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Occupy protests spread to US college campuses

Occupy protests spread to US college campuses -
In this Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 photo Florida International University grad student Aaron Miller, second from left, 29, speaks during a breakout session while attending an Occupy FIU Teach-In, on the Florida International University campus in Miami.


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From Shore to Forest, Projecting Effects of Climate Change New York Times

From Shore to Forest, Projecting Effects of Climate Change

New York Times -
These possibilities - modeled deep into this century - are detailed in a new assessment of the impact that climate change will have in New York State.
Scientists: NY must prepare for climate change now
Editorial: Climate change means statewide change

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A bad month for climate-change skeptics Washington Post

A bad month for climate-change skeptics

Washington Post -
THE PAST MONTH hasn't been good for climate-change skeptics. At a congressional hearing Monday, Richard Muller, a former global-warming skeptic at the University of California, Berkeley, told lawmakers that, after a two-year review of historical world ...
Unchanging Science
Obama priority: Global warming intelligence unit?

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Congress about to kill high-speed train program The Associated Press - ‎Nov 17, 2011‎ WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress voted Thursday to kill funds for President Barack Obama's signature high-speed rail program, but the initiative may have some life in it still. Related High Speed Rail » Congress About to Kill High-Speed Train ProgramABC News High-speed rail funds slashed by RepublicansMerced Sun-Star See all 239 sources »

Barack Obama assassination attempt: Oscar Ortega-Hernandez says he is 'modern ...

Barack Obama assassination attempt: Oscar Ortega-Hernandez says he is 'modern ... -
The man charged with attempting to assassinate President Barack Obama described himself as "a modern day Jesus" in a rambling video tape sent to the Oprah Winfrey channel.
'Obama assassin' auditioned for Oprah
Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez charged with attempted assassination of Obama

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Emboldened by Obama, Myanmar maps out reforms Reuters

Emboldened by Obama, Myanmar maps out reforms

Reuters -
Myanmar's President Thein Sein (R) walks past US President Barack Obama during a retreat at the East Asian Summit and ASEAN Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali November 19, 2011.


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New Study Links Climate Change to Higher Medical Costs Natural Resources Defense Council

New Study Links Climate Change to Higher Medical Costs

Natural Resources Defense Council (blog) -
When I speak to lawmakers and business leaders about the costs of climate change, they tend to think in terms of damaged property and lost agricultural revenue.

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CARBON PRICE AT THE SOURCE. PERIOD - Global Warming Scientist, James Hansen says Kyoto Protocol Doesn't Work

Global Warming Scientist, James Hansen says Kyoto Protocol Doesn't Work -
James E. Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and eminent climate scientist has been against the Kyoto Protocol since he boycotted the 2009 Climate Change Conference that advocated it.

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Climate change means more frequent droughts and floods, UN panel says in report Washington Post

Climate change means more frequent droughts and floods, UN panel says in report

Washington Post -
Climate change will make drought and flooding events like those that have battered the United States and other countries in 2011 more frequent, forcing nations to rethink the way they cope with disasters, according to a new report the UN ...
U.N. panel's report predicts more extreme weather
Report sounds stark new climate warning

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Note:  Today or tomorrow was terminal or hospital - the Hill I could take yesterday morning in 4 stops to avoid pass-out, this morning was 16, worst ever by far - Day 50, and Day 4 no fluids.  Sometimes I wonder if there is a Sentient God.  Hmmmmmm.

"Start, you drink something, you can't die.  None of my elders don't know how to stand like you do," cried (literally) Princess Lea (she may be. Pray that she is.) from among the group of young Jedi she brought to meet me last evening.  It was my 2nd time meeting with her, and two other youngsters from Occupy DC - the day before they came to meet - and we did for an hour or more.  Last night only our passion for all Creation let us focus through our quaking bodies - with the frigid temperatures and wind in front of the at about 8pm.

"OK," I said, "I'll drink something, and put the Hunger Strike Fast to Kill Carbon in 2012 on hold starting now, so I can see if this is the Fire I needed to see starting."  It may be.  I'll be holding at day 50, and taking fluids, and rolling back for each day I take of more than a day's calories; all so at an instant's notice I can go back on Hunger Strike Fast if needed.  We'll see.

So sure was I of being hospitalized today or tomorrow that I had one of my only two friends in the DC metro area, Leon, take my computers so it would be easier to liquidate them for Diane Wilson funding, not having to wrestle them from the hospital, even though I've been carrying a Last Will in my pocket with instructions.

Now I'm sending an urgent plea to Leon that I retrieve them immediately, but I'm on FedEx now with the meter running so that's all for now.  Sorry for the typos.


D85 47 '111511 Status - Secret Service - Greatest Human Group I've Ever Encountered.' SL

D85 47 'Creationaholism, Affloholism. No 3rd Choice..' SL

Bibi's Attack on Israeli Democracy Huffington Post

Palestinian activists arrested after riding Israeli bus ABC Online

Pentagon leaders defend Obama's decision to withdraw US forces from Iraq Washington Post

Study: Richer Canadians emit higher levels of greenhouse gases

Scientists from 22 Iowa colleges challenge Perry, GOP field to acknowledge ... Houston Chronicle

Scientists from 22 Iowa colleges challenge Perry, GOP field to acknowledge ...

Houston Chronicle (blog) -
Rick Perry has been the most vocal critic of climate change science in the GOP field. (AP photo) A group of scientists in the nation's first caucus state urged Republican presidential hopefuls today to acknowledge man-made global warming as real and to ...

D85 47 'Wish you were here.' SL


D85+46 SL's medical note to Secret Service / Medical

November 14, 2011
Dear Secret Service, Medical, and other friends,

Day 46 of my Hunger Strike and Day 1 of my abstaining from water is today.  The first 40 days of the hunger strike were zero calories.  For the next 20 days or so I took roughly 400 calories per day to cover the backpacking I do around the city, and another 400 calories to slow my depletion.  Beginning 5 days ago I resumed the zero calories per day.  My energy tonight is virtually zero, so you may be seeing me sooner rather than later.

I am sorry for any trouble I may cause you.  We support our men and women in uniform, right?  Only group in this country I have any respect for.  And it costs a lot to enable them to fight for us – about $750,000 per year per soldier in Afghanistan, as I recall.

We’ll I  too am a soldier, tho my uniform and methods are is different, but I too fight for America and what we say we stand for, and unfortunately, the cost of my fighting, tho vastly less than our men and women in the Mideast, is not zero, and you will be experiencing that cost.  Truly sorry.

If you google ‘start loving’ my blog comes up that talks at great length of what I’m doing and why.

In my shirt pocket are two recent emails to acquintances of mine that two explain my mission somewhat.
I ask nothing of you.  If your requirements call for recusitating me, ok.  If not, that too is ok.  I expect to refuse food and water from anyone, for any reason, until I see a fire starting in the hearts of fellow citizens to turn this upcoming election into, not some meaningless exercise of who the next captain of the titanic is, but a decision to unviolently commandeer the Titanic and steer it away from the carbon ice burg, reducing carbon 80% by 2020, or we’ll have doomed eternity’s children irrevocably to a planetary Hell.  This is my way to put my very Being as a block to our insane Affloholism, that is dooming our children needlessly.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion. I wish you well, but you may be caught up in the battle I’m fighting.  I have no fellow co-workers in this fight, so I have no contact information to give you.  Sorry.

Start Loving

Ps:  I believe you’ll find that under the name I previously was known as, James McGinley, ss ending in xxxx, that you’ll find that recently I received Medicaid (that’s the lesser one, right?), if that helps you.  

D85 46 'I'm in Your Hands, again. 111411 Status.' SL

D85 46 ''I've such total respect for you SL,' Secret Service said.' SL

Livni: Netanyahu trying to turn Israel into dark dictatorship Ynetnews

Suu Kyi braces for return to politics Hindustan Times

Fed Economists Say Odds of Early 2012 U.S. Recession Exceed 50%bloomberg

Defense science panel: climate a national security threat usatoday

D35+50+46 'Who can speak for SL: Secret Service, Diane Wilson....' SL

D85+46 'Start Loving on Affloholism with Roseanne Barr.' SL

Roseane Barr Interviews "Start Loving" - YouTube May 26, 2010 - 10 min - Uploaded by jakepentland
Here is the interview that follows with peace activist "Start Loving... Roseanne Barr wants to ban bullshit yet she thinks that mother ...

Plan B 3.0 Powerpoint Study Guide Entire Book


D85 40H 'Dear Lester Brown, PLS START WALKING THE WALK of Plan B 3.0! You're KILLING US.' SL

D85+45 'SL ceasing water now. Folks aren't 'getting it.' Wayyyy past time to Escalate.' SL

Email to a few friends and acquaintances -

I've not been here before so I don't know if my Heart
is Big enough to stay this course.  But I think it may be.
We'll see.

We are out of time:
* 8 years to COMPLETE the reduction of coal and oil 80%..


