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Solar RV cycling log June 27. Luke, James, use the force! Moving the thighs against resistance continuously.

Voyage 3 now operating on these principles, this understanding. Very encouraging to this point. And growing in their refinement. Many old friends appearing. Why did they go away? Lack of faith. That is, there is no direct linkage apparent in this, it seems almost metaphysical. So can James hold on to it now? Possibly. All of this logging was not happening in prior years. It
might be that all of this is making the seemingly magical and mystical Something that James can retain faith in period

Specifically, James, if you are feeling The thighs move against resistance commensurate with moving the vehicle The vehicle will move. If you do not feel all of the energy in your thighs moving back-and-forth through this resistance, this viscosity, then you are trying to do it with your lower legs and they can't.

If you feel it James, it will move. Yes, you don't fully understand why. But at least energy felt moving is energy real. That much of the understanding seems to be new and maybe that will be an important difference for maintaining this period

Among the new things Evolving tonight is a thing in the feet where they almost go open handed, the toes curling upward in an attempt to get out of the way of all energy and focus and movement being in the thighs. It's slightly amusing seems very appropriate and helpful. All appropriate force is the knees being felt to move back-and-forth through a very viscous situation. That they have the freedom unincumbered by the feet ankles calves trying to grab. That they be able to reducing cadence or receive additional motor help so that they don't become locked or catatonic trying to move through too much, 2 great, viscosity.

another old friend related to this is the notion of reciprocal push pull, this a concept from college karate days or whatever that martial art was at the time period that as the one arm thrusts forward in a punch that the other arm pulls back with equal reciprocal force. Nothing is moving that fast at the particular time in this journey. But it is still that old friend of reciprocal motion helping each other.

A gladness in slowing the cadence when necessary so that full amplitude of this movement is possible is happening tonight and always the results when this is thought of are favorable.

Although James has been dialing in slightly more Power than in prior months it only about 0 up to 20%, and this technique is seeming to be so appropriate and sustainable that the metrics are quite good. Only 120 human W per hour which is about typical, but for the 1st half of this journey James was pulling fully 30% of the load which is himself plus a 145 pounds. He learned at a doctor's visit today that he is at his high school fighting wait, a 157 pounds. That was a nice discovery.

Not conclusive but possibly extremely significant, the debilitating pain in the area to the left outside of the left knee has not returned yet tonight and we are well past where it has occurred in the journey. It seems extremely likely that the technique  these last couple of journeys is responsible although there was slight buttocks cramping at the beginning of tonight and James had purchased a jar of classic dill pickles trying for the 1st time A widely held magical remedy of pickle juice when cramping occurs. That did seem to a dress the buttocks cramping and may be a reason that the outside left of the knee has not occurred but much more likely it is this Concentration close to a 100% of all energy in moving the thighs, the knees, through this viscous  Substance continually.

for the 1st 6 months of the climbs in this area, the 3 or 4 hour climbs James head not remembered to replenish calories anywhere during that period period he was hydrating fairly well but no Callery such as the cliff bar that these recent 3 or 4 voyages has been consumed somewhere around the one and a 1/2 hour or 2 hour and a 1/2 mark. That certainly is playing a slight roll at least in the positive performance.  

It may also be the James is stopping a bit more frequently, maybe every 20 or 25 minutes for a brief break. This is not my plan but the objective is to get exercise while studying, and to do so without injury and also without traumatizing the psyche so that it becomes afraid again of these voyages so James is not particularly concerned. Whether the voyage takes place in 2 and a 1/2 hours or 5 hours if James properly understands physics It is exactly the same amount of work. It is not the same amount of power output and that's a big difference if James wanted to be an Olympic athlete, win races, or achieve even better than the " Bio metrics of a teenager, that the various medical professionals this last week have commented on.

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