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Unviolent War Victory: Attawapiskat Chief Spence agrees to end hunger strike Add to ... Globe and Mail

Attawapiskat Chief Spence agrees to end hunger strike Add to ...

Globe and Mail-by Gloria Galloway-45 minutes ago
Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat will end her hunger strike after first nations leaders and members of the federal opposition agree to carry on the fight she ...

Day 20-1 01.23.13 Deeply Tired, Recovering, Slowly... to Fight On, including my Cancer, in DC.

From a note to our Sacred Sister Diane, she, recovering from 46 days
on her most RECENT of MANY Hunger Strikes for us:

"Yes, I'm tired too, and haven't been fighting near as long
as you.  Slept 12 hours last night, and just got up from
a 3 hour nap. I'm tired, bone tired, physically, and mentally.

The right thing to do sister, I'm convinced, is to, yes,
give the avatar the rest it needs.  Let it recover, so
we can continue the fight.

My guess is that come early to mid next week I'll be back
in front of the Embassy, 22/7, until the Chemo begins.
I've been unintentionally pretty rough on the medical
folks in DC with my start, stop, zig, zags....  But if they
resume care for me, well, I'll try to make that happen,
I've begun already, via email; and if I can find someone
to do the chemo, radiation, whatever, I'll take it on,
aggressively, not from the comfort of friends here in DC,
or the 24 hour loving care at DC Christ House, that is willing;
but from the corner 'infirmary' of a massive DC Homeless
shelter, because I think DC is where I can best serve,
back in front of the Embassy; on the phone alongside
the rest of the Organizing for Action army...;
but the chemo, sadly, will take me down to just
6-10 hours per day at the Embassy, for the 6 month
duration, or so; and I'll lose 2 days a week or so. 

A Sacred Sister has asked me - "What's it like to be on extended hunger strike, spiritually?"

What's it like to be on extended hunger strike, spiritually?  I'm
Honored by your question.

What is it like to accept pregnancy a 2nd time, or a 3rd?  Well,
no, I never have, but I think there is a similarity.  It is not done
to seek the pain of birth, but is run toward for the Joy of the
possibility to create Life!  That's my guess.

Hunger Strike, as diane would do it, Chief Spence, Gandhi... is
an ultimate expression, Act of, and PARTICIPATION IN Loving -
It is an Unviolent War Shriek, out of Love - "What is at stake,
what is needed is so Sacred, I'm here to offer the
Ultimate Price I can Pay, with JOY, the Gift of my Life, so that
others, so that Creation, might have Life."  This is to participate IN the Divine
Work of Creation.  I've never thought of it quite this way, except
that you've asked me to share, but this is how it is, most all the time.

And, it is to participate, constantly, in the Ultimate Agony of what
we are doing to our most vulnerable, most Sane brothers and sisters,
and the most pure of Creation - Creation itself, the trees, animals,
fish... our Children, our GrandChildren, in FACT, the next 200
billion children.

There are times of distracting, debilitating physical weakness,
discomfort, nausea, pain, hospitalization sometimes...
but much more often, there is a freedom from the physical
distractions, demands and energies associated with maintaining
one's own physical life.  Eating, metabolizing food itself, takes
a huge amount of physical energy, and in my experience, at least, for
many weeks of the Hunger Strike, that energy is released to
use by the Spirit - resulting in hugely heightened Wisdom, Awareness,

Now, as Gandhi was emphatic, unless a Hunger Strike is undertaken
and maintained out of Universal Love, Universal Family IT SHOULD
NOT, AND MUST NOT BE DONE!  But if it is, I suspect that what
I've experienced and outlined here, is not too dissimilar from the experience
of others, including Chief Spence.

It is for the most part, a deeply Humbling Participation in Creation,
with the Creator.  A Deep Dive into the Heart, of oneself, into
those of even a totally oblivious and near Dead Human Family.
It is Not Bliss. But it IS Divine. It is OF the Divine, and Within
the Divine, in Partnership.

And a final caution to all, especially Chief Spence - the Hunger Strike is NOT OVER when calories begin to be consumed!!! This can be the most taxing, most exhausting, most dangerous time. The digestive track has gone totally dormant, within 4 days of the Hunger Strike beginning. Restart is exhausting, and unless one very carefully consumes limited amounts of easily digested foods, at best, they will have a very unpleasant experience with their bowels, and at worst, could wind up in the hospital, or worse. Tho I've been on more 35-50 day hunger strikes than I can recall, I don't have re-entry down to a science. But knowing now what is called the BRAT diet - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast - has been a great help to me. Please be certain that people working with Chief Spence know this. 