* We've 12 months to make 11/6/'12 the final, iron-clad
decision to do so...

we have just days now to start the fire of Sanity,

I've just finished Joseph Romm's brilliant 'Hell and High Water,' a 2006 book from this MIT authority. I'm 1/2 way through NASA's James Hansen's "Storms of My Grandchildren," also brilliant,
a 2009 book as I recall.  I'm on my 6th reading of Plan B 3.0, and hope to stay conscious long enough to read McKibben's EAARTH.


So, to paraphrase Gandhi, 'Through my suffering I may thaw and ignite some cold, dead Hearts.'  I expect that before too long I'll lose coherence and functionality - 2 to 3 days without water I'll guess. As I refuse to eat and drink I suspect that institutionalization won't be far behind, and then the Freudian sicko's will kill me with their drugs, etc.

As it stands, we're already Dead, we Human Family, Eternity's Children.  I'll not be among the insane that is not risking everything I am and everything I have, life, limb, treasure to wake us up in time, to save trillions of us, especially human, Eternity's Children, forever.

I'm perfectly capable I think of doing my part of this.  I'm not capable of doing yours.  Anything and everything I have to say on the subject, the science, the unviolent warfare, my conditions for drinking and eating again is at my blog, should anyone care. It is not my business if you do, or do not. It is my business to be your brother, and by Good (God), that I'll be.  I'm not open to discussion on the matter, only to hear that a fire has started - a cadre of Hearts is finally afire and too, constructively, but totally is devoting, as my father's generation did in WWII, everything they are, and everything they have, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, UNMISTAKABLY, FINALLY, 'FACTS ON THE GROUND,' THE FIRST, THAT THERE IS AN EMERGENCY OF A SCALE NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN HUMAN HISTORY, AND JUST DAYS TO START THE BLAZE OF HEARTS IT WILL TAKE TO SET THE COUNTRY ABLAZE SO THAT NOVEMBER 6, 2012 BECOMES THIS GENERATION'S MOON-SHOT MOMENT.

I do need assistance - it could be just a few days before I am incapacitated - I need for someone to be prepared to take and store my computers and solar panel.  Last week I sent my last will and testament to Bev Austin, Diane Wilson and Leon Carrier (included on this email), with instructions that my possessions be liquidated and proceeds to Diane Wilson for her work.   I need someone to contact me in the park so we can arrange for my possessions to be taken by them at the right time.  Battery dying now, sorry for the typos.


~ ~ ~

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Over Half of All U.S. Tax Subsidies Go to Four Industries. Guess Which Ones?

Over Half of All U.S. Tax Subsidies Go to Four Industries. Guess Which Ones?


NPR, Washington Post, Phila Inquirer... ~


Here and Here
'How to:' Here and Here and Here
[or Eternity's Children are Screwed,
Forever. Starting Now.]









