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You and I destroyed Malala's left brain - our SELFISH apathy TIME

You and I destroyed Malala's left brain - our apathy TIME

Malala Yousafzai's Injuries: How Difficult Will Her Recovery Be?

TIME - ‎44 minutes ago‎
The world remains riveted by the story of Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani girl shot by Taliban gunman because she championed the rights of girls to receive an education.


'Whiny Leftie post at and SL's comment.' SL (details)

Police raid on Occupy DC

Boing Boing - 17 hours ago

By Cory Doctorow at 10:29 pm Friday, Feb 10 Quinn Norton's first-person account of the police raid on Occupy DC for Wired is riveting and scary.


SL's comment......................................

I'm a leftie by leaning, but I act on my beliefs so I'm sure you'll remove this comment.  Oh well.

What a bunch of sappy, self-centered, whiny bs this article is.  I almost got trampled in another escalation Saturday.  So what?

Guess what happens when a police force, for 3-4 months, breaks the law so that an Occupation can continue in DC, receives a constant, constant, every day, constant stream, for 3 months, of whiny, snot nosed bratty taunts, disrespects, challenges (gut less), basically an uniterrupted stream of verbal urine and feces, the absolute threat of physical feces from the anarchist hate-mob (the stockpiles were on-site), attacks from the Republican Trash Issa with of course zero, zero, zero protection from the  do nothing, risk nothing, blame everyone but themselves left... and finally, comes Saturday, when these little campers (Occupy my a**, just these guys' Woodstock - free food, skate boarding, bikes, sleep ins, cowardly bigotry toward innocent decent kind respectful cops (this generations free to whack 'niggers')....  Guess what happens?

Well, their orders were - if there is no violence, if the crowd is cooperative, continue to work with them as you have.  If there is violence, resistance, clear the park, remove everything.  And you know what?  AGAIN, IN SUPPORT OF THE 'OCCUPIERS' THEY BROKE THEIR ORDERS - 20% OF THE TENTS REMAINED, AND THE REST, REMOVED AT THE DIRECTION, EACH ONE, BY THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT, ARE BEING ALLOWED TO RETURN, AND, EVERYONE WAS NOT REMOVED - THEY WERE ALLOWED BACK IMN THE PARK THAT NIGHT.

Among the most vile, hateful, taunting, disrespectful anarchist is the near-skinhead that you can see all over the media leading the pushing by the crowd (that's illegal, violence, resistance if not assualt of a police officer, ARRESTIBLE, IMMEDIATELY) ON THE SHIELDS.  Tell me doing-doing, for how many seconds, minutes, days, months are the police required to break the law, including ignoring the physical disobeying of an order, of a protocol (not pushing on the shields)?  Oh, I forgot, these are just children these 'Occupier' brats.  In which case, they should go home to mommy and learn how to behave as adults.  But if they are adults, then the answer to the question just posed, is zero, zero seconds... months are required of the police to ignore the law or protocol. But they did, with nothing but unprotected, unshielded verbal urine and feces for four months.

The police didn't remove any tents!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, sorry, you probably aren't interested in facts here, just rotten meat for the left.  Well, anyway, the police didn't remove any tents.  Period.  Every tent that was removed was done after the inspection by a medical doctor on the basis of health hard (usually feces - human or rodent, tho with this batch of 2 legged juvenile whiners and police-abusers it is difficult to tell them apart.

These are the facts.  Stop you 'nigger' hatting, police bashing bogotry.  There are serous issues that need serous people and serious answers.