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My lucrative business career was based on finding the one in a million client and Associate that, got it. Finally......

My lucrative business career was based on finding the one in a million client and Associate that, got it. Finally it is occurring to me that in my current Mission the same is required. Triage. Wanting to save everyone not only does not make it so, but makes it infinitely less likely.

Sol RV cycling log, April 5. Aircycling!

Wow. Building on the elements now tracked daily in the metric, the chart, proven stable these last 4 weeks, something new these first 30 minutes of tonight's four hour journey.

Aiming the torso at the 40° target.

High power cycling on a conventional cycle does this pretty automatically. But not a recumbent. There are so many alternative strategies that tempts the body. Or, seriously, I am an absolute idiot, and it has taken me years to get to this point.

Maybe both.

Also, not mentioned before, this being an electric vehicle, there is tremendous opportunity for the vehicle to get in the way of the physical mechanics of moving it with the body. James, remember to mention the dramatic, huge, monumental improvement in the vehicle cycle true performance these last couple of days.

Aiming the torso at the 40° knee target stroke. But at all times not just at the end of the target. This is an almost, maybe completely, imperceptible adjustment. And it is again what the body naturally does in high powerstroke climbing hill on a conventional bicycle. A lining everything with gravity and the direction of the downward stroke. And again, no such dictation by a recumbent cycle.

But so completely fluid, normal, comparative Lee effort list, when found. Who knew?

And remember how often the last 20% of the journey is the best performance? This alignment often happens naturally at that point, I'm quite sure. But I was not conscious of it. Only now. Power out from the torso.

Another 40% of the journey is behind us.

It keeps getting better.

Targeting the torso and maintaining it as a face for the lies legs to work against is proving monumental.

Maybe targeting 45 percent is incorrect. There's evidence now that targeting 60 % not as a hard target at the end but as a softer target tire, maybe more helpful.

Totally contrary to something that seemed helpful 6 weeks ago, keeping the eyes very low, barely in front of the vehicle, now seems the exact opposite of what's needed. Now it seems that looking far down the road helps keep the torso aligned more horizontal to the road, recumbent, and allows the rest of the knees to hit that 50 or 60 degrees target in the air.

And having done so for the last hour now you know the notion of what the buttocks and glutes do in a conventional bicycle, they do the work, and for the first time that is becoming more pronounced.

James, be prepared to go very very very very slow. Even to remind your body, to prove to your body, that it can happen. Very empowering. Very necessary. Very powerful.

Hinted at all through this voyage, and now much more pronounce is they notion of positioning the torso  at all times so that the thighs and buttocks can do all the work almost an air cycling sort of thing. Really, an air cycling sort of thing tonight. The torso totally wants to help finding and rocking and this and that. It is very hard to keep it just suck back keep to make room for the thighs to pedal aircycling. But it feels very good. Powerful, sustainable,  and less stress on the knees. It seems it is very hard to have confidence that the buttocks and thighs and glutes can do all the work but they seem to be more than up to it.


Ignite Soul log April 5. Grunt work. Slow, tedious, frustrating, necessary, laying a good foundation.

This is not the easy, semi euphoric stuff. But it is oddly satisfying and totally necessary to this mission to ignite souls. Quite satisfying indeed. See James Patting himself on the back. LOL.

James metrics are dipping. He is gladly facing up to realities. He is not on track to be a substantial transformational soul. Yes, who knows. But the likelihood is not great. Why? To far to go, too little time.

But he has been all of this adulthood the igniter of souls. Substantially? Yes, substantially. As a match is a igniter of paper or wood. Whether it is put to use or brought in contact with dry fuel is a separate matter. James will not give up on becoming a transformational soul but he will focus on what he can continue to do, be an igniter of souls.  

Directly? Not necessarily. James blog is approaching a million views these last 12 years or so that it has been up. He has put up during that period And time many tens of documents on to the Internet that were not there or we're not easily available of the most transformative souls that have ever been. And this work is continuing. Will it transform anyone's life? Don't know. Unlikely. More like than if the work wasn't being done.

More foundational work ahead but satisfying and necessary. Creating the new soul igniting oriented graphics for the side and back of the miraculous RV. Design and production at very high priority. Already beatthe traffic is increasing substantially here in lone pine Mount Whitney. The message is so on truth now, that having it on the side of the vehicle instead of the horribly distracting technical stuff is a tremendous opportunity. Some work was done today to determine that it is possible in the dimensions required. It is. Not inexpensive but after years of preparation it is time. Very exciting.