HINT:  These links jump down the page, THIS THE MOST CRUCIAL PAGE ON THE ENTIRE  BLOG.  The BACKSPACE KEY jumps you right back up here, to the top of this CRUCIAL PAGE.
"A [c]hristian:" 
"Often we Christians constitute the worst obstacle for those who try to become closer to Christ; we often preach a gospel we do not live. This is the principle reason why people of the world don't believe," Teresa of Calcutta. A [c]hristian is my beloved brother or sister. What breaks my heart is that what I experience as "A [c]hristian" is someone that has thrown out all of the Gospel, all of the New Testament EXCEPT for one line!!!! Romans Chapter 10, Verse #9!!!!! [Please read comments.] Admirers of Jesus INSTEAD of following. Members of a club to which they pay dues, lip service, and participate in ancient, primitive, self deceiving rituals. "For so many Christians, Christianity is a Sunday activity having no relevancy for Monday and the church is little more than a secular social club having a thin veneer of religiosity," ML King. 'Are you "Saved!?!!?!?" they ask. Do you profess Jesus Christ as your lord and Savior? Do you believe he died for our sins?' In the view of this site these folks and their belief have been crucifying Jesus for the last 1800 years. Jesus did not want believers, he wanted FOLLOWERS. Examples: Jerry Falwell, an apostle of hate, the opposite of Jesus is recognized by billions as "A Christian." "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Mohandas Gandhi.
  • Activism [Peace. Genuine.]  vs [H]activism [ultimate hypocrisy, spiritual, mental masturbation]:  No Mr. Johnson, it is ‘Activism’ that is the last refuge of scoundrels.  Name me one other avocation, occupation besides ‘activism’ where THERE ARE NO STANDARDS EXCEPT two that can be summarized as ‘Hold non-self-declared ‘activists’ to the highest, most unreasonable standards, and fellow ‘activists’ TO NONE WHATSOEVER, EXCEPT – 1. Heap mountains of undeserved praise on anyone calling themselves ‘Activists,’ no matter how pitifully cowardly, inept, hopeless, token… so long as 2. Heap mountains of scorn, whining, criticism (especially unfair or undeserved) on anyone and everyone not calling themself an ‘activist!’  I wish I were being mean in saying this.  Although hideous and meaningless, even the church has some standards, for their meaningless rituals.  Not ‘activists.’  In fact, the one internally directed action of force that they allow themselves is to attack, shun, sideline, marginalize, slander and lie about anyone that questions, or stands against the disgusting Hypocrisy of 1 and 2 above!  True, Genuine Peace Activism is the last hope for Humanity!  Without legions for Genuine Activists we’re finally doomed – people of Total Solidarity, Humanity, Selflessness to All of Humankind – Gandhi, MLK Jr, Jesus, Diane Wilson, Brian Willson, Col. Ann Wright, Huwaida Arraf, Wael Ghonim….  Yet in what hideously self-declares itself the ‘activist’ community the very prospect of DISCUSSING standards, or seriously holding up models such as these is the most forbidden of behaviors.  Crime against humanity.
  • AFFLOHOLISM - That which is in the final stages of destroying Mother Earth / Spaceship Earth, and therefore all decent Future for Eternity's Children. Neurologically similar if not identical addiction / denial / insanity / inhumanity of the addictions we are willing to properly call by that name - alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction....  But Affloholism is the umbrella for these and the infinitely deadlier addiction to Stuff, Superiority Over Others, and to Systems, Institutions (which invariably too are tools for domination over, exploitation of others).  Posts: Affloholism.
  • Agape: See Love (the Almighty.) 1. the love of Good (God, the Almighty) or Christ for humankind, and it's equivalent when lived, embodied by us. 2. the love of the Insanely Humane (sane; see) for other persons, corresponding to the love of God for humankind. 3. unselfish love of one person for another without sexual implications; brotherly love. NOT Eros (erotic feeling) or Filios (friendship.)
  • Almighty [Powers], See "God(Good)": Jehovah in the days of Jesus - "The almighty power that everyone feels and no one will ever be able to name." That which will have the last word - the "natural laws" of nature, psychology, ecology, population, nature.... Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else. That which will have the The infinitely powerful natural "Creative" forces of Truth, Love, Life. That part of our nervous system we know of as our Heart. See Heart. . He / She / It. Tragically has been deified and thereby removed from everyday life. If we ever approach Truth, Love, and Life the way we approach the "unknown" force of Gravity, we may finally be Saved and Save the world. "God is Love, Life, Truth." Gandhi
  • Anti-Christ: Western Free Market Consumer Capitalism (WFMCC) , aided and abetted by the cHURCH which sanctifies the Selfishness, Inhumanity, and religiously non-brotherly - violent behavior that we visit on the rest of the world for purposes of insatiable greed and exploitation. WFMCC: of biblical fame - The Beast, Mammon.
  • Beast, The: See Anti-Christ, Selfishness, Greed for Pleasure. SEE EMPIRE (below).
  • Belief: Reliance, trust, confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.  Belief can only be seen in what I do, you do, one does, NOT in what we say, profess, desire, espouse.
  • [b]elief, blind, (blind faith): "A christain" or "religious" notion of tragic outcome, that is exactly opposite to surrendering to the Almighty. Blind belief is the trust of Head and Flesh and the distrust and banishment of Heart (the Kingdom of the Almighty, our connection with the Almighty.) Exactly the opposite of what Jesus died to give us.
  • Blindness, Blessed Beastly: Selfishness and Disconnection / Sin by another name. See Divine Disasterous Divorce.
  • Bread: See "Daily Bread."
  • Brotherhood: Sanity, clinical sanity - the only Sane way to view every human born and to be born in the future - as part of one, as part of one's "Immediate" Family.
  • Brotherliness, Militant: a gender biassed phrase [however, anyone thinking we have time to worry about 4th order priority gender bias issues hasn't a clue of how dire are our problems, and how little time we have left to solve them.  Get real.   See Familiness, Militant.
  • Cancer / see Affloholism vs Healthy Tissue: One of two possible states for living tissue / organisms / ways of being – A. Neglect of others / of the Body / Of the whole; suicidal devotion to 'me and mine.' The greatest killer of Humanity of the last 100 years. That which is not Militant Brotherliness / Militant Loving / Waging Love / Insane Humanity (see). The form of "life" where concern for the "body" switches off, and concern for 'me and mine' comes to the fore. Cancer requires and implies no malice, just neglect / detachment / diversion / denial / disassociation / abandonment.  B. The other being Loving, Waging Love.
  • Charity [Fake Love] – Death to the HeartThe existence of our capacity for Charity is the royal road to the Heart’s death, especially to the Heart of the giver.  Charity is what we substitute for what’s Right – Solidarity, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Universal Family, Loving - all functions of the Heart.  Charity is the creature of, is the substitute used by our Affloholism, our Head and Flesh when in charge, to enable their Deadly Denial of their sidelining of Love, their imprisonment and starvation of Heart so their pursuit of Intoxications / Pleasure, are not impeded.  Charity must be avoided like the plague by the giver, and by the receiver; the receiver because accepting it is to be accomplice to the self-murder of Heart by the giver.  Posts.
  • Child: The most likely place to find what little Sanity is left in the Western world. Except for the Infant, the most we are likely to contain, or encounter, of the Almighty / Sanity / Humanity because not yet has the Almighty / Sanity / Humanity been carved away, amputated from us by our Toxic, Evil culture ("responsibilities," career, "family," "patriotism," "religion," etc.) or the deadly lure of unbridaled hormonal forces - Sex.  Also, the 'owners' of Earth, by rights, all others being the caretakers. And, those for whom we are born to serve - 100% of our reason for existence, according to our DNA, being to advance the wellbeing of the Species (see Alfred Adler, Generativity).
  • Creator: See the Almighty Powers, Good (God), Sanity, Humanity.
  • [c]hristian: See "A [c]hristian"
  • Christian (interchangable with the word "HUMANE," "LOVing," non-"Affloholic," "Sane..." "Insanely Humane," "Entirely of the Heart."): "I believe a Christian should be like Christ," Teresa of Calcutta. "Whoever claims to abide in Jesus ought to live just like Jesus lived," 1 John Ch 2 v 6. The most enlightened of Hedonists, greedily pursuing and receiving what Jesus promised - a life of Love / Peace / Joy / Life / and Persecution; the ultimate Selfishness is the ultimate Altruism. A totally committed follower of, militant soldier for Jesus' worship of the Almighty to Serve, from the Soul in Solidarity with "the least of these my family;" who wisely sacrifices all else in their lives for the Pearl, the Treasure that is unity with the Almighty and the opportunity to bring Joy and eliminate Misery in the rest of his Body in which s/he experiences being but a "cell." A Brother in action to all humanity born and unborn. NOT "A Christian;" see above. Love Incarnate, or trying to be. Obviously a worshiper and follower of the Almighty - Love, Truth, Life. Examples: Teresa, King, Gandhi, Bhave.
  • Christ (1): Jesus, a man, held by Gandhi and others to be the most perfect man. Jesus is and remains to the Solution to Life and Governance what Einstein was to physics - The Greatest Scientist / Teacher / Psychologist / Priest. Jesus is my Lord and Savior, although others also have helped toward Saving me including my biological Father, Gandhi, King and hundreds of other agents of the Almighty....
  • Christ (2) [Insane Humanity (the Insanely Humane)]: The Spirit of the Almighty / Heart-Soul / Love / Good / the Creative Force... that is within us all; and which we in the west are trained to bury and brutally contain; to be brought forth only carefully to sanctify our Selfishness, Inhumanity, and religiously non-brotherly - violent behavior that we visit on the rest of the world for purposes of exploitation. See Tolstoy and Son of Man.
  • Christlike, Christlikeness: Insanely Humane / Good / Sane / Sober (not Affloholic) / Devoted to the Wellbeing of the Species as we are designed by our DNA to be, but not 1 in a million westerners attain due to the most toxic, Affloholic of all cultures in history.  That which Jesus died to restore us to. Jesus wanted to be Joined, NOT worshiped or followed.
  • "[c]HURCH:" That which was created by Constantine roughly 300 A.D. to rebrand Paganism as Christianity thereby destroy forever true Christlikeness. The extinction of Christlikeness is not the failure of the cHURCH, but its crowning achievement. A building where you will find "A [c]hristian," (see above.) "A Sunday activity having no relevancy for Monday and the church is little more than a secular social club having a thin veneer of religiosity," ML King. "Opiate of the masses," Karl Marx. Instrument of the state before Jesus, and for the last 1800 years. See "A [c]hristian." Abe Lincoln: "I never joined a church because the churches of my day required you to subscribe to a particular doctrine or creed. I told a minister who was trying to recruit me that if I ever found a church that would inscribe over its altar only two requirements, I would join that church with all my heart: The first requirement would be, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart.’ The second requirement would be, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’ "  NO SUCH THING HAS EXISTED FOR 1800 YEARS.
