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Solar rv cycling blog August 17. The orb is back, 900 pounds. Beware the new controller!!!

This is a summary log of the last week highlights. 

Item. Remembering 900 pounds approximately, keeping that in mind, appears to be The Rosetta Stone. Or close their to. If it is forgotten misery and extraordinary inefficiency can be expected. Immense frustration as the legs try and make sense by themselves of the vehicle and what to do. On the arduous 2800 Callery trip from Redmond to broken rim We almost beat ourselves to death chasing the vehicle with our legs trying to figure out where the hell it was and what the hell it was. When we remembered that we were 900 pounds, almost immediately the legs could make sense of things. Isn't that amazing?

Cycling log continued. Item. It is a 900 pound object. 

Item. It is a 900 pound object. 

item. It is a 900 pound object…. 

Item. the 900 pound object can be moved only by the knees, back of the thighs. 

item. It is possible for James to achieve that total of faith where the body accepts that all of the movement possibility of that 900 pound object is at the needs, back of thighs, and that all energy elsewhere in the lower legs is subtracted from that energy. It may be easily repeatable, it may be extremely difficult. 

item. When this faith is fully implemented at least today the effortless power was impossible to believe. Multiple times James looked down expecting to see a 60 or 80 human watts to encourage himself to find more ability to apply pressure to that object with the thighs, and instead, what he saw was a 130, a 150, a 160. This is a harbinger of a return to power levels not seen in a year and a 1/2 or more. 

Item. Sometimes the 900 pound orb at the knees is quite small, 5" in diameter, sometimes 2 or 3 times that diameter. Much to practice and learn about here. Important update. Complicated by the discovery noted below that the newer generation controller makes finding the orb nearly impossible, maybe impossible, sometimes the object is best found and felt and pressured simply by the back of the thighs. Much more to learn here. But the learning may be fairly rapid.

Item. Somehow the notion clearly in mind 900 profoundly resets the expectations of the body, legs of what their challenge is. Maybe this effect will vanish. Hopefully it will be very persistent. It is invaluable. Without that notion clearly in mind the leg bless their heart when the resistance Decreases they have the notion that they can go and Chase and little bit more power. And it totally exhausts and it is beyond frustrating almost to tears and all day was spent the other day trying to do it and it is not achievable by James. 

with the 900 pound object firmly in mind the legs instead Tend to favor of the thighs, much more strong, and they almost instinctively don't fall for the tease that they can go Chase this object. Rather when they feel it moving away, slight decrease in grade or whatever, a motor artifact, they don't get suckered in, they get patient and they wait for the object to come back to them, or, they more humbly try and find where it is what it is doing instead of chasing it. This effect cannot be overstated. It is the difference between misery and harmony. 

Item. Not as crucial  import is body position. James has regained a fair amount of confidence in the shape and orientation of the seat. .... With full faith that all of the force is there on the object behind the thighs slightly improved places of leverage it is important to explore. 

item . There was a notion which has not persisted today but useful that the knees, the knee area, and the underside of the knees, are the new feet. The natural tendency of having the feet be the ultimate place where power is applied to the crank. There was help in resisting that with the notion and the feeling and finding the feeling and re finding the feeling that the knees are the new feet. They really are. 

Item. When the faith spoken of above is fully in place which it was for substantial periods today all focus,  all energy, all notion is in that knee area.

Two kinds of peoples


Pt 1. Forced to leave their property I was.

 By their generosity, almost literally I was forced to leave their property. These the folks largely responsible for the vehicle receiving a part in the middle of nowhere, the next day instead of  4 days later. 

They live in material heaven, Mount Hood is within view of their house, beautiful pine forest. Very remote. Yesterday morning James rang the doorbell as his only hope of finding an address where a replacement for the broken trailer rim might arrive. The soul, my sister, that opened the door could not have been kinder, more gracious. An emergency I said, quickly adding, no blood. She just could not have been kinder. Including advising me that they had a particularly good relationship with the UPS driver, sometimes meeting the driver halfway for the driver's convenience to reduce the otherwise 40 or 60 mile hour drive. 

 James' body is Truly amazing. An extraordinary servant. Beyond imagination. Beyond his understanding. 

Throughout his adulthood various missions have caused him to push it way beyond what most people would even consider. 2 days ago fit bit said that the exercise itself was 2800 calories. Just one recent example. 

 This incredibly faithful body, It really doesn't complain much, When the mission is serious it just figures out how to do it. 

 But equally amazing is how it can find  or spot opportunities To rest. They might not come for weeks or months. But when they arrive, the mission cannot continue for some brief period, the body asserts itself, And James and his soul pretty much cannot resist. It is really miraculous. so when the body saw that travel would not occur the next day it absolutely took over. But I wanna do some repairs, James said, body said, fucky you. Fucky you. Fucky you. We are resting. We are going to rest. Shut up and rest. It was not at all harsh like that, it just delivered paralysis. And it has done this many times before period how the fok does it know? But it does. 

 Well in the midst of a deathlike sleep at 8 o'clock this morning, James, we are leaving some water and some food bars by your tote. We will see you later. And he said a name which I did not recognize and he knew mine. From outside Sol alone on the Forrest road shoulder….. To be continued


Nearly impossible to arrive by tomorrow morning

I misspoke, so, attempting 94 miles today.

