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MMASS DD. Everything is dying now of Massive Mutilation Assault and Starvation of Soul Destruction Disorder. MMASS DD.

This is the science of it. This is the physics of it. The only chance for Humanity, for the human species, was to accelerate evolution by placing the soul, the mamalian brain, in charge of reptilian brain and cerebral cortex, we have done the opposite and aggressively visited mass disorder on virtually all of humanity.

There have been those that saw this mass destruction, throughout history, Confucius, Budda, Hillel, Jesus , Muhammad, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and others. They have been ignored, crucified, turned into bromide State, used as room deodorizer on the otherwise slaughterhouse stench of our cultures these last seven thousand years.

It is now beyond hope for the species and a million other species immediately. It is beyond hope. But there will be remnants, poor souls, brought into the world by already dead soul-crippled parents, because no one of soul would bring another child into this deadly hell of a world in writhing deathspiral.

But none the less there will be remnants, there will be the The occasional blade of grass that for some unknown reason has the potential to sprout out through the otherwise toxic waste dump to the re-ignition, The Rebirth, of their soul, their DNA given limbic system in charge. And all of our efforts must go toward these green shoots.

And what is the form of this mass disorder?

Churches, Synagogues , mosque, schools…. They are death chambers for the soul. They are places where children are sent to be turned into cog in society, in business, in the corporations, in corporate medicine,.... and this is not possible without first destroying the Soul, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, or so cripping it that it is totally totally near death. The soul being the place of honesty, truth, wisdom, compassion, unity, revolution when necessary, justice, goodness, equality, community, Universal family. Business can't have that! Psychology can't have that! Academia can't have that! Politics can have that! Extraction industries can't have that! Politics can't have that! Klan supremacy can't have that!

No, these are death chambers for the soul. Gas lighting, is mutilation of thinking capacity, death to the notion that earth can be heaven, no, only some life after this hellish existence. Realize your Creator given potential as a human being? No! Become a cog in the machine! Destroy those wings, burn them, mutilate them! Docile thinking machine, or useful docile arms and legs for some soul-crippled monster at the top to manipulate and exploit! All causing Walking Dead, joyless, pleasure-addicted mutilated creatures.

And what must we do now to counteract this massive destructive disorder?

What is known of that, and the elements of that answer are to be found at this site, which is an ongoing work in progress.

But the essential challenge, the essential need, to help those One in a Million grass shoots against impossible odds, is to create the mechanisms that Foster, nurture, life based on intrinsic motivation, not extrinsic. Although this is not the language at all or purpose of a book called Born to Be Good, Dacher Keltner, a mediocre book, but an important placeholder, our neuro biology is pointed to here that supports, and calls for this effort.

James has long diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and underestimated the scope of the disorder. Up until now understanding it as MEDD, massive empathy deficit disorder. It goes much Beyond empathy.


Autism. The blind pathologizing those .... >>>

Autism. The blind pathologizing those who have sight? Extraordinary insights from my friend. Empathy deficit? Deep empathy overload. Overloaded souls in a sick world.

To my friend who has children with autism I sent this video that you've probably seen, along with the following note. And my friend replied.

Depressed and Then Diagnosed With Autism, Greta Thunberg

I wrote: I so relate to this young person. I've often wondered if I am on the autistic Spectrum though that is supposed to involve profound lack of empathy and that does not seem to be my problem. Hugs

My friend: ahhhhhh well that's the very very common and very very wrong assumption that so many make about those with autism...even folks who are supposedly experienced and trained make this mistake all too often....that those on the spectrum lack empathy. I have never seen this to be the case. Not in my children and certainly not in any of the other autistic folks I've been around of any age. If anything it is more suffering from a profound SURPLUS of empathy and being near paralyzed by it that is far more typical. And I read more and more articles that back up this more radical view.

It is more a lack of empathy on the part of the caregivers and the researchers in my opinion that leads them to this very wrong conclusion. Because they fail so utterly to understand the motivations and reactions of these unique individuals. Because how could they understand? Their brains are not wired at all the same.