  • Church / Synagogue / Mosque...[worthy of the capitalization]: The group of people that Love "the least of these my family." "They will know you by how you Love one another," Jesus. Those that with all of their might try to Follow Jesus teachings, or the The Truth therein - 'Do unto others ALL that you would have them do unto you."  Never a building. Never a set of beliefs. People who Love are the Temple, Are the Church. By whatever faith. Oddly, tragically, the Military is probably the closest we have to an organized Church, people that Love to the point of giving their lives for others. I have yet to find a building that contains what Jesus would recognize as a "Church," although some Catholic Worker Houses, Menonites, Amish....  are on the approach.
  • Climate Suicide We have 12 months as of today (11/9/11) to turn the 2012 Election into this generation’s Moon-shot moment to - reduce our use of coal and oil 80%  BY 2020, OR we’ll have irrevocably condemned every child, including today’s, forever, NEEDLESSLY, to exist on a spaceship, Earth, with a destroyed life support system, UNLESS, the scientists from MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, NASA, Cambridge, Lawrence Livermore… are Lying, Crazy, or Incompetent, all 3000 of them.  DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, IN YOUR HEART, NOT YOUR HEAD. NOW, WHILE THERE’S STILL TIME - STUDY, STUDY, STUDY Plan B 3.0, and Posts.
  • Commandments: Much better understood / translated as - Admonishons, Exhortations, Pleas, Urgent Statements of the Truth of How Things Work - Good (God), THAT WHICH RULES. Truths as provided by Jesus and the prophets. Did Jos. Lister give us "Commandments?" He gave us the Truth that dirty scalples kill surgury patients! Lister gave us a Solution!!! Jesus died to give us the Solution to Life, not stupid, inane, psychotic incantations, dogma, magical thinking, paganisms, rituals....
  • Compassion and Empathy [see SOLIDARITY, Heart]: The "Path" to the Kingdom, to Heaven, to the Almighty / Good (God) / Humanity / Sanity. Deep awareness, sharing of the suffering of another coupled with the overwhelming desire to relieve it. Being Love (see Maslow, Teresa of Calcutta).
  • Connection [to the "least of these," World Family]: The Path to, and that is Heaven.  SOLIDARITY. Love. Empathy. Compassion. Brotherliness. Otherishness. THE protection from Sin / Error / Joylessness / Emptiness. "Action comes not from ideas. Action comes from a readiness for responsibility," Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Readiness for Responsibility [Life, Love, Truth.].  Responsibility - that which Love / Humanity / Sanity... CANNOT NOT TAKE.  "Love is that which cannot remain passive in the face of suffering,' Teresa of Calcutta paraphrase.
  • Consciousness: Physically "working memory" in the nervous system. Enormously small in capacity relative to the virtually limitless Universe of the nervous system.  Yet, the sum total of what we experience as individuals is the cumulative, serial total of what has been in Consciousness.  And because Consciousness is so measurably tiny, able to contain at most 2 significant thoughts / feelings / experiences at one time, the Consciousness FILLED with the Mission of Serving the Global Neediest, is Saved from the myriad other Demons that typically plague us - anxiety, worry, pain, Affloholism, depression.... Grasping the issue of limited Consciousness relative to "Heart" can open you to grasping the nature and POTENTIAL of the Almighty / Good (God) / the 80% of the brain we can't control (Einstein) but that we can learn to control us - and to the Heaven that devoting Consciousness to Heart invariably delivers, to Self, and potentially, to all humankind!
  • Country / Nationality: One of the major tools / concepts used by Evil / Selfishness / Cancerous Neglect / Head - Flesh to: discriminate / exploit / rape / plunder / enslave the 'other' ....
  • Creation, Creativity, Creating: The work of the Almighty (and therefor the "work" we humans were designed to give our lives for totally, as does every healthy, non-cancerous bit of tissue in every creature) - Truth, Love, Life - forces that like gravity (below) certainly exist, but who's substance remains beyond our understanding. The tragedy is that we diefy such things as "Creation" and thereby remove them from our further pursuit of the "Truth." In this way the forces that if harnessed could "Save" man, the forces of the Almighty, are removed from further understanding and engegement.
  • Creator (Heart, Love): See Almighty Powers, Good (God). See Deify. Human beings designed to be Creators; are participants in the Creator to a degree ultimately under their control. Western Free Market Capitalism depends on being under the control of the State, HEAD-FLESH, not the Almighty (Heart), and it so conditions us. All of history's great humans have escaped this enculturation to some significant degree.
  • Cross (that which leads to Crucifixion in a sick society): "Life only happens in the face of the Emergency.  Run TOWARD the emergency of others, always,"  SL.  See also Pearl and Treasure. This is the most perverted of concepts by "A Christian." One who is "Christian," one who has the eyes of Family, of Love, who lives out of Heart (the Kingdom) sees this in the cross - JOY / LIFE / LOVE / PEACE: "Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give." Eleanor Roosevelt; "The joy in life is to be used for a purpose. I want to be used up when I die." George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950) "[The] cross [is] the violence [of Love] that we must each do to ourselves, to overcome ... such cruel inequalities among us. The violence we preach is not the violence of the sword, the violence of hatred. It is the violence of love, of brotherhood, the violence that wills to beat weapons into sickles for work." Oscar Romero
  • Daily Bread [Our] - Meaningful Work for our Global Neediest.]: With reference to the divine prayer Our Father [see in this Glossary] "Daily Bread" refers to clarity of what the Almighty Powers (Love, Life, Truth, Heart) would have me / us do today, this moment to be of greatest benefit to all generations born and unborn. To know with clarity this, is to do this, is to obtain Heaven on earth - Living out of the Heart. There is no greater bliss. Is there, in your experience or knowledge? Prayer-to-inform-Courageous-Action, trial, and error and trial again... are the process of obtaining this Life-giving bread so consistantly that it is your sustenance, second by second. And as you gain competence, by obtaining and consuming (being consumed by) your "Daily Bread" you lead others to the same Life, the Only Life, all else being mere existence.
  • Death (1) [Affloholism, Existing in the realm of Head-Flesh instead of Heart]: The Existence/State of all but 1 in a million in this western society.  Diminishment, elimination, Death of the Spirit of the Almighty (Love, Life, Truth) within us, within our nervous system. Such death (of the neural circuitry) occurs through neglect of exercising the Heart, or Double Bind trauma (such as extensive encounter with a "church" or culture that preaches Love and pratices Violence. "Often we Christians constitute the worst obstacle for those who try to become close to Christ; we often preach a gospel we do not live," Teresa of Calcutta.
  • [d]eath (2): When our Pulse stops for good. "The fact of death should not sadden us, [DOES NOT SADDEN THOSE WHO KNOW LIFE, THOSE WHO LIVE OUT OF THE HEART]. The only thing that should sadden us is to know that we are not saints (those who Live out of the Heart)," Teresa of Calcutta.
  • Deify: To distance oneself from Submitting control of, or the further understanding of the Heart / Conscience / Soul / Devine within. To protect oneself from. If you remove the diety from Jesus, within the individual's conception, you get the likes of Gandhi, Bhave, King, Teresa and maybe Jesus himself; you get people that want to entirely merge with and be used by the Creator / Heart / Conscience / Humanity / Good, rather than to just "worship" and "admire." If we ever escape the mass sin, intoxicating Affloholism, of Deification it will make possible - “The day will come when after harnessing the ether, the winds, the tides, gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire." This is a quote of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
  • DENIAL:  Denial is the 'virtue' of our mass Affloholism that enables western culture, mass Affloholism to be so unprecidentedly  Deadly.  The antithesis of Personal Responsibility, Life itself.  Denial is a neurological capacity - the largely-reflex/automatic exclusion 
  • Disconnection: Indifference. Distance. The royal road to Hell / Sin / Error / Emptiness / Joylessness.  One of the Deadly virtues of Affloholism - Denial.
  • Divine: Of the Almighty - Truth, Love, Life. That which the spiritually / psychologically uncrippled human values above all else. The Almighty, the Almighty-within-us/within-our-Heart.
  • Divorce, Divine Disasterous: Selfishness and Disconnection / Sin by another name. See Blessed Beastly Blindness.
  • Double Bind: The most destructive Psychological / Spirtual TRAUMA. An unresolvable dilemma; situation in which a person receives contradictory messages from a person who is very powerful. Example: "I love you," as spoken by the father who is molesting his daughter. "Often we Christians constitute the worst obstacle for those who try to become close to Christ; we often preach a gospel we do not live" Teresa of Calcutta.
  • Double Standards: What Jesus died to eliminate. Jesus died to show us the Truth - One (1) Father, One (1) universal Family containing everyone (dead, living, unborn). Live accordingly. No more divisions. No more "foreigners." No more Double Standards.
  • Empathy: Vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. The Path, the Gate to the Almighty, the Treasure, the Pearl of great price.
  • Empire, [Spirit of]: 9/7/07 The word today that best captures all EVIL - Empire; the SPIRIT of Empire. EVERY GRAIN OF POWER WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL(S) USED AGAINST ANYONE; in relationship, in family, in organizations.... Empire is all that is the Spirit that displaces the Kindom, Spirit of Love, Brotherliness, world-family. Empire is an inhumane mental state / psychosis / enTrancement. Look to September 07 posts for clairification. Empire is all evil. All evil is Empire. Empire is what we call violence - STARVING OTHERS OF WHAT YOU COULD LIVE WITHOUT, destructive violence, dominance, extortion, exploitation, intimidation, state sanctioned murder.... The way to destroy empire is the paralell of matter and antimatter - live Kin-dom, world-familiness, militant loving and you will destroy Empire, at a furious pace; as it seeks to destroy you. The way to destroy empire is to use your body that the evil posessing our otherwise "sisters" becomes manifest that they can see it. Madness had Indian Police bludgeon salt march protesters at the factory (movie Gandhi). Remember? Finally, the evil of Empire was so clear that those posessed by this Spirit of Empire "woke up" as if clynically from an induced Trance. This is the work. This is the only way. As Bonhoeffer stated talk, reason, logic cannot awaken those posessed by Spirit of Empire; they can only be redeemed as discussed above. "Unearned suffering is redemptive." ML King. "Love and sacrifice beget love and sacrifice." Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Empire, "THE": 9/7/07 "The" Empire is all symptoms and illusions - buildings, armies, rules, codes, anthems, flags bombs, police...(which are not bad per se if subordinate to Kindom, but entirely Evil if under control of Empire); of Empire. THE Empire IS NEVER THE TARGET!!!!!!!!!! Attacking "The Empire" is to kill time. resources and everyone you know!!!!! Attacking "The Empire" ADDS YOUR ENERGY TO THEIRS, MAKING THEM STRONGER AND YOU WEAKER!!!! Think of the Divine movie, THE MATRIX. The entire hope, THE ENTIRE HOPE is to change the wiring / program / information WITHIN the matrix - within the hearts and minds of humankind. And first this Revolution of content must happen within ourselves; and we are out of time. Hurry, like your life depended on it. All energy focussed on defeating "THE" Empire is WASTED, Killing what little time we have left. (see Empire, Spirit of.)