Also, re-entry is a very challenging time as well. Hunger Strike for 20, 30, 40... days is a near-death experience, slow-motion seppuku. It is very important that people around Chief Spence try very hard to provide her many days of space, support, and protection for her work to psychologically return to the living, and to re-chart her course of service. 

With the above, sister, maybe I misunderstood your question.  Please
tell me further how I can help with your question.

Loving.  Sakihiwew

Chief Spence Hunger Strike: Massively Effective Campaign. Globe and Mail

Chief Spence in talks to end hunger strike - for a commitment


01.22.13 Day 20: Heard Pr. O yesterday. Expecting to Terminate the Fast; Devote to Pr. Obama's/Our Organizing for Action

Speech Gives Climate Goals Center Stage. 

Barring anything to the contrary, I expect that by tonight I'll have decided to terminate the Fast and redirect my Life in the direction of Pr. Obama's / Our, Organizing for Action army against Climate Change / Ecocide - and I suggest you, and everyone you know, do the same.  Now.

As I've maintained loudly, for 5 years now, Pr. Obama is the greatest Leader the world's ever seen.  I know almost nothing, except High Stakes, Complex Leadership - what I've studied and practiced my entire adulthood, as an "Organizer" within and between high-tech businesses, while Pr. Obama started by doing it in disadvantaged neighborhoods of color.  I "know" Pr. Obama better than anyone I've ever encountered or heard of except his immediate staff, no credit to me, but that's the fact of it.

Now, Pr. Obama has an army, Organizing for Action, enabling him to go after Ecocide, which in my small way I've begged for, and helped build - including over 700 phone calls (32nd most productive caller in the nation at one point I was) to get him elected, preventing Romney, btw, who would have been the final nail in the coffin of our American experiment, and in Earth's ability to support diversity of Life.

I know of no activist, no environmental activist, that KNEW that if and when he could, Pr. Obama would fight to Avert Ecocide with his very being.  But I always knew it, having honed my Vision for Leadership my entire life.  It was obvious.  And Now, thanks to fellow citizens from the American Center, he 'can,' he has a way - us, in Organizing for America - a citizen Army.  And until I see otherwise, I expect by tonight, to have redirected from the Fast, to that Army.

Mother Nature will give us no more time.  We've run the clock out on our children's future.  Pr. Obama, a Truth Seeker, a father, our Brother... knows this, and a lot more.   Join him.  Join us.

Should I abort the Fast, my digestive tract will be in chaos as it re-learns to consume normal calories - making an immediate return from recent refuge here in Phila, to the streets of DC, the Canadian Embassy, ill-advised for a few days, at least.

Yet, if I re-direct, I'll also need to make a priority securing and enduring cancer treatment, provided that I can make lodging arrangements that satisfy the hospital / care facility but arrangements that leave me free to fight in the Army on each of those days I'm not in treatment or recovering therefrom.


videolog Ecocide's Death Fast redoubled 01.21.13  

Pr. Obama's Inaugural Speech Was Bold, But Following Through Won't Be Easy. TIME


***** Chief Theresa Spence is nearing Day 40 of her hunger strike Net Newsledger

Chief Theresa Spence is nearing Day 40 of her hunger strike

Net Newsledger - ‎4 hours ago‎
Ottawa, ON - Chief Theresa Spence is nearing Day 40 of her hunger strike. The efforts to bring the Prime Minister and Governor General to a meeting with Chief Theresa Spence are continuing. This morning, January 18th, 2013, at 11AM a group of women ...


***** nd 'ALL MY HOPE IS IN THE INDIGENOUS NATIONS. Every day is an unwanted lesson for me of the RELIGIOUSLY PURSUED, hopeless moral degeneration, Heartlessness, of we white folks, excepting Diane Wilson, and a few others just like her. If there are not Indigenous Heroic Spirits left to save humanity, NOW, it is over.' Loving

nd 'ALL MY HOPE IS IN THE INDIGENOUS NATIONS.  Every day is an unwanted lesson for me of the RELIGIOUSLY PURSUED, hopeless moral degeneration, Heartlessness, of we white folks, excepting Diane Wilson, and a few others exactly like her. If there are not Indigenous Heroic Spirits left to save humanity, NOW, it is over.'  Loving

***** Specialists warn of potential consequences of Hunger Strike diet. Windsor Star

Specialists warn of potential consequences of Hunger Strike diet. Windsor Star


It is Day10 of my Fast.

