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Cycling, Hallelujah, joy to....

4 years it's a week-long Sprint, 100 miles a day, how to the great bicycle ride across Iowa, and then through the bicycle ride itself just happened but without the clear imagery and then it's been lost for the last four years and it really has been psychological and secondarily physical angle, but now it's back. If any experienced riders with a heavy payload have a really different experience with their vehicle please share or if you find this useful please share. Oh this is wonderful suffer the little children and forgive them knock. For as such of these did the kingdom of heaven. Not the irrelevant here cool, the child within of which we are all born, is where all great insights come from, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, and atomically.

 thousands and probably tens of thousands of hours have been spent by James in the last four years trying to recapture this country and hundreds of video logs. Sometimes though not seriously he wondered if he was crazy chasing something that really had been a figment figment of his imagination. Obsessed, but for good reason, we are a equivalent 900 lb payload and in James body understandably trying to seek a physical relationship to meaningfully contribute energy to our travel oh he's broken himself on the wheel over and over and over and over and over. In a time when the problem was solved in the hundred mile a day race to get to The Bicycle Race Across Iowa. But it was not solved in a way with enough Clarity and imagery with a could be regained when it evaporated some number of days after that Cross Iowa Event and it has driven James nearly crazy thousands and thousands of hours hundreds of video logs. And he's not mindless Obsession. We are a approximately 900 lb payload and without the right relationship James is constantly breaking himself on the wheel moment after moment. And having free flea for several weeks tasted Nirvana it has been psychological and physical Agony losing it. And now it's back with much clearer imagery than ever before. Poetry. Voice typing while cycling expecting to find and correct the errors this evening. But if I should die before... Too important not to share. Some technical notes that maybe weren't stated in the video core, the core meaning the muscles from to In-N-Out on the five from the perineum up through probably the lower rib cage area the corps is where one would look to find the energy to transfer to that spinning child stiff correct? Oh, the arms would be involved, the hands, the shoulders, the feet to legs the ankles but one would instinctively look for the energy to the core, correct? And further it was primarily with that child's disc a pulling motion with the core although pushing at the end would be nice but it was primarily pulling from the core and that's absolutely what's going on in this journey today and was going on in Iowa do James didn't understand it. The primary opportunity is pulling up with the fly. Whether anatomically other muscles aren't delivering as much or more in terms of experience it is very much a matter of pulling with the abdominals and the first two or three or four in of Supply probably two or three. Google does a terrible job with words like thigh check back tonight presuming that we survive today which seems likely.
Also, it is entirely possible if not extremely likely big by filling holes in the seat apparatus of the original help, James has been able to drop the height of the teeth so that we could get under the crossbar and move the seat forward and it's also possible that he had done this in a way that he could further recline the seat. Anyway, bee brilliant good Soul Khan enable this to happen and in recent Dave James has been doing similar adjustment. This Nirvana would not and could not have re-emerged without the body being put into this right physical relationship to song. Imagine trying to add energy to that extremely heavy childhood playground disc if you were positions two or three feet further away so you can only reach it with your outstretched finger tip nullifying the ability of your core to get involved?

And as with the analogy to that terribly heavy child playground apparatus it automatically solved the problem by h.e.r. math hope the child or operator otherwise thinking that they can control the speed the primary determinant of the speed is the current speed the current velocity it speaks that hay if you add energy to the momentum will gradually speed up but if you try to do it quickly you're going to hurt yourself a lot but James has been trying to hurt himself a lot these last four years without this understanding and without the physical relationship of a properly adjusted in relationship to this 900 lb Mass. Oh this is just really wonderful I thought that is helpful to establishing and maintaining this relationship is that James opportunity as the operator of that Child's Play ground apparatus is to contribute energy to charge the momentum if you will that's it. But if one understands the subtle relationship that's a very powerful thing.
Wonderful sustainable metrics, sustainable physically and psychologically, mentally.

The virtues of this mental imagery, this way of relating to contributing energy to this travel, it's so incredible incredibly fruitful it defies the ability to capture all of the details that have continued to spill out.


It's frustrating, but I have to accept it, right now I'm doing everything....

