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***** FB Dialog: "We totally waste the better part of our lives on sex." (details)

PPT:  I have wasted the better part of my life waiting for sex.

R:  James, surely you did not expect this one to fly. Sex is far from a waste of time. It restores us.

K:  I have wasted time on sex... But never wasted one second on making love with someone I truly love! Huge difference ! Sex is a meaningless act. Making love a gift of ones body and soul to another whom is giving the same in return .

R:  K, thank you. You put into words what my mind was thinking but never articulated.

PPT:  Yes. I don't have sex. I only make love.

WC:  The learning part of life.

JJ:  It's Obama's fault.🗽

JM:  Love is good, and so is making love; pointless sex is a distracting, and many waste years of energy chasing it.. I think that's the point here. Not sure though

Loving:  Wow, I've just lost (FB ate it) a long and detailed reply to your comments, above. Oh well. I'll leave you with your shallow, glib, dismissal of what I tried to share. If in the future, you find yourself wanting to explore what I tried to share, spend some time at my blog, and let me know how we can take it from there. Very disappointing.

R:   I guess you should have elaborated on your original statement? Always like exploring your thoughts and way of looking at life. Sorry if my response was shallow, glib or dismissive, it wasn't meant to be.

Loving:  Of course the following proves nothing (nothing is absolute proof of anything) but the/a premier scholar of the man, the human, Jesus, is Dominik Crossen, who I've been studying for much of the last 9 months. I am interested in Crossan because thru him I believe I am able to see the pre-eminent scholarship on the man Jesus, of the last 200 years. I am drawn to understand that man Jesus, and not what was made up in his name quickly afterward, because I think if there was anyone in history that might have been able to lead us away from ecocide, fascism... in 2014, only Jesus was that person, in my experience, and probably even He could not have.... Crossan has done nothing but study, publish on, the scrolls, history, archeology, writings, scholarship, anthropology... that pertains, for about 30 years, his entire adulthood. The following is pretty central and fundamental to what he, and I, understand was utterly central to Jesus vision, understanding, diagnosis, prescription..... I'm not sure it can speak to you all by itself, but it is what I could quickly get for you, from his book to scholars, "The Historical Jesus," 1994 or so: "Jesus’ Kingdom of nobodies and undesirables in the here and now of this world was surely a radically egalitarian one, and, as such, it rendered sexual and social, politi­cal and religious distinctions completely irrelevant and anachronistic." Celibacy, of body and mind, EXACTLY like that of a very young child, except for the moments of procreation, was a given. PRETTY HORRIBLE IDEA, NO? WHAT A HORRIBLE WORLD THAT WOULD BE - EMPTY, BORING, PLEASURELESS, MEANINGLESS!!!! WHAT A HORRIBLE LIFE THAT WOULD BE!!! Remember how horrible your life was before your sexual urges and abilities developed?!?!?!? Right??? Think about how horrible life will be for you, how empty, dead... when your urges subside in old age?!?!?!?! HORRIBLE!!!!! I let society and my hormones strip away the understanding Jesus had, that I naturally had. No more. I've returned to my sanity, to Loving (which has NOTHING to do with sex, but maybe, .00000001% of the time it can be something that Loving does). The Possible Heaven, on earth, is a Loving (Serving the Neediest from the Soul in Solidarity) centric, Loving filled, Lusting/Sex devoid world (the opposite of our world today). Does anyone really think we can eliminate wars, greed, inequality, poverty, suffering, lust for stuff... without relegating sex of any sort to the insignificant, irrelevant, uninteresting... margins? (Hint, it can't be done). Well, enough for now. (If the above is significantly in error, than I know NOTHING that is any value, for anyone, regarding ANYTHING, which of course, may be the case, and may be fine, I suppose).

WC:  Like Gandhi says about his wife: you stop lusting after them and learn to develop a partnership and equal relationship. Sex is meant for procreation.

Loving:   Wayne, all my days I've had the most total admiration for Gandhi; and I got him, I get him. As a young man, and not so young, I knew of his views and practices you've just cited. I couldn't believe he meant it. I couldn't believe he was correct. I didn't understand Loving - I thought that and sex (making Love) were closely intertwined, and I could hardly have been more incorrect. The point to me, to Gandhi, to Jesus ... is not that sex, or truly making love, are bad. It is that they are profoundly inferior to Loving (Serving the neediest from the Soul in Solidarity). Anyone, everyone, is welcome to disagree with Gandhi, me, Jesus (maybe Gloria Steinem later in life now, LOL).... I DID disagree for most of my years. What a horrible, tragic, waste, including near all of the Making Love. What a waste. (Isn't it interesting? If my post above, and comments herein, had somehow been near the reverse - that Making Love, sex, is the epitome of human experience, and how fortunate those for whom it is central in their lives - virtually no one would be threatened, upset... by that. But to suggest the reverse? HORRIFYING!!!!!) What Hell to be a Gandhi, Jesus, Teresa of Calcutta, Malala.... SOOOO MUCH they 'Sacrificed,' 'Gave up....'

Loving:  Sincere, warm ((((HUGS)))) to all.

R:  Not so HORRIFYING when explained as you have done very well. I get it and believe it but not so sure I would have 40 years ago ...

Loving:  R, you are amazing. You and others were disturbed by my post, and I was disturbed by many of the comments. And how else could it be? This is just the very epicenter, the very fault line, that has prevented, and probably always will prevent heaven on earth. Please get ready for this: equally central is its near cousin, nuclear family. It is inconceivable to us in 2014 Western culture, that nuclear family is not the supremely natural noble good. But objectively, the most peaceful, most joyful, most heaven like cultures to have ever been, are the indigenous tribes throughout history. And within these tribes the notion of nuclear family is literally incomprehensible, as is anything resembling our sex centric culture. Hugs.            

R:  I wasn't disturbed so much as confused as to where you were coming from. Should have known there was reasoning behind your statement .... could you also, when you find time, or have the inclination, please explain what you mean by nuclear family? I understand about the indigenous tribes and agree with your thoughts on them and their sereneness.

Loving:  Nuclear family, the notion that our Supreme responsibility is mom and dad to biological offspring. Jesus was nothing, if not an existential scream against such ideas. Love is not love, family is not family, if it has any boundaries whatsoever. Are there practical issues, issues of proximity? Of course! For most of my years I totally revered Dr King. But I couldn't understand how he continued his work that so endangered the very lives of his biological family! And then it hit me. He realized that every child was his child. Everyone was his family. And that's what Jesus died to teach us, to give us. Besides sex, there is nothing more than nuclear family that we use to justify our barbaric cruelty, neglect, abuse of those outside its borders.

R:  Thank you ... Your reference to Dr. King putting his family in danger made it very clear as to what you mean, what you are saying. I am afraid there are not enough of us (like you and your ilk) willing or I should say, able to bring ourselves to that level. While I know this is the only way to world peace and true Love of all mankind, I fear it is only a dream that wise men envision. Yes, Jesus died to teach us that and you can see how well we learned that lesson. Thank you, James, you give me so much to think about ....