[Note, Diane was not consulted by me in this, and may well be furious with me.  Oh well. We've got 204 billion kids to save, and Diane, and Bob.]

3:30am this morning I awoke, and can't sleep.  How can any of us sleep?


[Recent:  Specialists warn of potential consequences of Hunger Strike diet. Windsor Star]

The proof is in.  There is no life on earth.  There couldn't be.  Diane Wilson, arguably the most Human, alive, compassionate, devoted... person / sister / activist on earth (SEE BELOW) is Dying for you, for your children, for your grand-children, for the bays, the oceans, the sea-life, the plants, the forests....

And not a sound.  No tears.  No clamoring of brothers and sisters to her side.  No Unviolent Warriors working to leverage, to get full impact, full advantage from her efforts.

So you see, it is certain.  There is no life on earth.

WILL YOU THEN NOT BE THE GENESIS DEVICE?????  My Creator, I wish I were kidding.



1. WE NEED A PRESS RELEASE, TODAY.  Below, I've pulled together some bio material on Diane.  But do your own searching for more.
* Idle no More Indigenous Uprising is gaining press, as it should.  Diane is Fasting in Solidarity with Chief Spence.  Surely there is a tie in there.  Whoever is working press for Chief Spence, will they not help?  Contact them.
*  Write one.  Share it.  Work like crazy to get it placed.  Think.  Think. Think.
*  Check with Diane.  (wilsonalamobay at aol dot com)  Don't I recall from her book, "An Unreasonable Woman," that she has Native American ancestry, and grandfather?

2.  Write a press release. Or write a story.  Diane's life, and the life of our 200 billion kids is at stake.  Get thinking.  Local press, main-stream press,

3.  Get those you trust, in whom you see life, involved.  Get them to help.  Get them to try to generate press.

4.  Mention me in none of this - I'm toxic pretty well anywhere in the press or activist community.

5.  I'm guessing, but once you have a story,  or Press Release, exhaust your thinking, exhaust whatever contacts you can generate, but in addition, it may be that the so called Washington Peace Center has a, possibly extensive, press contact listing for DC.  TRY.  Please.  And where's Code Pink in all of this!?!?!  They have writers, press folks!  Diane is a founder, for God's sake.  Here's another press list I just came across .

6.  Let me know: A. will you help?  B. of any progress.

Who can say that they really care about our children, grand children, nieces, nephews... their future, earth, all species... who can say that they are alive... while not lifting a finger to HELP DIANE HELP US!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?  No one can say that.  HELP DIANE HELP US.  NOW.

Diane Wilson (wilsonalamobay at aol dot com) - quick resources: An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers ...

Current Houston Hunger Strike 

What shamefully little press there's been

Hunger Strike, Activism at the request of victims of Union Carbide/Dow in Bhopal, India

Numerous Arrests Opposing BP's Oil Spills 

Requested in Germany (?) to deliver Black Planet Award

Requested in Japan to deliver Black Planet Award to Formosa Chemical

Her Publisher Chesea Green



***** 'YOU NEED TO SEE THIS. Blueskywoman Cree VID honoring Hunger Strikers - Chief Spence, Diane W, Emil Bell, Loing

Chief Spence,
Diane Wilson
Raymond Richardson
Bob Lindsey
Idle no More

EDF 01.09.13 D7 A FB Note to my Honored Sister Blueskywoman Cree - My hope lies in our Indigenous Family

EDF 01.09.13 D7  A FB Note to my Honored Sister Blueskywoman Cree - My hope lies in our Indigenous Family

"Sister, I never told you. Hey, I'm a criminally over-privileged white boy by birth, and then 40 years of choice, of which I'm horrified, but nothing I can do about it now. But by 18 years or so ago, living in my, then (now long gone in my past), half million dollar house in a wealthy Philadelphia suburb, I remember driving through a massive local upscale shopping mall, built not long before on stunning fields of grass and trees, and telling my companion, "You know, the most civilized this land called the US ever was, was the day before Columbus landed. It was as True, as clear as day to me, then, and now, and I've repeated this story often.