  • Empirist (With 1 in a million exeptions other forms of Empirist include Zionist, Nazi, Nationalist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Budhist, Jew, American, Lawyer, Dr....): Anyone infected with the Spirit of POWER OVER, CONTROL OF (God's sole prerogative), domination, lust, supremecy, superiority, nationalism, any "ism," patriotism, CatholicISM....
  • Empyre:To clense the Spirit of Empire through application of the fiercely burning Spirit of Love / Humanity / Kindness / Sisterliness.... This is the entire and only hope for the salvation of Planet Earth and all future generations. This is the entire and only hope that ever there has been. Or wrong are King, Gandhi, Jesus, Plato, Confucius, Teresa, Assisi, Berrigan, Dellinger, Rogers, Adler....
  • Entropy [ALWAYS WINS by default]
  • EnTrancement / Foolishness (Bonhoeffer) / Hypnosis (Tolstoy - last 2 chapters)...Affloholism / Denial: Empire (see above) is a hypnotic, sociopathic (Adler - Social dis-Interest) subhuman / inhuman state. Redemption, the sacrifice of a brother for his brother is the only way to "redeem" one or many from this state. Clinically suggested by Carl Roger's Therpeutic Alliance - to the extreme. Oh my God. Jesus Way IS the way. I never new. Start Loving 4:51pm EST. 9/7/07
  • Error (Sin; Divorce [from Life / Love / Truth]): Sin is the Greek word for Error. "A [c]hristian" notion of Sin that it is the trigger for punishment is so tragically perverted. What healthy Father is into punnishment? GUIDANCE is what a healthy Father, the Almighty, Truth is into. The Truth is that a finger placed in a flame HURTS!
  • Ethics: a system of moral values relating to human conduct, with respect to certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.
  • Evil: Everything that is not Militant Brotherliness / Militant Loving. Every Selfishness. Violence.
  • Faith: Primary reliance on Heart (Vision, Inspiration, Almighty) as called for by the Almighty, Jesus, and the right understanding of most Religious / Ethical teachings. Reliance, trust, confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. The Heart (see Heart) is beyond our control, but it is the only part of us that is strong enough, wise enough and courageous enough to Save humanity. Jesus died for this Faith. Bonhoeffer captured this centrally important concept of Faith.
  • Faith (Blind): What "A christian" uses to destroy the Almighty within. Such "faith" kills Heart (see Heart) so that our enslavement to Head and Flesh is complete. NO I do not accuse my "christian" brothers and sisters of doing this intentionally.
  • Family, Militant: One-Universal-Family with the Almighty as the One Father. What Jesus died to establish with his two Admonishons (Commandments) - One Father, making us all Brothers - ONE FAMILY CONSISTING OF ALL HUMANS DEAD, ALIVE, UNBORN. Next to "Love" the most misused word used by "A Christian," a la "Family Values." NOT: One's small biological unit for the sake of which others can be neglected, ignored or exploited; such convenient neglect being our true western religion as called for by western, free-market capitalism.
  • Familyness, Militant: Where Violence exacts the price FROM OTHERS for what we want, Militant Familyness PAYS THE PRICE ITSELF, to the point of death when necessary. A more correct, helpful and hopeful name for what is commonly referred to as nonviolence. In the face of a world with almost complete physical or spiritual suffering, Brotherliness is extremely aggressive at attempting to Save the world. Extremely Tough Love can take place. Jesus is history's great example and Teacher of Militant Brotherliness according to Gandhi, Bhave and Tolstoy.
  • [f]amily (2), [f]amily "Values": See Exploitative U.S. "Family Values" will be its demise...
  • Family, Biological: Beloved. Dearest. "Inner Family" says David Dellinger. As Jesus would have us understand it do we have a special responsibility to this? If one of my brothers is bleeding right next to me, and another 10 miles away, all else being equal do I have equal responsibility to each. Of course not! See Triage.
  • Father / Mother [Earth] [Our]: The Almighty in my imagination. The Father and Mother [Earth] of us all in my imagination. A completely indespensible notion for developing our nervous system to experience all as our Family. The Our Father and Mother is the perfect prayer in my experience, and that of Tolstoy and Gandhi, for completing this development, IF PRAYED AND UNDERSTOOD PROPERLY.
  • Flesh: Also Body. Along with Head - the Engine of Selfisness / Sin / Error WHEN IN CHARGE. The part of our nervous system we associate with bodily, physical wants and desires - food, comfort, safety, sex, entertainment, diversion, stuff, superiority, status, systems/institutions. Flesh, like the Heae, experiences the Heart as enemy. Why? It calculates what to do entirely differently than the Heart does. Ponder this. Left to its own rule, Flesh is "crazy." It thinks only of itself - Cancerous. Corresponds to Pitirim Sorokin's notions of Sensate.  See AffloholismPosts.
  • Following: What Jesus died to get us to do - to follow our Father - The Almighty - Truth, Love, Life. As practiced in the west, Following is the opposite of Worshiping. As Jesus said, "The external worship of God cannot be combined with works of love. The old teaching of the external worship of God cannot be combined with my teaching of works of love to one's neighbor."
  • Foxhole: A military expression that is also useful for would-be Militant Brothers/Sisters. On a battle field a Foxhole is just that, a hole providing some level of shielding from enemy fire, typically occupied by several "buddies," who will protect each other with their lives. Virtually nothing like this exists among so called "Christians" or "Peace Activists." That is, there are virtually none of either category today - because either by definition WOULD EAGERLY PROTECT EACH OTHER WITH THEIR LIVES.
  • Gate: See "Path."
  • God [Good] (1): Jehovah in the days of Jesus - "The almighty power that everyone feels and no one will ever be able to name." That which will have the last word - the "natural laws" of nature, psychology, ecology, population, nature.... Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.Our Father, the Almighty - Truth, Love, Life. More than that? Who cares? "God has no religion," Gandhi paraphrase. He / She / It. See Almighty. Paul, "God is love." Teresa, "God is Love, God is Love, God is Love." Gandhi, "God is Love, Life and Truth." Ah, what do they know.
  • [g]od (2): A conception of the Head and Flesh used by most "[c]hristians" to destroy or disable Heart, the Almighty (Truth, Love, Life) within themselves and others, out of fear, ignorance and unwitting control by the Flesh and Head. Mammon. The Beast.
  • Gravity: A force, like the Almighty (Truth, Love, Life) that no one would dispute exists, but that no one can clearly define and understand. A force unlike the Almighty that we no longer Diefy and therefore are willing to engage in our daily lives.
  • Greed: Ravenous Desire. So many concepts have been perverted in the interest of Selfishness - Religion, Belief, Faith, Church, Love (Lust), God... Greed. The human being cannot escape Greed. What s/he can learn to Chose between is Greed for Intoxications / Pleasure (our Western "religion") and Greed for Joy, the Religion of Jesus, Gandhi, King, Teresa....  All hope now lies in enlightened GREED FOR JOY.  What GREED FOR JOY LOOKS LIKE.
  • Greed for Joy: Self-enslavement to the Almighty (Heart, Truth, Love, Life), Militant Global Brotherhood, From the Soul, in Solidarity, Serving "the-least-of-these-my-family" - the neurologically necessary outcome of which is a limitless infusion of the chemical cocktail Joy.  What GREED FOR JOY LOOKS LIKE.
  • Greed for Pleasure: Self-enslavement to Pleasure / Flesh / Mind / Mammon / The Beast / Stuff-Superiority-Systems/Institutions - the neurologically necessary outcome of which is the chemical cocktail Pleasure in spurts.
  • Hate / HATEfulness: Conditional love in ALL of it's infinite forms.  'The problem is not the absence of love, but the presence of conditional love,' Ashley Montague.  Clearly Jesus died to terminate conditional love, that was abundant in his day, and ours, and to replace it with Unconditional Love, Agape, Humanity, SOLIDARITY.  Hate - tghe opposite of Love. HATEfulness is the key to understanding this word, and its opositeness from Love. Everything that is not Love is HATEful in a world with 5 billion suffering people.
  • Head: Along with Flesh - the Engine of Selfisness / Sin / Error, WHEN IN CHARGE. That part of our nervous system we would call our head - the calculator, "Thinker," analyzer.... Corresponds to Pitirim Sorokin's idea of Ideational. TENDS TO SERVE THE FLESH when left to its own control. TOTALLY USED BY THE HEART when the heart is in control. Corresponds to Pitirim Sorokin's notions of Ideational. See Thinking.  See AffloholismPosts.
  • HEART [the alternative RELIGIOUSLY INDOCTIRNATED BY OUR CULTURE – HEAD / FLESH IN CHARGE]: Heart is the Kingdom and the Almighty [or part thereof]. The Kingdom of God is Within You. It requires enormous Faith to surrender to (as captured by Bonhoeffer.) Heart is our only hope. Heart is that part of our nervous system that is the seat of vision, courage, compassion, empathy, inspiration, heroism, "miracles," divinity, universal Family, Brotherliness, Soul, Solidarity, Service. All hope for humanity, for Heaven on Earth is in the Heart. The Heart fully utilizes the rest of the nervous system for its ends. Head and Flesh NEVER release / empower Heart to do its work of Heaven / Kingdom building; unless some force immobilizes them and empowers Heart. Jesus died to do this. See Loving.   PostsHeart IN CHARGE LOOKS LIKE   
  • Heaven (Nirvana), Kin-dom / Kindom: In this life; neither I nor this site is EVER concerned nor interested in some "after life." Heart. Complete Joy, Peace, Love, and Life; and the Agony of all humankind are the entire interst, focus, goal. That which the universally Loving brother Jesus, or the most Loving person you've ever known of would want for all human kind on earth, for each and every one of Her/His brothers and sisters. Heaven on Earth. Kingdom, Kindom. "At the moment of death we will not be judged according to the number of good deeds we have done or by the diplomas we have received in our lifetime. We will be judged according to the love we have put into our work." Teresa of Calcutta Kindom is the opposite of Empire. Kindom is where the Spirit of family reigns in relations between all humans, and all humans to the environment.
  • Hell, Empire (see above): Separation from your own humanity. Separation from Heaven / Almighty / Joy / Peace / Love / Life. That which is experienced by almost all folks living in the U.S. "At the moment of death we will not be judged according to the number of good deeds we have done or by the diplomas we have received in our lifetime. We will be judged according to the love we have put into our work." Teresa of Calcutta
  • Higher Law: see THERE IS A "HIGHER LAW"
  • Human Being / Man / Woman: Created by the Almighty in Its Image - Loving, Compassionate, One with all Creatures and all Creation UNTIL TAUGHT OTHERWISE - Mutilation. One of the rare creatured, neotenous, designed to retain it's child-like features of wonder, curiosity, creativity... The Almighty - Truth, Love, Life! Jesus died to save us from the Mutilation our Culture is committed to visit upon us for to enslave us for its purposes.
  • Humanity/Love: 