The Dalles Iron Works has been really helpful with the vehicle last year. I just spoke with someone there about trying a couple of projects, the most important is to see if there's a way to more permanently protect the motor wires that are so devastated when chains decapitate them. I misspoke, thinking that Thursday was 2 days away. So just because, we'll attempt to do most of the journey today. 93° forecast. Slight headwinds.


ETA Yakima Washington next Tuesday.

Barring any unforeseen catastrophes the rear wheel motor should be replaced tomorrow, Friday there may be some protective work done in the Dalles Oregon Iron Works so that the motor wires are not so vulnerable, and the trailer wheels replaced with something much stronger in Yakima next Tuesday.

Protect, reignite soul log August 12th period To their hatred James is reflects of Li feeling compassion For the pain behind it. This is important progress for him.

 Weekly and sometimes multiple times A-day A large pick up truck will sneak up behind James and deliberately operate in such a way as to flood the vehicle with exhaust and frightening noise. This has been true year after year. What also has been true is that James primary reaction was one of anger. 

 But reflectively now more than not James' reaction is one of compassion as he sees the pain that would motivate such gratuitous cruelty. This is really important progress for him.

More and more realizes that these are the prospective clients that is he is here to try and help, prospective patients.

James has really really glad to see this progress in himself. And it should have been there all along, but it is so hard in such a totally sick wrong misdirected Society.

Solar RV cycling blog August 12th. James, panic!!! Feed power to the flywheel behind your legs!

This seems to be a real Eureka period. We were back in relationship this morning like we haven't been before at least 10 months. And I think I know why. But time will tell.
Helpers, the helpers are murder! The ankles, calves, the top of the thighs, the feet.... whether it is at the start of the ride, when the grade increases, start from a stopped position, Calpers want to jump in and provide Power! They are murder. When James body Panic has all these helpers are empowered. James, panic! Use the back of the thighs to feed the turbine!
Oh, this morning, on a fairly difficult climbing ride and then in well paid City Suburban roads, it was wonderful. We were in such wonderful relationship. And the thoughts above our what seemed to have caused that. Everything, everything depends upon the tight relationship between the back of the thighs and the turbine. And the bodies inclination is to do the opposite but when that is overcome it is really fun! And very powerful and sustainable.
Oh, and James, don't think that you can put Power in that flywheel behind your legs, unless you find and feel and stay in contact with the flywheel. Your body does not want to understand this. But it is the fact. Find it first, then put your power there.


The plan, Tuesday Morning, Hutch's bicycles, to lace a working motor in the rear wheel.

Today was partly cloudy. We traveled 70 miles, 85% of that was from the Sun as we traveled, and we ended up with about 400 watch more than when we started in the batteries.

Solar RV cycling log August 11th. Today, I think we got engaged. Pretty sure.

James and the turbine under his knees are a generator. That is James job, to generate energy by turning that turbines. That's it. It's really quite a nice relationship. Everything else is a frustrating f******. But this is really nice. This is a great relationship it seems. It does not replace all the other lessons, it is an elegant solution to them.
Extremely important note. As best as James can determine the flywheel should be understood as a power receiver, and a place of power conversion and transfer. There is little virtue to its spinning by itself. The relationship is receiving energy from James and using it to power the vehicle. the notion that the job is to keep it spinning. Not so. The job is to efficiently and continuously and sustainably deliver power to it.

Solar RV cycling login August 11th. These turbines is behind my knees and my job is to turn it.

Solar RV cycling log August 11th. Oh, James is just a generator?

This is an old friend seen occasionally and quickly forgotten. But that's what James is, correct? The generator of kinetic energy to turn the crank? And a delivery system, Pistons, the thighs, and drive shaft and bearings?
In fairness to James, she has been in one type of environment, insanely difficult climbing, for approaching a year, and now, just these recent weeks, back into long-distance cycling.
So much, if not everything,  that excruciating Lee difficult winter cycling wise if not all is being used.
But still, the lesson from the vehicle culminating this morning, James, your job is to generate between 4 and 10 hours of energy output per day and to deliver it as efficiently and sustainably as possible to the crank mechanism. Your job is not to move the vehicle over Hills, not to compensate for minor fluctuations, etc etc.
And now, the orb is back! The best friend ever. James job is to deliver generate, and deliver, clean is sufficient sustainable energy not to the crank but to the orb. Non fluctuating, efficient, sustainable.
This provides the gigantic benefits of giving the body something to focus on. Not limits to find, but a centrality to organize around. whereas there is not a gigantic jump in power output to level seen a year-and-a-half ago, it is much more sustainable, much less frustrating, and not a power decrease. Chasing the limits of the system, chasing slight variations in momentary travel is exhausting, probably damaging to the body, and very very frustrating. Very distracting. There is variation sphere, the cylinder, but much less so than these other things. And chasing that subtly to keep pressure on it is much more achievable. And, driveshaft, bearings, is such that it may be a near-perfect problem solving real-time solution. That is, if James goal is to keep constant pressure, constant force, constant sustainable energy on the orb, everything else must find its optimal place in doing that ultimately to turn the crank. Pretty sure.