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(detail) Ecocide's DeathFast Day 15 status: I'm accepting 2 more days of hospitality indoors... (more)

Ecocide's DeathFast Day 15:  I'm accepting 2 more days of hospitality indoors In order to meet a self-imposed deadline of midnight Sunday to cease liquids - the final phase of my puny attempt to awaken the cold dead soul of America, in time to avert Perpetual Ecocide for the next 1000 generations of everyone's kids.'

Zero calorie fast continues.

Averaging 3 hours per night of sitting-up sleep, because I pass out of paralytic exhaustion.

Joyful, massively, productive in what could, COULD be the missing catalyst for someone(s) else besides Diane Wilson, and myself, to begin fighting commensurate with the scale of the ecocide.

It's hard to raise the Dead, particularly when being Dead is what the population lusts for (this is already the zombie apocalypse), but only rasing the Dead to Life will save the next 200 billion, so I try, with immense Joy, Loving, Passion, and Peace of Heart, to raise the cold, Dead Souls of America, in time.'



nd 'EDF D7 - Extremely ill. All but debilitated. Faited twice. Extremely nauseous. Worst of any hunger strike. Maybe the cancers in my liver. My Work keeps me going. Joyful. Extremely sad for Humanity. We're already Dead. Soul Dead.' Loving

nd 'EDF D7 - Extremely ill.  All but debilitated.  Faited twice. Extremely nauseous.  Worst of any hunger strike.  Maybe the cancers in my liver.  My Work keeps me going. Joyful. Extremely, extremely, extremely sad for Humanity - many tears.  We're already Dead. Soul Dead.' Loving


***** 03.03.13 Cancer Update. 'JOYFULLY, I'd MUCH rather die than take 60,000 days of life from my kids.' Loving

Yes, the following is a bit rambling, but just a bit. I Pray you watch every second of it. I don't 'plan' any of the sharings on this blog. I don't want to 'taint' what I share by 'planning' it messing with it. It comes to my Heart, then straight from my Heart, to, well, hopefully... Your Heart. At least, I do my part. I share. I make it available to you. With Loving


Fox: Solar doomed in US cuz unlike Germany - it is not sunny here

Fox News Claims Solar Won't Work in America Because It's Not Sunny Like ...

Slate Magazine (blog) - ‎13 hours ago‎
Thanks to Fox News and its expert commentators, millions of Americans now understand the real, hidden reason why Germany's solar-energy industry is so much further along than ours. Turns out it has nothing to do with the fact that Germany's government ...


"OBAMA - DO OUR JOB, CUZ WE'RE COWARDS!" US Hactivists on Keystone XL Pipeline. The Hill

With decision looming, green groups press Obama on Keystone XL
The Hill (blog)
More than 70 green groups urged President Obama in a Monday letter to kill the Keystone XL pipeline to make good on promises to address climate change. Obama has publicly pledged to tackle climate change a handful of times since Hurricane Sandy ...
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Joe Romm's Deadly Denial Unabated - The Atlantic

Loving's comment:  I'm sorry.  Yes, that congress is not listening to 1 man, this is such a break with US and world history history of massive change!  Remember how they listened to 1 woman and gave women the right to vote?  Remember how they listened to 1 man and passed civil rights legislation?  Remember how it was the voice of 1 man that ended the Vietnam War?  Remember how the voice of 1 man got rid of Mubarak in Egypt?  Remember?  Oh.  Never mind. 

Romm is like Captain Ahab with this maniacal quest to bring congress to heal, single handedly.  Tragedy.  He, and the rest of the intelligencia on the left are vastly more valuable to the fossil fuel industry than the industry's own lobbyists.   The oil shills deny the science.  Romm and the the rest of the climate club deny not one, but  three things:
1.  The true human suffering already underway and impending.  Oh, they write ad-nauseum of the impending horrors, but you can see from their personal non-commitment, non-risk... that it is all abstract for them, remote, removed, academic; with the possible exception of Hansen who has put skin in the game.  The rest of the climate club, their own kids will be 'fine,' and you can see that in the seemingly infinite lipservice spit-balls they hurl for decades now at an industry after $20-80 trillion in fossil fuel reserves.
2.  They deny that there are only two means of bringing mass change - violence and unviolent action, and that the core, the very stuff of unviolent action is voluntary personal suffering.  Oh yes, he, McKibben, and the rest of the climate club say, NO, we can do this on the cheap;  Few if any need to suffer.  As I said, the deniers on the right deny the Truth of Science; the deniers on the left deny the Truth of unviolent historical change.  Gandhi, MLK Jr faced and embraced the essence of unviolent action.  Romm, McKibben, et al, make a tidy, self-righteous living, denying it.
3.  Romm and the rest of the climate club deny personal responsibility to meaningfully act.
Unlike the fossil fuel lobby, Romm flies under the radar of well intended folks, confuses the well intended as the right could never do, and costs the fossil fuel industry not a cent. 

That Romm's complicity is something he is in psychological denial about makes it no less deadly. 

Hmmm.  Einstein too was a physicist.  'The test of insanity is doing the same thing over and over [frenetic blogging, blaming of Washington, free-lunch 'demonstrations' in Romm's case for decades now]
and expecting different results.'