It's frustrating, but I have to accept it, right now I'm doing everything

I can do, and there's just nothing extra. No extra time, no extra energy. Not complaining, but it's frustrating. Maybe I'll find it due to the month and a half or two months away from cycling, but I'm pretty horrified by how little energy I can contribute, and these are the shortest days of the year so the sun, no criticism, isn't giving me a whole lot of help. Starting tomorrow each day starts getting a little bit longer, but about a week out there's almost a week's worth of rain forecast. Oh well. Nothing compared to what the kids and grandkids and great grandkids have in store. And of course the millions and billions whose lives are already material hell due to our Western consumption, rape, plunder, of Mother Earth already on her deathbed.


On one of the 10 shortest days of the year.

So while stationary when we can optimize the orientation of most of the panels toward the Sun 600 watts an hour on one of the 10 shortest days of the year. Awesome, and with pretty challenging Weather ahead really really important. But we spent most of the day traveling without the panels with such optimal orientation, and we were still generating 300 and 30 watts an hour. 2500w collected on the day.



Such a privilege to be traveling with this vehicle.

Oh, and if you listen to the end it was a long long long long pause and then some expletives. Before the pause I thought I had stopped the video. Someone passed me and as they occasionally do they hung in the oncoming traffic lane forcing the oncoming car to almost stop. People are amazing. And rarely in a good way. Creator will not be sad to see us go.


Khanh & my Sol is all but done. Hoping my friend will let me be a friend for a couple of weeks and then heading west.

Khanh & my Sol is all but done. Hoping my friend, brother, will let me be a good friend for the joy of it, for a couple of weeks and then heading west.

This was a miraculous vehicle that Khanh created six months ago. Miraculous upon arriving back here in Charlotte a month ago. But it is now beyond that. It was a nine months of the year solar vehicle not twelve, and now probably 11 or 12, even the short winter months for 30 or 50 miles a day of travel and cooking totally Off the Grid. Twice that the longer months.


It was an ergonomic catastrophe, a torture rack, really a fundamental design flaw for anyone serious about cycling aside from the one in a hundred that might perfectly fit the almost completely non-adjustable standard seat arrangement. That's behind us freeing possibly 3 4 5 hours a day of distraction on the part of James trying to figure out in that particular day how to enable his body to move this 800 lb object without totally destroying all his soft tissue. That's behind us. Truly an extraordinary leap. And so many other things I expect to detail in the next couple of days.

For a series of reasons including that Khanh has now freed up hours in every day that I'm traveling from the interesting nightmare of trying to work out the daily ergonomics.

What time I have had Beyond basic ergonomics in the last 6 months has been devoted centrally to more deeply understanding and incorporating the 300 versus that we have from the man Jesus that he probably spoke and lived. I never would have guessed earlier in my life that this is what I would want to devote myself to, but indeed it is. You are aptly named someone said recently, and another person said much the same, James, the brother of Jesus. It feels that way. The Deep Joy, and the sad responsibility.

And I expect that to continue, but I also have an inkling of what I will be studying in the hours per day that Khanh has freed up where I can have articles and books read to me.

What I think is most needed of me is to help make it easy for others to do good in the world for the Supreme, penultimate, Joy of it, the superior Joy of it. And as I have known and said for decades the reason that's hard, it is our basic nature, the reason it's hard, is because we're dying for examples in this near perfectly evil culture that we create and bask in. 

And this is why three years ago after realizing that there's no hope to avert Ecocide for the human and all species, I found myself creating this website, At that time my sense was, James, you need to do the best you can to channel good Souls into the world, for the one in a million that might be helped by that, some poor soul way Downstream. 

But now I realize, you need to do it, James, for it to be easier for you to attempt good in the world, for the sheer Joy of attempting, even with the gop Nazi goon takeover and resultant hell that will happen in 2024.

And I expect, I might be wrong, I expect, that I'm now called to use my time while traveling returning to that joyful task with eyes more open, studying the great Souls at that site. With my understanding deeper. The huge insight being that doing good for the sake of doing good, ATTEMPTING GOOD, every breath, is the ultimate Joy regardless of the horrible material consequences that it may bring, or threatens to bring. I didn't have that clarity then, I do now.

Unless Greta goes on hunger strike....