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### No friends in deed. Mission Exploring for Life in US will take place regardless, beginning Friday barring any major disasters. A little bit of lip service but no help has.......

### No friends in deed. Mission will take place regardless, beginning Friday barring any major disasters. A little bit of lip service but no help has materialized regarding Logistics or occasional lodging or shelter from likely hurricanes, no money for food, the trip will take place anyway. If there is a perfect metaphor for what my nervous system is calling me to do I haven't yet found it. Fishing Expedition captures some of it, the inability to see where the fish are but one takes One's best shot and place,  for a while, and then moves on and repeats. But there is also an element of being a cultivator of life, a sower of seeds, that I find in this call. Another metaphor, and a better one I think, is, Exploring for Life in US.  This encompasses the aspect of attempting to be a source of seeds, a sewer of seeds. Particularly if one keeps in mind the notion of, searching for Life on Mars, it incorporates the aspect of truly not knowing if there are any subpopulations or individuals in America above the age of two or three years old that can support the life of the child that is born within all of us, unconditionally loving, filled with wonder, awe, amazement. If what I'm saying seems insulting to anyone I'm okay with that. In the sheer fact that no support has emerged for this mission I don't take it personally, I take it as affirmation that even the subgroup with whom I've been in communication many for a long time now, what Gandhi considered life, the love of a mother for her child, but spread Universally, it just isn't there. I'm not denigrating anyone. I'm not elevating myself. Although I think I'm infinitely more healthy now than I was even 15 years ago, spiritually, psychologically, I was doing my absolute best then, I'm doing my absolute best now. Nothing more can be asked of any individual. But I assess that I was infinitely less healthy then. And I assess that even those with whom I have been in close communication with maybe one or two exceptions, lack what is the life that has animated the great Souls throughout history that are possessed by, seek to be possessed by, this Spirit within them that they can't control but that they can submit to, be it called conscience, heart, soul, wisdom, Loving , Divine insanity, solidarity with the neediest Among Us. The first of roughly 3,000 miles, and then 5 or ten Thousand Miles subsequently around the country begins on Friday barring any major disasters in final preparation of this vehicle.