James, I've got a stiff neck. I asked why? Spending so much time looking at your photographs, he replied. Such a enjoyable couple, my age. We had several nice long talks now. Uncharacteristic Lee I initiated things when I saw the huge solar array on the top of the trailer that his gigantic RV is pulling. An electric car he pulls which he also charges with his solar array also on the roof of his RV, and two electric try circles for he and his wife.

By the way, if I were you I would check the photo archive Link at the top of this blog for the breathtaking beauty of today. Beauty just does not quit here.

With all this, in the direction of being a transformational soul this foundatioal work is moving me, but too slowly to arrive or make a substantial difference. But again, the work being done, the work of the last 15 years, is igniting of souls, it is that kind of thing, it is of that stuff, it is creating and spreading matches.

As mentioned, the metrics are trending downward, and this is a good thing. James is coming to a greater understanding of how far is needed to go. Where to fish for the soul that can ignite is totally not understood by him. There is a possibility that for the next 4 or 5 months that where he is right now geographicly would be fabulous or a complete dud. This is on the Pacific Coast Trail. People from all over the country and all over the world come to travel that trail that extends for Mexico up to Canada. Mount Whitney is the highest point in the United States so you can imagine what kind of a draw that is for a certain population. It will not be shocking to me if some portion of that population is drawn to hiking because the soul is looking for something more. It might be they all are just looking for idle entertainment, but maybe some are looking for more. It is not impossible that by being here this summer strategically placed with the new graphics that a word of mouth could be started. The 30 yr WH peace vigil which we conducted for about 3 years 12 hours a day served that purpose. Or this might be a dud. Probably something more.

It seems like we are not wearing out our welcome. But maybe tomorrow that will prove mistaken. Probably not.

Is this body finally healing from all the cancer and treatment? Only about 10 hours a day of sleep is required for the last week or so. Unwilling is James to assume that this is the new normal, but it could be. James work could certainly use an additional couple of hours per day.

Yes, these are not glamorous days, this is not the fun study of Tolstoy, but it is very satisfying because clearly a strong foundation is being laid for the coming week months years or whatever time is left.

A fruitful notion occurred today. Might be a dead end. Might be a wrong turn. Probably needs to be tested. James needs a new set of metrics in addition to the two now, to help him understand how much of a LSGIA Being  he is being. Essentially is he being a soul or a head and body? Head and flesh? Jesus in his verses, and possibly more so in the Tolstoy translation, seems to be saying that we are most joyful when we live as a soul. The kingdom comes, as thy will is done on earth as it would be in heaven. Clearly in heaven, we are soul, not a body and head. Even, especially, in the heaven, the kingdom, that Jesus taught, the kingdom was in us, the kingdom of God within us. He was explicit about this and never said otherwise. No Jesus did not live as though the flesh and the head should be ignored. Keeping them going is the price of keeping the soul active in this life.  but the body is not the goal. And my soul wants the body not to be the goal. The head, not to be the goal. But very much wants them to continue as long as they can effectively support the work of the soul. As they are doing bless their essence. So James has been living as a soul for almost two decades and partly for all of his life. But scale of 0 to 10? Maybe at 7? What an important opportunity for him to track his progress and see if he can work toward something more intense.

Tho unconscious of it you will be, your soul eternally will impact the universe. You must get it right.

Tho unconscious of it you will be, your soul eternally will impact the universe. You must get it right.

A transformative soul I may never be. An ignitor of soul I am and will be. A match, used or not.

A transformative soul I may never be. An ignitor of soul I am and will be. A match, used or not.


April 4, ignite Soul log. Frustrating, but very productive day. Foundation Building.

Substantially upgraded the climbing ability of the vehicle by doing some rewiring and reallocation of controllers. Probably opens up a world of possibilities for the summer time in terms of the arduous climb up to the Whitney portal where it would be cooler and more sheltered from the wind. Very satisfying. Fortunate the way it worked out. Great support from the world authorities in Canada.
Completed a document with all of the substantiv parts of the nearly 1,000 page Tolstoy translation of the four gospels, one document that now can be read to me and annotated by me in coming weeks. Very positive step.

No one envies Jesus, a nice Christian man replied. I always have, James.....

No one envies Jesus, a nice Christian man replied. I always have, James shed. This during the 15-minute dialogue yesterday as I was riding, sweating, up the hill yesterday, to the nice man and his wife driving down the hill and their shiny black SUV. And since my earliest memories I have envied Jesus. It seems to me, to love everyone that much, what could be greater than that?