  • Hypocrisy: Everything that is not WAGE LOVE in process. "Hypocrisy in anything whatever may deceive the cleverest and most penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it, and is revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised." Leo Tolstoy
  • Identify, Identity [Love]: 
  • Immortality: Many, many people are "alive" in you, who no longer have a Pulse (below.) In this enormously important sense we are all immortal. This is an enormous responsibility and a Joyful opportunity!
  • Insane Humanity – Insanely Humane [Christ, the Spirit]:  Hmmm.  Maybe you can think of better terms to capture the Saving Nature of MLK Jr, Gandhi, Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Jones, Harriet Tubman, Jesus, Oscar Romero, Eleanor Roosevelt, but this is the terminology that captures it for me.  It is a profoundly inaccurate in the sense that we all, you, me, everyone are designed to be Inanely Humane or:  A.  These folks were liars, as they each in their own way told us that they were no different in capacity than us – “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve,” MLK Jr.   “If you Love me you will do greater works than these,’ Jesus.  B. The ridiculous notion would have to be correct that we humans are somehow an evolutionary disconnect from all other lifeforms and that yes, we are to embrace selfish Cancerousness, rather than total, single-minded devotion to the wellbeing of the species.  Nonsense. 
  • Intoxications [Pleasure] [the vIRTUE, the object of Affloholism]:  a 99.999999% of the time in our western ‘christian’ culture the world Love means ‘Intoxications’ – oh, I love the way she/he makes me feel; oh, I love our house; oh, I love my children; oh, I love our new healthcare plan; oh, I love my work; oh, I loved our vacation; oh, I loved that church service….  No, what we mean is, Oh, IT IS SOOOOO INTOXICATING.  Posts.
  • Jesus: A man. To Life, psychology and Governance what Einstein was to physics. Jesus provided us the Solution to Life - Heaven. Best written of and captured by Tolstoy in "Gospel in Brief."
  • Joy: The Chemical Cocktail the nervous system produces when it thinks that what is being done will enhance the survival value of others, or the species. Joy trumps Pleasure, the other positive Cocktail. "I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve," Albert Schweitzer. "Man is not [equipped] to Live until he knows what he would die for," ML King. "When I speak of joy, I do not identify it with loud laughter or with noise. This is not true happiness. Sometimes it hides other things. When I speak of happiness, I refer to an inner and deep peace, which shows itself in our eyes, on our faces, in our attitudes, in our gestures, in our promptness..." Teresa of Calcutta. "Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  • Justice: One of the blood-sucking ideas that is sapping and diverting the strength of what otherwise could be a Peace Movement. The problem? Justice is too week in its biological/motivational/psychological rooting to ever successfully overthrow selfishness - only Love/Humanity is strong enough to do that.
  • Kill Carbon 2010 Quest: In May 2011  (Day 17 CAMPUS HUNGER STRIKE WAVES - THE ONLY AND SURE WAY), early in his April – June ’11, 50 day 60 cal/day Hunger Strike on the issue, it became clear to SL that unless a Fire in college student’s Hearts was started now, that ‘failure was not an option’ in turning the 2012 election into an Iron Clad, Failure is Not and Option DECISION, US-POLICY-MOON-SHOT-DECISION/MISSION/CAMPAIGN to Reduce Coal and Oil 80% by 2020, Plan B 3.0, then, well, ETERNITY’S CHILDREN, STARTING WITH TODAYS, ARE ETERNALLY F*@)#(*D.  Unacceptable.  Posts: Climate Suicide