Now, westerners, "christians," since then have decimated not only the bodies, but the Spirit of almost all of my Indigenous brothers and sisters. But unless there are still embers of that Spirit, that level of Civilization still glowing, deep in the souls of some of our Indigenous, then humanity, and Creation now, are all doomed.

But in you, in Chief Spence, in Idle No More.... I see Hope, for the first time in the a decade or so since my Re-birth.

I wish I had known deeply our Indigenous Elders, Chiefs, Warriors. I think we share the same Wisdom, the same Truths, the same Spirit... the same Creator, but I wish I could be more sure. Your Brother, Loving ps: I hope they are Proud, Approving of me, now."



Idle No More's Hunger for Justice

The Nation. (blog) - ‎1 hour ago‎
Spence is aligned with the broader Idle No More movement, which has sparked international solidarity for Canada's First Nations.

01.07.13 Day 5 Ecocide's Death, FAST: My Cancer - If there are Godsends....

01.07.13 Day 5 Ecocide's Death, FAST: If there are Godsends....

... then this cancer of mine is one.  Makes me cry, in wonder, awe...Joy,... Hope.  Something's got to stop this Ecocide.  Now....

CANCER IS NOT why I went on Death Fast.  In fact, the systemic cancer diagnosis in December precluded me from undertaking another hunger strike, or doing a Death Fast, because it was so clear to me that it's "perception" effect would make it dramatically easier to misconstrue, misrepresent, defame, discredit, dismiss... 'Oh, he's just doing this cuz he was going to die anyway....' , effort.  Whatever.  (Sometime Truly think about, research, ponder... how aggressively we've destroyed, smeared, dismissed, castrated, neutered... the Revolutionary Truths about the Lives of the likes of Jesus (destroyed his Teaching of how to Live by turning him into a God - remote, (not capable of being followed), MLK Jr, Gandhi....    And, SEE WHAT THE MSM PRESS HAS BEEN DOING TO DESTROY THE CREDIBILITY OF CHIEF SPENCE'S HUNGER STRIKEGoogle-news it.).  "Do not call me a Saint.  I refuse to be dismissed to easily."  Teresa of Calcutta.

The two triggers that, to my utter surprise, and delight, enabled me, caused me... just 6 days ago, to see it was time, was Right, was Hopeful for me to do this Death Fast:

1.  Idle no more - the Indigenous Nations uprising - right in front of me at the Canadian Embassy! And then a new clarity for me about Chief Theresa Spence!!! It's been clear to me since early in the 1st Death Fast, June 2012, that UNLESS THE INDIGENOUS NATIONS STOOD, NO ONE WOULD.  AND THEY WEREN'T.  AND THEY WOULDN'T.  But then, there they were, in front of my face!

2.  Diane Wilson, now on day 40 of her Hunger Strike to stop yet another Deadly Source of GHG - Keystone XL pipeline.

...MAYBE, MAYBE, THE BEGINNINGS OF AN UNVIOLENT UPRISING!?!?!?  And if not?  You know what?  Too late anyway.(HERE, and HERE, and HERE)

So, my point above about the cancer being a God-send?  Well, it is just that it is helping in a really useful way to heighten what has been true for me for my entire adulthood - my acute awareness that Life is so excruciatingly Short; so much to do, sooooo little time.  Very clarifying.  Very joyful.


Paul Martin: Theresa Spence, Hunger-Striking Chief, Is An Inspiration Huffington Post Canada

Paul Martin: Theresa Spence, Hunger-Striking Chief, Is An Inspiration

Huffington Post Canada - ‎17 minutes ago‎
Martin visited Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence at her camp on Ottawa's Victoria Island on Saturday. He told CTV's Question Period today that it was a good meeting and that he told Spence people are concerned about her health.


***** Vid. WATCH. SHARE. Indigenous Canada Uprising, WW, DOCUMENTARY

Idle No More in Seattle, a Documentary

Indian Country Today Media - ‎39 minutes ago‎
A group of filmmakers has created a short documentary about an Idle No More rally that took placeon December 29. The clip was directed by Dave Wilson, a music-video director who has worked with Brother Ali, Frank Ocean, Atmosphere, Yelawolf, and ...

'If all you have is your body, put it there'