Tolstoy change the world with this. Four gospels translation. The chapter recapitulation that he wrote.

Fabulous? Body still healing from cancer surgeries 4 years ago? That's....

Fabulous? Body still healing from cancer surgeries 4 years ago? That's amazing, but there are indications this may be the case. About a week or more now that James has been requiring less than 12 hours a night of sleep! And some slight Improvement in the bowel difficulties that he has had. James was supposed to be dead at least 3 years ago. Wipe those tears of disappointment from your eyes. This body is amazingly strong, but getting stronger?

Appalling lack of foresight and understanding by James regarding current US demise, and the extent of evil Rising. If...

Appalling lack of foresight and understanding by James regarding current US demise, and the extent of evil Rising. If one does not study history, one is doomed to repeat it. The Third Reich has been on my list to study but never has been. Eric foner, the world scholar on reconstruction, was a bit eye-opening to me years ago. Most recently as I look at white supremacy Rising around the world, how could I not have understood that disguised white South African apartheid is what exists in America and around the world. White Privilege will do whatever it can to hold on to its undeserved privilege. James, such blindness.


Ignite soul log April 3th. The Phoenix rises.

The Phoenix rises? LOL. A bit melodramatic. But the last couple of days have been frustrating in as much as they have required much attention to material issues and away from deep study of the issues of the soul.

And then this morning such a treat, such a gift. The gospel of the church, their translation, gives us Armageddon. The gospel translation of toast joy, gives us, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr. The letter R  my preference. The former, to the harror and total revolving of my soul.

There is quite good scholarly evidence in the translation from Tulsa toy with his extensive extensive extensive notes, but never will I live long enough to know for sure whether he was right. What I know for sure is the outcome of his efforts is what my soul is for. So, getting more familiar, more grasp of, what toll story learned and saw, has moved very high in my agenda.

What is needed by my study is a clean PDF that I can have read to me of his initial translation work, four Gospels harmonized chapters 1 through 12.. There is near as I can tell although the book is public domain the interest in what toast toy created is so miniscule that a clean PDF does not exist.

The gift of this morning? It now exists, this clean PDF, to the 85 percent level. James had no idea it might be that easy. Credit to the skills he has developed technically in the last 15 years and certain software that he has accumulated. Creating that clean PDF is not complete, but in several more days it could easily be, and with just a little bit of luck available at several highly accessible sites, archive. Org, Scribd, and also another site that will be explored is free publishing on Amazon. What an extraordinary privilege to be a partner to the extraordinary soul., in this way. And how convicted of our culture that in 2019 it hasn't been done before. We are interested in everything except that which could save our children.

Your lips day Lord Lord, but your hearts are far from me, said Jesus 2000 years ago. It has gotten worse everyday since. He went on, you cannot worship God and Mammon, you will love the one and hate the other.

And there were other minor blessings but well worth mentioning. Two conversations, one with a roommate this morning, probably 30 or 40 minutes in length, and the other just now, irritating me at first when a nice shiny black car asked me to stop for a picture. Me bathed in sweat going uphill, them comfortably coming down. But I'm so glad they did. It was less about technology, More about the issues that are the focus of my life.

In either interchange was a soul saved? From going out? Was a soul ignited? Probably not, but it's possible. There was listening happening and at least some tiny element of soul available. And a lifetime of preparation and recent months here in Lone Pine  preparations all of which came to bear in ways that were promising.

And there was other stuff, but the highlights are above.

Yesterday or the day before the idea occurred and was mentioned that I, we, read and here and think about Jesus with the wrong tone. He had found joy. Joyfully horrified he was that we were not finding it. This notion must be more deeply explored by me.

Hours were spent by James today listening to the 200 versus that we have from Jesus. Only 200. And listening to them with the idea of the paragraph above in mind. This exercise will be repeated often  I suspect. And probably soon James will attempt to read out loud these versus imagining a way of expressing and emoting that embody what Jesus was embodying. James has done this sort of thing before even in his professional life. In valuable way exploring.

Solar RV cycling log April 3. Fabulous progress, but James never will learn to ride a bicycle, so how could he forget?

It may be ridiculous folly but James never has read a book on recumbent cycling. Someday he will, maybe. And maybe it would have saved him many many many many months of distraction.

James lived on a bicycle, a 15 speed, until probably sophomore year in high school. He was very strong at it, probably very good. A conventional upright bicycle pretty much teaches one how to cycle. Not so a recumbent, at least in the case of James. Oh, moving the pedals is easy. Achieving the unity with the vehicle that happens quite naturally on a conventional bike, not so much.