    FACT: Zero technical risk to reduce Carbon 80% by 2020.  We have 100% of the technology, social science, 800-20000% energy (wind and sun), and capital needed (1/3 the annual US War Budget would do the entire world.)  Plan B 3.0Climate Suicide
    FACT: Near-zero personal risk to life, limb, treasure to reduce Carbon 80% by 2020, unlike this year’s Egypt revolution, and all of history’s other great violent, and non-violent sea-changes.  Plan B 3.0Climate Suicide
    FACT: ECONOMIC BOON.  Behind the massive economic scam, the Truth is that Sun and Wind are cheaper today by roughly a factor of 4.  For example, you pay $3.50 at the pump, but you put $12 on your children’s tab in remediation, and secondarily war machine costs you are paying today – money in the bank for 7 of the 10 largest corporations in the world (you’re really ok with that?), and the coal companies you’re not charging for the medical costs associated with 13,000 Americans (alone) being killed every year by our pollution from coal, and the unequalled remediation costs of coal.  Plan B 3.0Climate Suicide
    FACT: You are currently destroying $1 out of every $3 your, and eternity’s children will every earn that through our/your cowardice today are being irrevocably committed to trying to remediate the cataclysm that today you could, but so far won’t stop – for example, spending the trillions is tax $ they’ll have to cough up to remediate to protect our sea-level cities against the soon to be unpreventable sea-level rise of 6-18’ in this generation’s lifetime; or do you think we’ll allow NYC, Boston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle… to submerge?  Plan B 3.0Climate Suicide
    FACT:  We needed 16 years to A. erect the 2 million wind towers on Midwest and NE farms (to the orgasmic delight of the farmers), B. in a tiny area the size of Rhode Island erect the Concentrated Solar Plants in our southwest deserts, and C. run the low-loss DC grid cross country to distribute this power nationally.  Plan B 3.0.
    FACT:  Yes, there is a sh*tload of other stuff in Plan B 3.0 that we need to do at the same time, like eliminate poverty, educate poor women which is EXACTLY the way to stabilize population below the civilization-terminating 8 billion level, plant about 1 tree for every 2 people on earth (yawn), restore the soil, terminate forest destruction…. And you know what?  If you and I don’t think it is worth giving our very lives for these things, NOW, at a GLOBAL cost of 1/3 the US War budget?  As Good (God) is my witness, I don’t care if you and I get exterminated, right now, cuz we are worthless trash; but I’d still fight with my last breath, because eternity’s children don’t yet have our guilt, aren’t yet infected with our True Religion – Affloholism.  Plan B 3.0Climate Suicide

