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Just under 30 Watts electric per miles seems to be our maximum efficiency, 50 watts per mile total. Wonderful.

 If I Target eight or eight and a half miles an hour when I'm peddling as opposed to coasting downhill, that seems to be the Sweet Spot, slower than that seems to get into motor efficiency issues, faster apparently wind drag starts becoming significant. And eight or eight and a half miles an hour works perfectly well for me. That's about 40 miles per day, recently half of the electricity or no more than two-thirds that the sun is giving me, and about as long as my but can stand, and about three or four thousand calories per day beyond base metabolism which is an additional 1500 calories per day. This is absolutely the most wonderful machine that Khanh created, and Rex inspired. It is such an ethical way for James to exist, such an incredibly light footprint on the children's future, and it is very powerful at stirring the occasional soul. Below is a rough estimate of how the next 30 days will be spent.

And then in a Flash I was driving through Detroit....

 Oh what Jesus would do to these rich white mcmansion blue-eyed West Michigan Folk. The money changers in the temple in his day were just a warm-up.

Achingly beautiful this western shore of Michigan. I had no idea.

 [ except for the disgusting, wretched, evil entitled White hoarding.]

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Einstein's condemnation of Nazi Israel

MUST READ ARTICLE... if you are still human.


In case you haven't noticed democracy is in the final stages of being killed with the Democrats as bystanders. Anyone young or in risky categories Now's the Time to get out.

Michigan has been treated as the toilet of the United States, and it does not feel safe here.


Are those slogans? The elite legal Notre Dame Catholic scholar asked, oh Jesus writings?

 You are one of a kind, the man mentioned several times during our 25-minute interchange. But he seemed to be saying it more to himself than to me. I think he's never encountered anyone that was one of a kind, as opposed to one in a cult. I'm sorry that that sounds cliche but I think it's pretty much to the point. Jesus was one of a kind. We were all born to be. Jesus is inconceivable, and uninteresting, to this person.

This little friend was so photogenic, stayed right in the area, I finally saw why.

If it were me I would watch the first video in the sequence, last. All of my daily posting is at this blog, no longer on Facebook.

and oh

 my goodness, do you have any idea what kind of bird this is? I never would have guessed!

Cycling : providing energy to solve with the fully elongated torso roiling the pelvis.

 * shoulders slightly upright or more is crucial to enabling the front and back long muscles to have equal access to roiling the buttocks.

* sitting up extremely tall, lengthening the Torso, essential for the long muscles front and back to be empowered and to disempower the impetuous top of the thighs.

* crucially important to understand that roiling the buttocks is the task, not contacting Saul, so I will take care of himself.

* correction, 50% under-inflated tires when corrected me of the only a 10% increase in efficiency to move salt. But that's a lot. But not 30%.


Recent cycling metrics

 This file was shared by me but for unknown reasons it creates conflict where I can't update the files so the sharing has been defeated but periodically a screenshot like this will be posted on my blog.

Cycling. Not as close to the Pinnacle as I thought, but progressing I'm quite sure.

Note: it has been a frustration in recent days that the whole body wasn't involved, and it was very difficult to get the back involved. The last hour or so of today's Journey was very helpful in that regard. Hopefully it can be repeated. Recreated. That the job of James is to place his entire torso from upper-mid all the way through the first 2 in of the femurs in joyful equilibrium with the weight that is he and Sol. I mean what makes sense does it make to have a tour so if it's not going to be used in moving this payload?

Jesus was speaking about the joy of transcending self I think.