But what nice progress these last 3 or 4 weeks as the foundational notion of treating this like a conventional bicycle rotated back 40 50 60 degrees, continues to bear fruit.

And it seems like if everything discussed in logs these last 3 or 4 weeks is forgotten, except that, everything else will come back

The big lesson of 2 days ago is proving itself even more so today. Posture. Shoulders way back so that the body and spine alignment of a conventional bicycle is available for power delivery in this recumbent. Who knew? It's huge.

The other big notion yesterday was that imagining the mechanics of the front and back moving hydraulic piston in a locomotive was very helpful. Very helpful today.

But several important things were not within Focus until the last 20% of the journey. Hitting a Target with the knees of about 45 degrees each stroke. And that digging means delivering power not through the full stroke but in the last half the stroke. Remembering this was very helpful and protective of the knee joints I think.

Overall it was a very productive Journey. And a 1330 calorie night.

Only the starving can be much fed.

Only the starving can be much fed.

Thankfulness is a deadly trap. Appreciation is life itself.

Thankfulness, gratitude, are inherently dangerous. Quite deadly, I think. Why? Because they are life based on external circumstances. This is always been a mistake, free Disney inevitable result, selfishness, and now with Material World in death spiral increasingly so.
Life, Joy, is based on the intrinsic exercise of virtue. Always has been, always will be.
Appreciation I think is the resolution to this. In fact one cannot be alive in any reasonable sense of the word without extraordinary appreciation of goodness in nature and in human behavior. Impossible. Inseparable.


Ignite Soul log April 2. Frustrating, tired, doing fine.

Where does the time go? 60 mile an hour wind gust forecast today resulted in staying in Lone Pine at the hostel tonight, not planned, maybe not necessary, but oh well.
Technical and operational issues have gobbled up the day, argh.
Priority remains on the study of Tolstoy, four gospels harmonized, on the long sections that must be extracted where he brings together the conclusions of his arduous and detailed translation, into large coherent chunks. The technical project is to find these and get them into a form that the Android reader can read to me. That may require several days work. Much of the day was spent on that.
Have I been hearing Jesus wrong all these decades? Yes Jesus can only be heard through all kinds of horrible Distortion these last two thousand years. But he has reached me. But have I been getting it wrong?
There is such a heavy tone to what we're told about Jesus. And certainly there were heavy aspects to his life. But what I'm wondering today is whether the way to hear Jesus is as an incredibly positive opportunity. Without all the Commandments stuff, the damnation stuff and whatever which yes I've already stripped out. But he was all about Joy, I'm almost positive. All his Parables that seem to have negative aspects must be reinterpreted by me as passionate and positive guidance toward Joy and away from the lack of it. How to articulate this yet, I don't know. Let alone how to pursue it. But nothing else makes sense to me. It does not make sense to me that he was at all focused on the material world. He said for example, don't worry about what you would eat or wear. He really meant that I think. If you get killed, you get killed. It's not your business or your concern. Your concern is doing the joyful will of conscience, virtue, goodness, every breath for the joy of it. Let the rest of the chips fall where they're going to fall. Nothing else makes sense to me.


Solar RV cycling log April 1st. Nicest April 1st ever?

The lessons of the last month keep on blooming, being confirmed, and giving more gifts.

On the foundation of the major lessons of the last month new excellent growth continues to come. So do the bugs, mosquitoes, the gnats, but that's another story.

Yes, a conventional bicycle rotated back 30°, no, not 30 degrees, 50°? It seems so based on today. How to do that? Shoulders neck and headway way way back. Not uncomfortable. But so different than months now. But there was a time several years ago....

And this so that the thrust of the thighs can be higher, fairly naturally. Does not feel contrived, just different. This posture and the focus is that the knees target and land at 50 degrees. And remembering the lift of the thighs as both the Timer and the aimer makes it possible. Amazing. Quite fluid, quite nice, quite sustainable it seems. Quite relaxed.

In this last 40% of the journey another idea combining with this is to focus the eyes way down the road to help keep the 50° target achievable. Not sure how this will play out but it seems reasonable.

Notice the new graph of the metrics. Things seem to have saludar find where this makes sense. And where elements are in fact an error this can help them be seen more concrete Lee and quickly.

