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James ongoing advocacy: 1. Being LSGIA for Joy, 2. Ending the child abuse of Conception, 3. Ending the murderous delusion that we will be saved.

Your thoughts? James wants to do Yosemite at 4 miles an hour.

In about three weeks time James wants to do Yosemite at his 4 miles an hour. No way to do it within their rules. But he's willing to pay a huge personal price. What if he did it traveling at night? Almost no interference with traffic, good lights on the vehicle. That would give him maybe 6 hours awake during the day and he could sleep sitting up in the vehicle or off in the woods during the day to avoid blatantly violating the rules? Thoughts? If you know the area or similar areas. Or maybe you could inquire of those you know who may be familiar?

We have devoted ourselves to developing everything except for what we needed, extreme....

We have devoted ourselves to developing everything except for what we needed, extreme goodness and Humanity which was entirely possible. The heaven of that is still available to every individual, but collectively it is centuries too late.


Solar RV cycling log June 27. Luke, James, use the force! Moving the thighs against resistance continuously.

Voyage 3 now operating on these principles, this understanding. Very encouraging to this point. And growing in their refinement. Many old friends appearing. Why did they go away? Lack of faith. That is, there is no direct linkage apparent in this, it seems almost metaphysical. So can James hold on to it now? Possibly. All of this logging was not happening in prior years. It

Do not exercise the most malignant cancer, this was Abe's choice.

My generation was bathed in such truthful words from our musicians. But with few exceptions those singing them did not exemplify them in any clear terms. So we gladly embrace the idea that words could substitute for Deeds, for a way of living.

The end is now, finally, because good people have not been radically good, so faith in virtue is no more.

Ignite soul log June 27. James, we love you, we miss you. Don't go.

Almost a direct "from the owner operators of a wonderful restaurant in town that I frequent. We have had little dialog over these months other than genuine pleasantries. So we love you, was really a bit of a surprise. An older couple, slightly younger than me, I suspect it was genuine. As business owners in this nasty world quite conservative in their politics almost certainly


James is out of politics now. You should be too.

Trump and his nazi troll army have already won. Hitler and his troll army won long before the final political trappings were evident. Only a fool will deny this and not plan their lives now immediately accordingly.

The vast majority of at risk populations in Germany were such fools. Don't you be. And help those you can alert and access not be. At risk categories is everyone except for the nazi trolls. The highest risk categories can be seen in the newspapers today, people of color, immigrants, muslims, dissidents, LGBTQ, infirm, handicapped, elderly, etc.

What to do? Leave the country now. Establish serious plans to leave the country now. Move to what may be the safest States Which I suspect are States like California and New York. Establish quick exit plans to get to those States. Playing your political lives accordingly and your political activity accordingly. James is considering ending his political activities now. They have been peripheral to his major mission to ignite the rare soul now or hundreds of years from now, reignite. Pioneering joyful living in Unstoppable hell. I suggest this is the work of us all now. This is what we owe the survivors. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Is James defeatist? Never has been. Unwilling to deny truth.

What of James assumptions that the trolls have already won? Do you see anything that will stop them?

Do you see anything that makes stopping them likely?

Do you see anything that elected or not keeps Trump from being in office with that Nazi Troll Army on 2022?

There is nothing to stop him. There is nothing to stop them. There is nothing to stop them. There is nothing to stop them. There is nothing to stop them. The article below is one of many. There is nothing Stop them. Nothing is stopping them.

And a few of the other articles of which there is an avalanche....

Neoliberal Fascism and the Echoes of History -


What if I had been raised to be blind, crippled? Instead I was raised as a body and head, not a soul.

Power for, or power over? Those in power are guilty of criminal exploitation, until proven innocent.

Power over is always corruption. Abuse. Exploitation. Power for is almost never ever seen.

My first home ever, the second time.

I love this place. I deeply love this place. I wasn't looking for home. I never imagined there was such a thing for me. I don't know that is it is reciprocated although among a handful I know that it is. I love the natural magnificence, the decency of the people, even the climbers and hikers, many of them, a bit self-absorbed, but serious, the shopkeepers and the shops, the air, the Whitney portal hostel, the Ravens....

It is very difficult to thought of leaving in a couple of weeks. But being here these last 8 months has been an incredible cocoon hot house growth opportunity and it has done its work. So it is joyful to take this growth back on the road.
Don't know if I'll ever be back. But I expect in 5 months I'll return to rest and recover and go deeper. And then probably on to Joshua Tree for the winter, not nearly as wonderful for me as this but much much higher traffic in the winter time.