroke to lift the up going leg. Almost certainly it is desirable those times when he is remembered to have a mix of power every stroke most of it on the down stretching leg but always some of it on the uprising leg a mixture. The nervous system so far finds this a very natural thought to respond to but it quickly forgets unless it is kept in mind.

And now, even more! Building on the above, now the long past, weeks, emphasis on a feeling of cycling, is back in play. Who knew?!!! Why? How? In climbing, with this notion of accepting that each stroke can advance the vehicle only inches it is making it reasonable and possible to add the notion of a cycling feeling. It happens quite easily when the thought is brought to mind and the power increases substantial Lee, maybe from a hundred human What's 4 hour, to 120, or 150.

Rescuing Souls from joyless slavery, March 17th. Extremely important log. Thoughtful pondering and comments most welcome.

I wonder, Jesus it is said spoke essentially about the Son of God, the only Son of God. In my mind and experience it is impossible that he was referring to himself. Just not possible. Totally inconsistent with all his life and teaching.

But was he speaking of the soul, the limbic system, part of all of us? If he spoke essentially of the Son of Man, the only Son of God, this would have been what he was speaking of, the soul, mammalian brain, in all of us, dead, or effectively dead and imprison, by the head and flesh.

Listening to Karen Armstrong yesterday, a very important thought was born within me. Thanks Karen. Why does every mammal mother, and many mammal fathers, forgo sex, food, their own comfort, their own safety at cetera? Only one answer is possible. They find more gratifying still, then those things very pleasurable things, the joy of attempting to provide for their loved one. And this is what the limbic system, the mammalian brain, the soul, does, unless it has been hijacked by a partnership of the cerebral cortex and Reptilian Brain, hypothalamus.

How can it be that no one wants to join alongside me in the work that has me in its possession? How can it be that at pain of my life it is irresistible to me this work, and entirely resistible to everyone else?

It was Karen Armstrong I think, maybe Parker and Brock, that taught me that it was only in the 1901 Bible translation that central became believing in Jesus, instead of believing the faith of Jesus in God, Creator, Soul, Heart. Now I am exploring the earlier gospel translations, King James 1611, and the translations of the original Greek texts, especially by Tolstoy but others as well. Attempting to get closer to what Jesus actually said.

Not academic is my interest in anything. Not anymore. My interest is in Soul, rejuvenating it, resurrection, revivalizing, redeeming, human soul, releasing human soul from slavery to head and flesh internal and external. How can everyone stand to not join with me in this exact work?

And if they have good reason, how can everyone stand not to tell me the error of my work?

LOL, so amusing how long things take me sometimes. This particular vehicle technology being no more than a horrible constant distraction from the only worthwhile work, rescuing the individual soul that is dying to be rescued from tyranny of head and flesh. As it is the attention it draws from folks to technology,  such a horrible distraction. Only today did I realize that erasing the signage currently on the rear part of Sol, replacing it with messaging regarding rescuing soul from head and flesh, is a high priority now. In coming days signage mockup will be created and shared with a hopes that some may give me reactions and ideas for moving toward implementation within the next couple of weeks.

Goodness why have I been given this vision that the key to unlocking individual rescue of soul is that soul in charge of head and flesh is the only gateway to joy, paradise, nirvana? If I am not mistaken it is the key that all the sages have been looking for but almost found.

I experience it as an extraordinary responsibility. Keeper of this thing that I did not ask for. What happens if I am wiped out tomorrow morning? Days from now? Weeks from now? Months or now? No one cares what I do. No one cares what I'm doing. But that's not my responsibility. My responsibility is to do the best I can with what I'm given. Currently that is placing renewed emphasis on these log in entrees, what if I'm wiped out tomorrow morning but I have left notes in these logs, my blogs, Facebook? Surely that is some exercise of my responsibility, my duty.

Tragically in the last 20 years I've forgotten more about leadership of the soul by a factor of 1000 then I can now remember. That was my  stock in trade for working miracles in organizations within high-tech industry. But maybe I can brush off small bits and bring them to bear now.

My love and frustration with the work of Karen Armstrong who i listened to most of yesterday, produced benefit yesterday. The soul, limbic system, mamalian brain, heart, is put to sleep, further enslaved to, by appealing to the cerebral cortex or hypothalamus which is what the best intended do, well intended scholars, religious folks, as documented in Brock, Parker, and even Karen Armstrong. As well intended is it maybe, and it has a place, it is novocaine, anesthesia, to the soul, unless the soul has first been ignited. James, what are you going to do with this? There was a 25 year period in industry where that question, how are you going to ignite their hearts James, was constantly put to me by the situation and answers developed. Those skills and abilities need to be resurrection and brought to bear on all this.

Regarding this last point clueless almost I am but not entirely. The road to the soul is through the eyes not the ears, vision, not analysis, example, not dogma and text..... Be the change. Example it's not the major thing, it is the only thing.

Just now reading John, from the Greek translation, I think. John has always been suspect to me. The Jesus seminar Scholars say that only two of all the phrases in John are true to Jesus and probably spoken by him. On the other hand, Tolstoy, the creator of Gandhi, and somewhat of King, found John very true to the man Jesus from the original Greek texts. Tonight, again, My alarms were going off with John, seemingly so dogmatic. But surprising to me, I also found that his language interpreted a different way, than I had been interpreting it, and I think as Tolstoy does interpret it, was very much in keeping with the soul of the man Jesus and what he taught and lived. the Son of God, if the Son of God is the soul  born in all of us, if he means that, and it is, then John’s writing is very valuable. And as I recall now from many years ago, this is how Tolstoy interpreted it.

But something else hit me about John and more particularly what we're sure Jesus did write. Often he spoke in Parables. Why? Answer. In an attempt to bypass the cerebral cortex and activate the mammalian brain, the limbic system, the soul.

PS. The photograph at the top. Unretouched as are virtually all of the photographs from me. I'm interested in what creation has to say, not me. This place is so magical. On Tatooine (that planet where Yoda was?) was that place of extraordinary evil, the cave, where Darth was seen. This Whitney portal, the base of Mount Whitney, is sort of the opposite. How does the sun set exactly over Mount Whitney? How does the moon set exactly over Mount Whitney? It is an extraordinary place of Creator, whatever Creator is.

We got here by voting for the Lesser evil, large and small. What don't you understand about that?

We got here by voting for the Lesser evil, large and small. What don't you understand about that?

Mother Earth: Your rape of me will be punished. And your children, and theirs. It's simply how it works. I can't do anything about it.

Mother Earth: Your rape of me will be punished. And your children, and theirs. It's simply how it works. I can't do anything about it.

Rejuvenating Souls, returning them to charge of head and flesh, is the only business we have as human creatures. Everything else is consequence. Of success, or failure.

Rejuvenating Souls, returning them to charge of head and flesh, is the only business we have as human creatures. Everything else is consequence. Of success, or failure. Revitalizing? Re-establishing? Resurrecting? Empowering? Re-establishing ? Rehabilitating? Reawakening?  Re enlivening? Reinstalling? Releasing? Resurrecting?  Releasing? 3in Froning? Or something else? Putting them in charge, maybe charging? But putting them in charge of hadn't flash where they belong to be is what I would like to capture in a word. If you have any thoughts you would like to share I'd be glad.