And now in this last 20% of the journey tonight, a new refinement. The imagery is of the forward and back traveling shaft on an old steam locomotive driving the wheels. And a central part of this is for the very first time some notion that the shins are the part of the machinery with no power to itself but a necessary piece to smoothly transfer that rotating power from the engine. This is occurring in part do to the 50% spoken of above. 50 degree. Which although not straightforward is close enough that it has invited this comparison. The thighs are the driving force but their timing and increasing degree of pressure relates to driving those shaft, shins, forward in a fluid rational means.

Ignite soul log, April 1st. Such a nice April 1st


Madness this fascination that James has with Jesus, no? Ask did Albert Switzer. As did Leo tolls toy, 40 years of his life. Thomas Jefferson had a pretty healthy dose of it although he was a pretty twisted soul. Probably more twisted without the affinity for Jesus.

A major investment of time was taken to try and improve the long-term situation, efficiency, productivity, how all the smartphone used, almost all day long everyday. And 3 days ago the decision was made to go with a galaxy s 9 + refurbished on Amazon to replace the loyal and trustee tiny s 6. A good and faithful service these last two or three years.

The decisions factor was visibility. These old eyes are doing amazingly well but they have limits. And even in the winter months so much time even with glasses was being wasted, energy and time, attempting to read and work in sunlight. A friend helped me remember that font size could be changed and in the last 10 days experiments were hopeful but insufficient. So about $550 was invested in this refurbished unit with strong case and screen protector. And care was taken to determine that if it did not meet the requirement of much better read ability that it could be returned for full credit.

Well the read ability in sunlight is no longer an issue it seems. It's amazing. Just amazing. Combination of screen brightness, much larger screen size, much higher resolution, and possibly something about the glass that it's much less reflective. It's just astonishing and so extremely helpful. Helpful to the work. Igniting soul. Trying to increase in confidence to do so.
So that was the decision criterion and the success is far beyond expectation.

But that's just the beginning!

With no extra monthly fee, the low unlimited Straight Talk rate, best national coverage Verizon, with no additional fee there is now a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere there is internet signal to support the laptop!

And it appears to have noticeable Lee, considerably, better internet reception! Almost too good to be true so further experience is necessary, but initial results are very encouraging!

Every application seems to have received at least the small upgrade in performance, efficiency, use ability. The features of this 3 years newer operating system.

And although primary picture taking is with the $250 DSLR camera of two or three years ago now, a fabulous investment. The camera on this s 9 + is dramatically superior in quality and lens and magnification to the s6, bless it heart. And, the s6 is now carried as a backup and auxiliary machine for the emergencies that occasionally crop up.

Set up took the better part of the day due to connectivity problems that require the first full application load to be wiped out. But in the scheme of things the software port ability, the data port ability applications are quite amazing. And it was a decent refresher for old skills. And some new ones.

Several importanct insights today, hours being spent on the 200 verses that scholars know that Jesus actually spoke.

The picture above featured on one of the Facebook sites of mine, and shared on the facebook page in here, actually is a revelation for me. A way of thinking that is very important to me now and in the future that is only seen today? But without months of study of Parker and Brock, Karen Armstrong, and Jesus sayings, it wouldn't have happened today! 67 years of drowning in the church propaganda machine takes a lot of work to climb out.

More valued insite today.

Now and forever the greatest hope that I can be to the smoldering soul is to be able to clearly share the personal experience that I have with joy and the things that have gotten me there.

Related. This may by far be the most useful way for me to understand and leverage the life and teachings of the man Jesus. He was so excited about discovering and sharing joy, paradise, the kingdom of God that is within each one of us to be found. His whole life and death was an attempt to help us find that. Insane? A mad man? Maybe. Me too.. Also. Maybe Schweitzer. Must think through whether it's madness,thosl I'm sure it is not, must think that through. How could joy by living soul, attempting to ignite soul, RI ignite soul, how can that be the ultimate gratification?

Doctors without borders races to where the greatest physical health crisis is. James must learn to do the same but where it is crisis of the soul, the soul somehow sensing it is in desperate need of a physician.  Where is this? How can it be found? No idea. Must learn.


Igniting Soul log March 31st. Technical issues but necessary.

James work environment is the Magnificent Countryside here but in another way it is online, or on the handheld reading and writing, all day. Too much time and energy has been lost squinting in the Sun, trying to read things that are too small. So after much struggle a larger format phone was procured and all day was fighting technical issues getting it established. But it is a vast Improvement and should be a very powerful tool going forward.
All day and into the evening meeting Wi-Fi which is not available up at the base of the mountain so tonight is being spent in the hostel finishing the online work and back up into the wilderness tomorrow.