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Interview of a month ago. Not sure it was shared on this site at that time.

 I'm amazed that they covered the journey and were willing to put anything up. Of course they watered down a lot what I had to say but I don't begrudge them that. They are the only one that has tried in 14 months. 14 months, about 11,000 miles as I recall, and 39 state so far.

Every once in awhile someone gets infected with this mission.

 I think that's what happened to the truck repair crew here especially their boss. I'm quite sure they could get in substantial trouble for having worked on the vehicle like they have. They're only supposed to do trucks. But, and I'm purely guessing on my part, they saw someone trying to do something for the world they guessed and they didn't want it to fail. They tried to get the proper welding equipment and for a variety of reasons that didn't happen. So they found a site that one of them knew, I'm told they do race cars, they took it there, and just brought it back. I'm guessing it is way way way beyond anything I could have hoped for and certainly could have afforded by myself. Instead of the crude steel angle iron that I had supplied them with they decided that a thick strip of stainless steel running the entire length of the vehicle welded to the existing stainless steel angle iron was a better way to go so they just did it. 

There's what I experience as an invisible economy. If you devote your life to trying to help the world no matter what, the world will let you die, but there are these invisible folks that don't even know they exist themselves, and their souls get touched, and they reach out just as you're about to hit the rocks. It is certainly not foolproof, and it's never something I have tried to activate. But the way I live does activate it. Sometimes. So far. So tomorrow morning we resume the journey.

Headed to an off-site welder. They are really going above and beyond.


Day three or four at the truck stop or waiting Manpower and equipment for Axle Repair.

 By rights and rules I think this truck stop is taking the Bay Bridge with their company by trying to help. On that theory on Pleakley appreciative of their efforts. And doing other work on the vehicle while waiting.


The death of the mission?

 Turns out that the axle of the trailer is a massive Achilles heel, and so far getting it right has eluded us. Getting the alignment right has been impossible so far and several weeks ago work introduced a weakness that only now are we detecting twice in the last two days the axle Has Broken. We're about to get towed 30 miles back to the shop that last worked on it. They seem to really care and are going to take another crack at getting it right. Bleeding to death financially. But of the 46th state goal at least we've done 40 so far, Illinois being 39.

Update. Well, we survived the tow, great guy, I'm optimistic that the guys when they can schedule me in around the big trucks will Implement something that will hold this time but if not we're probably done. This has been a really really  dark juncture. Whatever Creator wants.

3 Day Facebook jail seems to have just ended. My guess is that they don't like my stances regarding Israel and are looking for any excuse to shut me down. You might want to subscribe to this blog page. Or book Mark it.


The most honest among us maybe the Trump supporters. The least hypocritical.

 In saying that Trump is protecting America that is true. America has always been racist in fact and function. It has always been based on oppression at home and abroad. Trump is Trump is heroically fighting to protect every aspect of that out in the open. Out in the open is the grotesque Park at the surface but what is really grotesque is that both the Liberals and the Democrats of any power of any means have faced their lives and continue to base their lives and promised to continue basing their lives on that hideousness. Trump's crime in the prime of his supporters is him being so blatant about it. Voice typing while riding.

FB says I'm suspended for 3 days

 For sharing this