    Open to ANYTHING to start that fire, in time to fan it across the country and globe by Nov 6, 2012… Hunger Strike, to ignite WAVES of To-Death’s-Door-but-NOT-thru
    [D50+9 'SL, YOU PROPOSE EXACTLY WHAT?' SL], on campus Hunger Strikes, was all that SL could see based on an honest and thorough consideration of all history and factors, and remains what he still see’s as the frickin NO-BRAINER campaign – not a fraction the risk or effort faced by this year’s Egyptians, or history’s WWII soldiers, Civil Right’s Workers, SA Anti-Apartheid workers, Suffregists, Abolitionists…, and INFINITELY, INFINITELY, INFINITELY MORE AT STAKE – Spaceship Earth’s Life Support System, FOREVER, FOR ALL SPECIES, ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN’S.  SL remains:  Clear the Waves of Hunger Strikes, as described is the MINIMUM, PERSONAL COMMITMENT OF SELF AND RESOURCES the might work the miracle, but he remains, and always will be open to something even more hopeful! Now, 11/10/11, there are less than 12 months left.  And then the die is cast – game irrevocably Won, or Lost, forever.  [Frankly, anyone that doesn’t devour every Learning on this blog, AND MORE ESPECIALLY, IN Plan B 3.0, at best, is clueless, and at worst, just doesn’t give a sh*t about Humanity.]
  • Kindom (see Heaven): The government within. DON'T be blinded by cute - Kindom. Kindom is the system of governence (self and group) that almost all of us know to some degree. Kindom is the healthiest implemention ever imagined for operation within a "family." Kindom is the operating system that entirely regulates the healthiest "family" extended over all relationships on the planet. Just like Tiger Woods' teachings on Golf are probably "the Way" toward Golf greatness, Jesus' (the man followed by Gandhi, King, Teresa, Berrigan, Schewitzer, Maguire, Bhave, Dellinger...) teachings are "the Way" toward Kindom. Laws, Police, Armies, Buildings... MAY exist in world Kindom but ENTIRELY SUBSERVIENT to the Spirit of Love, Life, Truth, World-Family....
  • Kindomist: Someone who's life is dedicated in the way a Navy Seal (or NS wanabe) is dedicated but to the 100% reign of the Spirit of world-family, Kindom, Humanity/Humaneness, Agape/Love, universal Compassion, Goodness, Kindness: 1. within themselves, 2. within all of humankind.
  • Kindness: See Almighty. Is Kindness God - Almighty? Is it that simple? I think it may be.
  • Kingdom: see Heaven. See Heart. See Kindom!
  • Know (1): See Truth, Vision.
  • [k]now (2): See Head.
  • Leadership, Militant: Leadership is like Gravity. If a "body" exists, it exerts a gravitational pull on other bodies within its area of influence. So it is be existing as a human being. Where we go, what we do Leads others - it exerts a pull. This is a responsibility we cannot escape. We do and will lead others, even after we are gone.
  • Least of these my family: Who you would lest like to trade places with [except to Save.] Who you would least like your "Dearest" to trade places with. Examples: Darfuries, Donald Trump, George Bush.... The 80% of the world living on $1 per day. The .1% of the world stealing 40% of the world's resources for itself - US. 'The greatest poverty I have seen is in the West - a poverty of the spirit,' Teresa of Calcutta, paraphrase.
  • Life, Militant: NOT PULSE. The Almighty; the Creator; the Creator within us when we surrender to that Creator as Her instrument. Love - from Soul, in Solidarity, Serving. "By having a reverence for life, we enter into a spiritual relation with the world… By practicing reverence for life we become good, deep, and alive," Albert Schweitzer. That which happens in the face of Truth, motivated by Love. "Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory." – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Love (Militant)/Humanity, SOLIDARITY: The opposite of and antidote to HATE/HATEfulness. NOT LUST, not selfishness. See Agape. Sharing (participating) in the same fate. Love is sharing the emergency of neigbor, brother, enemy, stranger... Jesus taught us. That which Jesus demonstrated and taught. That which is inspired by Truth and which pursues Life for all. "Love... [is] not ... able to avoid making sacrifices." Teresa of Calcutta. NOT LUST. Corresponds to Pitirim Sorokin's notions of Supra Intelligence and Idealistic. "If you really love one another, you will not be able to avoid making sacrifices," Teresa of Calcutta.  See Waging Love, or DeadPosts.  Posts:  Loving.
  • Love [Life]: Self-sacrifice for Humanity, be it in a moment, or lifelong. There is simply no other reason that God (see above) though our genes placed you or me here.
  • Loving, Militant: Loving (type: see Love) is the highest form of human intelligence, and the most powerful energy known in the universe - the Almighty. Loving is the only way out of the inhumanity that has us on the verge of Armageddon. Thinking and Talking are what we use to disem`power Loving, and to do the bidding of the Flesh and Mind. Corresponds to Pitirim Sorokin's notions of Supra Intelligence and Idealistic.
  • Lust [cancer; death]. OPPOSITE OF LOVE: Self-indulgence for mE and mINE, be it in a moment, or lifelong. This is the one and only alternative to Love / Life.   See Intoxications, PleasuresPosts.
  • Lusting, Militant: The "solution" for Flesh, as "Loving" is the "solution" for Heart / Spirit. Selfishness. That which almost without exception is meant by "love" in our western culture. That almost without exception written of by Shakespeare.
  • Mammon:
  • Militant: vigorously active and aggressive, esp. in support of a cause: militant reformers. As expressed by A.J. Muste who coined "Peace is the way," - Militant is herein used to capture Muste's quote: “If men are not willing to practice the way of non-violence with the same kind of commitment and recklessness of cost or con­sequences as they practice the way of war and as Communists work for Communism, clearly non-violence will not work.”
  • Mind: See Head. Worshiped in this culture for its ability to mindlessly serve the interests of the Flesh / free-market consumer capitalism.
  • Morality: See Truth. What Gandhi understood as the Almighty - Truth. "Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality," Gandhi. "As soon as we lose the moral basis, we cease to be religious. There is no such thing as religion over-riding morality. Man, for instance, cannot be untruthful, cruel or incontinent and claim to have God on his side." - Mahatma Gandhi
  • Neglect: Legal, Sanctioned MASS MURDER. No common morality or "Religion" provides a bassis for attacking or confronting Neglect. This site, this Religion is entirely about that; about replacing "Cancer" with "Militant Loving." "'All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing," Edmond Burke. See Cancer.
  • Nervous System: Heart + Head + Flesh. The sum total of the "real" world of the human being. All of a human's possibilities.
  • Nirvana: See Heaven.
  • Non-cooperation, NON-SUBORDINATION: Noncooperation with evil (law) is a moral dictate revealed to us by Gandhi, Jesus and others. Maybe the broder implementation is NON-SUBORDINATION to the LOWER LAW. The HIGER LAW must never be subordinated to the Higher Law. If it is you get 30,000 children starving per day, AIDs epideminc, Darfur Genocide, world-wide genocidal neglect of Darfur, Impending Preemptive War on Iran, bludgeoning Iraq babies to death for oil....
  • Nonviolence, Militant: WAGE LOVE in process. Brotherliness, Tough Love. See the example and teachings of Jesus, Gandhi, King, Teresa, Dellinger, and the book Peace and Nonviolence. See alternative, potentially superior language: ALTERNATIVE LANGUAGE FOR "NONVIOLENCE"
  • Otherishness: Brotherliness. World Family. Our Father's Kingdom. The opposite of Selfishness.
  • Path: As taught and lived by Jesus - Revolutionary Brotherliness. Being on the path necessarily produces complete Peace, Joy, Love, and Life within the walker, and moves the world in the direction of Heaven.
  • Peace: A perverted, escapist fantasy within the "Church" and peace movement. They seem to have some magical idea that if we just do not War, the result is peace. Militant PeaceMaking is the proper concept. Peace as it is use means death, the end of activity, the end of existence. Masturbation is a similar concept.
  • PeaceMaking, Militant: The word that almost always should be used instead of "Peace." PeaceMaking is what Jesus, Gandhi, King... died for; died to lead us all to do - PeaceMaking - Paying the Price - Picking up the Cross.
  • Pearl [The]: Heaven. The Kingdom. The Almighty - Love, Life, Truth across all of humanity. Brotherly Love as the government of all human kind.
  • PLAN B 3.0:  (VIDEO SUMMARY AND DETAILS, POWERPOINTS, PDFMP3 AUDIO BOOK ( The definitive source book on: 
  • Pleasure [Intoxications]: The Chemical Cocktail produced when the nervous system experience that what it is doing is good for the individual. Pleasure is maniacally pursued in the west to the exclusion of Joy. Joy trumps Pleasure, but Joy is an enemy of western, free-market capitalism, because Joy is not associated with consuming but with Loving and Healing.
  • Possible: The virtually infinite domain of the Heart, of that which and Save, be Healthy for the human being. As mis-conceived by the Head and Flesh an enormously dark and small domain of Selfishness - Cancer.
  • Price, Paying the: Gandhi, Jesus, King, Tolstoy... all believed that written on our Hearts is the knowledge of what to do, of the Path, or the Pearl / Treasure. The issue is not what to do, but the decision and follow-thru to Pay the Price. Leadership and Example are the only way. "Example is not the main thing in influencing people. Example is the only thing," Albert Schweitzer.
  • Probability: As correctly held by "science," the human being can never know the Truth, only some approximation thereof. An understanding of how well an understanding approximates the Truth of anything is best expressed as a Probability.
  • Pulse, "life," [DEATH]: Practically the Opposite of Life as pursued by Jesus and the Almighty. What we highly value in the US due to our worship of Stuff, Superiority and Systems/Institutions (false Idols) from our Flesh. Corresponds strongly to Pitirim Sorokin's Sensate culture. Spiritual DEATH is the result of valuing Pulse so highly - because we sacrifice the Almighty in the service of Pulse / Flesh - they are mutually exclusive.
  • Radical / Radicalism: That which gets to the root. According to Saul Alinsky - A conservative is shehe who will do anything to keep things the same; a Liberal with herhis head wants things to change but DOES nothing; a Radical so wants things to change with herhis head AND heart that they commit their entire being to the task.
  • Redeem: "One act is worth one hundred sermons," Dietrich Bonhoeffer. "Unearned suffering is redemptive," ML King. "Love and suffering beget Love and suffering," N. Hanh. 'Invariably the non-Jewish rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust had inherited their Altruism from others who were Altruistic earlier in their lives," Eva Fogelman.
  • [r]eligions / [d]enominations / [s]ects: Alternatives to the Love of the Almighty. Constructed by Flesh / Mind / Evil Selfishness as tools for violence / discrimination / exploitation.
  • Religion (1): Something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience: to make a religion of fighting prejudice. In the case of the West our religion is Free Market Consumer Capitalism served by Science as sanctified by Catholicism, Methodism, Judaism.... For 200 years starting with Jesus there was a small group of people whose religion was Militant Family / Brotherliness / Loving. How quaint.
  • Religion (2): Analogous to a gym and personal trainer. A place equipped with tools that can be used to release and strengthen the Almighty within us. Mohandas Gandhi: "Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion," Gandhi. Religion properly constructed and utilized is a place of development of our capacity for Truth, Love, and Life - the release of the Almighty within us.
  • Resurrection: Not some magic trick, although nobody knows for sure. Jesus so much was the Almighty - Truth, Love, Life - that such a Spirit as his resides in some Hearts thousands of years after His death. HOWEVER, much more than that, the Idea of Jesus resides in billions of Heads and is perverted for the business of the Flesh - Selfishness.
  • Revelation: The vast resources of our nervous system only work through unbidden, uncontrolled Revelation, yielding to us all that is considered Divine, Brilliant, Inspired, Visionary.... Pitirim Sorokin saw more than anyone I know of that the vast resources of our nervous systems are NOT directly accessible or controllable by us using our consciousness. What we experience as our Heart is the channel and it must be approached with reverence, subtlety, gentleness, humility... it is our piece of the Almighty. We surrender to it or it is unavailable to us. E.O. Wilson, Pulitzer winning entomologist from Harvard is another to write extensively on this, including in his book, "Conscillience."
  • Sacred: Of the Almighty. Intrinsically demanding the highest reverence, respect, and sacrifice.
    Sacrifice: To the observer - pain, anguish, unpleasant. To the participant, if acting out of Love, peripheral.
  • Sanity / Mental Health: In line with Adler, Frankl, Maslow, Csikszentmihalyi, Rogers, Erikson - an all-consuming interest and devotion on the part of the adult for the well being of all humanity born and unborn.
  • Saved / Salvation: Restore to the Humanity/Love that we are born with. Kept from Selfishness for Otherishness / Brotherly Love / Universal Family.
  • Selfishness: Overriding concern for self and "my family." Hell.
  • Serving: The reason we are here. From Rabbi Abraham Heschel's divine essay: "Soldiers in the horror of battle offer solemn testimony that life is not a hunt for pleasure, but an engagement for service; that there are things more valuable than life; that the world is not a vacuum. Either we make it an altar for God or it is invaded by demons." See Prayer of St. Francis.
  • Sin [Affloholism]: ERROR. Divorce [from Life / Love / Truth]; off the Path. The Greek word for Error. Jesus died to Save us from error, sin, deviation from the Path to Peace / Love / Joy / Life / Truth.
  • SOLIDARITY [Love] [opposite of Charity]: "As you do unto the least of these my family, you do unto me," Jesus. "life is given, not for oneself personally, but for the fulfillment of the Father's will, which alone saves from death and gives life."  “I don't believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person. I have a lot to learn from other people.”  ― Eduardo Hughes GaleanoSL here:  A lifelong Slave to the notion of Love, within recent weeks I’ve come to see the word SOLIDARITY as probably the best word in the English language to express the essence of what we’ve tried to use the word Love for, occasionally.  PostsWHAT IT LOOKS LIKE  
  • Solution [to Life]: "Salvation." Tragically mis-quoted as "Commandments." What Jesus died to give us - We all have only one Father (Love God); and we all have only one Family, everyone. NO MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS. Those who Believe / See / Recognize / Live this are Saved and they begin also to Save the world. The Perfect Solution. The only Solution.
  • Soul (Heart): Close to synonymous with Heart. A part of our nervous system that we do not control, but which seems to be the center and essence of our being. Close to synonymous with "Kingdom of God is within you."
  • Soul Force [Gandhian]:
  • Spirit: see Heart.
  • Start Loving SL: A recovered, extreme Affloholic, SL was born and raised in one of the wealthiest towns in the world, Short Hills, NJ, to the most Loving man SL ever has met.  And through the prism of his dad’s love, he saw correctly the Love of the man, Jesus, thru his Catholic upbringing, Sunday school, the sacraments, and such.  And in both his dad, and Jesus, and subsequently MLK Jr., Gandhi and the like he ‘glimpsed’ the most gratifying way to exist – Waging Love, tho his grasp and articulation of this were weak, at best.  But in late teens early twenty’s the seductions of society, this sickest in history, overcame any courage of convictions, and into the business world, ‘family’ (me and mine), over-privilege continued… he was swept for the next 25-30 years!  But he never lost the feeling, the yearning for, what Life had felt like, sobriety, vicariously experienced thru his dad, Jesus, and others.  And this yearning in the end, coupled with immense, decades of experience that society’s way of Affloholism was, well, just that, an addictive, dead, matrix-like, hellish nightmare, clinically, experientially.  So since the late ‘90’s SL has been devoting everything he has and everything he is to the least of these our global neediest, as best he can see to do, for the Heaven, the Joy of it, desperately attempting to walk this Path of Joy, so well, that others become inspired, and find, and learn to walk the path decades earlier than he did, hopefully in time to save a future for humanity.  We need to Stop Talking, Stop Thinking, and START LOVING.
  • Stand [with]: See Solidarity.
  • Stuff: The opposite of Soul (Love of.) That which we in the west have been perverted to worship - Mammon - our false idol; for which we greedily and self-deceivingly rape, plunder and exploit our brothers and the world.
  • Superiority: The opposite of Solidarity (Love of.) An exalted and "sacred" virtue of the anti-Christ (see above,) Mammon. Directly opposed to "Love thy brother as thyself."
  • Systems/Institutions: The opposite of Service (Love of.) The False Idols. An exalted and "sacred" virtue of the anti-Christ (see above,) Mammon.
  • Talking: Increasingly a major addiction in this society - masturbation of the Mind. In the unprecedentedly selfish West talking is the major defense to doing nothing to shake the status quo of global exploitation. Notice that when we WANT to exploit, little talking takes place - a la Desert Storm / Iraq. "How did our oil get under their sand?" Corresponds to Pitirim Sorokin's Ideational or Sensate.
  • Thinking: See Mind. Increasingly a major addiction in this society - masturbation of the Mind. In the unprecidentedly selfish West talking is the major defense to doing nothing to shake the status quo of global exploitation. Notice that when we WANT to exploit, little talking takes place - a la Desert Storm / Iraq. "How did our oil get under their sand?" Corresponds to Pitirim Sorokin's Ideational or Sensate.
  • Treasure [The]: Heaven. The Kingdom. The Almighty - Love, Life, Truth across all of humanity. Brotherly Love as the government of all human kind.
  • Triage: A process in which things are ranked in terms of importance or priority.
  • Truth: The Almighty. That which is optimal for the Joy and survival of the species. Morality. Ethics. See Gandhi – “Truth is God.”  Gandhi rightly saw that the Truth of How the Physical, Living Universe operates, such as the laws of physics, IS God, the Ruler, what Rules, what Ultimately Prevails; and therefore that Knowing, Observing, and Complying with the Truth equates in the long term to well-being of the species, survival, flourishing, Joy, absence of needless suffering….  Affloholism centrally functions to make the affloholic completely fine with VIOLATING the Truth, ignoring, shredding, perverting, replacing….  Cancer, flourishes, and then the body dies.
  • Vision: See Truth. Grasping, and being grasped by the Truth, the Almighty. Deep knowing. Knowing at a high level of integrity and integration of information. "If you know, and you do not do, you do not know," anonymous.
  • Violence: VIOLATING WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE OTHER(S).  HAS AT MOST, A VERY, VERY LOOSE CORRELATION TO WHETHER PHYSICAL FORCE IS AT PLAY - UNLESS AMPUTATING A CANCEROUS HAND IS 'VIOLENCE.'  Every Selfishness. EVERY SELFISHNESS, EVERY selfishness is violence. VIOLENCE IS EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT TOTAL MILITANT BROTHERLINESS / FAMILY. EVERYTHING including ESPECIALLY NEGLECT OF "THE LEAST OF THESE MY FAMILY." This is a ‘clinical’ assertion.  You and I are but cells in the body of humanity present and future.  If enough cells in your heart fail, you’re dead.  If enough of we humans don’t devote ourselves to our neediest brothers and sisters, humanity suffers, and we’ve been neglecting humanity sooooo long, final, irreversible Climate Suicide is at hand.  See The Words that could Save the World.   See Posts.
  • WarAs usually understood, war is the presence of and result of HATEfulness, and the absence of sufficient quantities of Love/Humanity. However, "war" is also a constructive word frequently and centrally used and called for by King, Gandhi, Dellinger, Phil Berrigan.... That singe word in the English Language that speaks of total mobilazation of resources. The Dr.'s went to war for the patient's life. Her cells were at war to fight the cancer. The activists waged a war of massive Humanity.... Search on War and Humanity this site for more clarity.
  • Waging Love, or Dead [Insanely Humane] The instant your heart stops beating, you’re dead, right?  Like every organ in your body, like every healthy bit of tissue in all species, it is designed to Wage Love, Devote Everything it is, and everything it has to the wellbeing of the body – Waging Love is what DNA designs all creatures, all tissue, all organs to do.  Right?  You and I are designed that way by our DNA.  When we deviate from that, and adopt the way of Cancer, we Die, we Terminate being the Divine Creatures we were born to be.  Don’t care?  Hmmmm.  Think about it.  Your Heart cares.  Eternity’s Children care.  War of All-out Love / Humanity [Perpetual]: The only means of Life capable of producing the fruit of peace - PERPETUAL War of Massive Humanity. [see "War."] Search on War and Humanity this site for more clarity.  WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE    Posts: Unviolently Waging LoveTHE DEFINITIVE IDEAS
  • Western Free Market Consumer Capitalism (WFMCC): See "Anti-Christ" above. WFMCC: of biblical fame - The Beast, Mammon.
  • [Blessed] Willingness to Fail [and Unwillingness to not Try]: Such thoughts are anathema in our society, despite the fact, BECAUSE of the fact that this is EXACTLY the nature of the Heart, which itself is the ultimate anathema in this Head-Flesh dominated western society.  By insisting that Failure has centrally to do with external consequences it freezes, immobilizes the Heart.  Pretty neat!  But Failure has NOTHING to do centrally with outcomes; ONLY with the Attempt!  ‘Full effort is full success!’ Gandhi taught, and lived.  Neither you or I can control whether Life gives us one more second, so what can we control?  What ‘success’ can we have materially?  None.  Only the attempt, and that is enough; the attempt, as though the entire wellbeing of humanity depended on our efforts, realizing at the same time that what we do probably will make no difference at all.  This is the greatest responsibility.  This is the greatest freedom from paralysis. This is the freedom to serve our global neediest with everything we have, and everything that we are, regardless of personal consequences.  No hope for Humanity now exists without this [Blessed] Willingness to Fail – Fools, Divine Fools, the Insanely Humane, our only hope now.
  • Worship: Admiration, instead of Following. Ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms. In western society worship is used in place of Following. We worship Jesus, we Follow Jack Welsh and Donnald Trump.
  • Zionist: See Empirist.