Here's an example. When my child was in 2nd grade he got suspended and I was called down to the office to school for a "very serious" incidence of my child apparently "BULLYING" another child. I was shocked, flabbergasted and appalled that his teachers and administrators at the school so utterly failed to see who my child is and what he is capable of. So I went to the school and listened to all the things they accused my child of. Here was the tale: there was another student who was having a hard time, crying, throwing a tantrum, apparently inconsolable. and while the teachers and "responders" were trying their hardest to contain the situation, My child was absolutely incapable of following the instructions all the other students were given to ignore what was going on and get back to work. What /they/ saw was that my child walked over and started laughing in close proximity to the boy. In defiance of their orders. So they interpreted that as malicious, as him laughing AT the boy and trying to make things worse. Which somehow escalated into him being a bully. So I kept quiet and listened as they all scrambled to roll out this story about my son that not a single bone in my body felt was true. When they concluded I said, well, what did my child tell you happened when you asked him? And they all stopped and looked at each other and said, well, we didn't ask him. We just sent your child to the office for disobeying and making everything worse for everyone. Your child was being a BULLY they insisted.

So I said, did my child cause the student to be sad? or upset? No, no your child didn't do that. I said, okay well my child is in the next room, go ask my child. So my child came in and looked red and ashamed and vulnerable and sad and I said, can you tell me why you laughed when that boy was having a hard time? And my child started crying and said through his tears, "I was laughing because the teachers told us that laughter was the best medicine for sadness, so I wanted to go over and cheer him up"

You could have heard a pin drop. I smiled and looked at my child and said, "of course you did honey, thank you, that's what I thought. You need to know that most people didn't understand that's what you were trying to do, and that most people here don't think the way you do, so you may have to occasionally explain to them what you're doing so they understand."

So they let my child go back into the other room. And I stared them down and said, okay, so first you're going to tear up that piece of paper that uses the word BULLY that you want me to sign and put in my child’s permanent record. And then you're going to find a way to apologize to my my child for traumatizing him over my child’s misguided attempts to help a friend in need. And then you're going to let my child get back to class and learn some stuff rather than punish my child for giving a fuck.

ANYWAYS, they did all the things I asked. And my child has been treated and responded to differently ever since. They now understand that my child is NOT even capable of lying and if anything is more likely to get in trouble by confessing to doing things my child thinks maybe shouldn't have even when nobody is looking for someone to blame. They also understand that my child’s heart, even if actions are awkward and confused because of difficulty connecting with and understanding how to interact with neurotypical folks, is in the right place. It's gotta be so frustrating and challenging for my child when I'm not there to help translate for or advocate for him, but my child's getting better at doing that all the time.

James, I'd say, there's a pretty strong chance you are on the higher functioning end of the autism spectrum. I know that I very likely am. It's just that being female for some reason makes the symptoms different, less severe, than it can present in males. I suffer greatly at times from an excess of empathy. It's crippling, if you look at it in a way...but in other ways it's enormously liberating, because I can see and understand things at a level so many others seem utterly incapable of. Fascinating, really...

Thank you for sharing this :) I love reading stories of children standing up to asshole adults Heart.

My friend provided some of the research and I found a third piece easily.

The blind Society pathologizing those who can see.

PS. What a tremendous contribution from my friend, and personally I find it extremely Illuminating on my own life. A shallow empathy cripple am I, but deep empathy, not so much. For much of my years I yearned for the reverse. But for decades now I have understood it as my wealth. My soul. My life. Thank goodness it was never the reverse.


Most important book in the world, the other one. Great Transformation, Karen Armstrong. I'm on my first of

Most important book in the world, the other one. Great Transformation, Karen Armstrong. I'm on my first of what I expect to be several readings. Slowed by my arduous first priority of writing a review of the other most important book, great because it is not as toxic as the other books of psychology, spiritual evolution, George Vaillant.“The one and only test of a valid religious idea, doctrinal statement, spiritual experience, or devotional practice was that it must lead directly to practical compassion. Ifyour understanding of the divine made you kinder, more empathic, and impelled you to express this sympathy in concrete acts of loving-kindness, this was good theology. But if your notion of God made you unkind, belligerent, cruel, or self-righteous, or if it led you to kill in God’s name, it was bad theology. Compassion was the litmus test for the prophets of Israel, for the rabbis of the Talmud, for Jesus, for Paul, and for Muhammad, not to mention Confucius, Lao-tzu, the Buddha.…. “


***** MEDD (2). I am beginning to Pray Again. No, I will never believe in a being that can hear those prayers, some super being. I'm sure I will never believe that. All evidence.....

