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What Jesus actually said, according to the scholars.

Thousands of hours it took James over the course of years to distill out this list of the roughly 200 or 250 sayings that Jesus probably spoke according to the world's greatest Scholars on the subject, particularly the Jesus seminar. Tedious work, nothing clever here. The simply pulling out of various books, especially the five gospels by the Jesus seminar, the sayings that he probably said. Roughly a third of all of the sayings were not likely said by Jesus but are c

onsistent with him suggesting that there were followers that sort of understood what he had to say. And the remaining third are by those that either through malice or foolishness attributed to him things that he never said and never would have said, quite the opposite.


Supreme Joy of building people, Souls, Beyond everything else. Not to be confused with building head and flesh. Community of Souls.

25 or so years of my adulthood was indulging my lust for building stuff, I I thought recently of those dozens of plants in my apartment, I didn't recall until now of the aquarium, LOL, software systems, hardware systems, algorithms, acoustic devices, businesses, Networks, new products... that was 50% of my time, the other 50% was building people and communities. They were created simultaneously. Communities of people. 

I know


Update, day number 16 in the household

This is day number 16 inside the household that James and Sol traveled 1100 miles, 33 days through the early winter cold, to arrive at to see if they could be of some help. Why? James some bleeding heart. Help anybody? If he ever was, he's not now. Triage. He sees barely a soul with enough life to be helped. It's horrible, it's tragedy, but that's how he sees it. But the parent in this household, incredibly wounded he thinks from lifelong series of abusers, and some self-inflicted wounds, is

The enviable folks, to me, their quality of life depends on nothing external.


I don't remember the following ever so crystallizing in my mind though in a hazier form it has been there. By way of Preamble, I suppose I have always thought, and maybe I heard it from my parents, probably my dad, and I think it's a platitude in society, if your house burns down but you're all safe you've lost little or nothing. In some form that Doctrine has always been in my mind, and my soul. But only sometime today did it come clear to me, and I might be wrong, but it came clear to me that all of the people I admire oh, and more importantly all those that I envied throughout history, that was clearly correct to my eyes. Oh, I'm Sophie Scholls, a teenager that was fighting the Nazi Uprising. You're going to kill me? Okay. It's a shame it's a nice day but it's time to go I guess, in the moments before her execution. And so it is with all of them. Do anything to their material environment and it does nothing to their quality of life.