MEDD (2). I am beginning to Pray Again. No, I will never believe in a being that can hear those prayers, some super being. I'm sure I will never believe that. All evidence to the contrary. But nor is math existent in nature, nor language , nor technology and I gladly use those. They are all products of imagination. This specific prayer that I am beginning to practice is to speak in my mind and even vocalizing with an all loving father, or mother, that I can imagine. An all-knowing mother or father. Why am I beginning to practice this,  again? Because dialogue and or writing, is necessary to sanity and learning and growth. And this pretty well requires speaking to someone, knowledgeable, that cares,  and hears. Yes, but why prayer? Why to an imaginary figure? Because there are so few sane caring people available to dialogue with. Used properly, which almost always prayer is not, but used properly, it is a way of connecting more deeply with conscience, soul, heart , creation. And because I am preparing for what I anticipate which is to more and more be in the presence of sisters and brothers suffering from massive empathy deficit disorder, MEDD, hatred, fear, rage , violence, lies, deceit, ignorance, disinformation, on the road, and conversations, at Standing Rock, in prison, in court. I will need all of the tools at my disposal to maintain my sanity. I do not know how my current thinking will play out, but I believe that on the tombstone of all of creation being destroyed by we humans will be the words massive empathy deficit disorder,  MEDD,  unless some of us stand up and use our bodies to cure it in time. This is the disease that true revolutionaries treat and cure in their sisters and brothers that have that disease. The man Jesus showed us the way. To allow one's body to be used to make manifest the evil, the hatred, the inhumanity that infests one's sisters and brothers that they might see it and repent, and be healed, and have their empathy re-awakened, exercised and restored there by. First making of ourselves as pure and white and blank a canvas as possible, and then putting it and keeping it directly in  the way of the harm that is being delivered on the Innocents. We really have three choices, only 3. Kill them, or heal them, or be killed by them. I'm willing to be killed by them, and more and more I expect it, at least life in prison for non-violent opposition. I am unwilling to kill them because then I become them and there's only more killing and that future. I am unwilling to go down without fighting to cure them, my sisters and brothers all, and only too much me in my earlier life.

MEDD. To a dear sister that beautifully answered my question, where is the joy in shooting a beautiful deer, my reply : The economics, I get. I have no......

MEDD. To a dear sister that beautifully answered my question, where is the joy in shooting a beautiful deer, my reply : The economics, I get.  I have no question of that. I am glad that sisters and brothers in such need have that available. I think you have beautifully expressed much of what is going on, the unity with nature that is involved in the hunt even when a creature is not secured. Thank you. I think the Tombstone on Humanity, on Earth that humanity is destroying, will read something like massive empathy deficit disorder,  MEDD. There was a time when I was a teenager that a friend and I went out one day with shotguns and slaughtered dozens of birds. It was thrilling. It was inhumane. It was subhuman. I cringed in pain at the thought of my grotesque and Humanity. I would never do that again. But regarding hunting, it really isn't so much different regarding working in the healthcare industry, working in the defense industry, serving food to people that work there, working in Wall Street, working in government, being a lawyer, laying pipe for the fossil fuel industry , selling crap at Walmart.... We are all killing. When we pay taxes we are paying for the murder of non-white people all around the world. The movie Powder.


link. Republicans, by a 60-40 margin, now believe discrimination against whites has grown to be a larger problem than discrimination against minorities.

Today, conservatives retroactively agree that legal segregation may have been unfair, but now things run on an even footing. Republicans, by a 60-40 margin, now believe discrimination against whites has grown to be a larger problem than discrimination against minorities.
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Bill O’Reilly: ‘Jesus Would Not Support Food Stamps for Poor People Because Most of Them are...

These creeps are always looking for some kind of moral justification for selfishness and greed. Newsflash idiot: There is none! You're no Christian. You're a shameless degenerate hypocrite.