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Thousand percent better day than yesterday.

Yesterday was really really tough. Sol desperately ill with no diagnosis or certainty of rolling again.
The crashing in of the horror of trump and this virus and the world going to hell.
But slow and steady internal and external work, the vehicle is rolling again, not at full health but rolling and that's huge. And some help from the factory in Canada and maybe even a positive resolution on a new motor that has gone bad. For the photograph above those are magnets they should be in a straight line instead they have migrated into this wave Arrangement, faulty glue apparently.
And with a lot of internal work and mustering all of my resources and knowledge I'm climbing out of the abyss and back into attempting to be a contributing soul in the world.


We are entering the Dark Ages. There are multiple plagues that are murdering everything decent, among the least deadly the covid-19 virus. It could well be that the few survivors hundreds of years from now see this as a blessing, a reset button, that was unimaginably painful and deadly, but gave the species one last chance. Noah's flood, again, if you will.

Let me put the Target on my chest more clearly. Seriously. I have gotten very few serious thoughts plus or minus....

Let me put the Target on my chest more clearly. Seriously. I have gotten very few serious thoughts plus or minus.... tho I've been asking multiple ways multiple days. My treasured friend was extremely upset by a chart I posted earlier regarding perspective of the number of coronavirus deaths versus other causes of death in the United States. This wonderful Soul found my raising this issue extremely unhelpful, extremely troubling. This was my reply: my friend, in all honesty, I don't think you're asking me, I think you're telling me, and I take no offense, and I do not ask you to read any further. Yet you did pose a question about which I have very strong thoughts tho not yet resolved. About which I have been writing for quite a few days now and continuing to ponder. In no particular order: item. anyone that knows me should know that I do not take pulse as an important measure of life. Item. Nothing happens in a vacuum, to respond fully to the virus has collateral consequences. Fact. Item. The economic shutdown will be devastating for the poor. How many will die as a consequence? Item. The economic shutdown which will likely cause a multi-year depression, maybe a tremendous Boon to Future Generations. Item. Our species was not designed to have such a large population, a large population at all, of people my age and older. We are parasites on the Young by any and every objective measure. What we consume. How we vote. Our disproportionate weight on the political process. Our essential role in obstructing the youth in dealing with climate change. It is not simple. It is morally and intellectually bankrupt to view this situation as simply a matter of whether people die immediately of the virus or not. There are many populations at risk here current and future Generations. Hugs. James

If we are now headed into a decade long global economic shutdown, is that not a godsend? If millions of us old white parasites allowed to die, even better, for the young, and future Generations, no? Truly? Objectively?

So far this is not what I expected.

Six months ago in Colorado similar symptoms on a identical motor, upon opening the motor all sorts of water poured out and all sorts of corrosion were in evidence. But not this time. However it still seems that the problem must be magnets, epoxy tint place around the inside of this metal rim, have come loose. But there are further risks in removing centerpiece with all the copper wire so I am hoping to hear from the factory before proceeding. If the motor is even the problem, which seems 99% likely, then what to do? One, repair it if possible. Under $100 and many many many hours of Labor? 2, replace it with a like motor if that can be secured, $900. Replace it with the proper solution which is two additional Motors one each in the front wheels of the trike. 3, $2,000, but then this vehicle, James home for as many years as he can proceed, is the vehicle it should have been all along.

We must not restart this economy. If we love our children, which we don't, we'll start a new one. One of equality, sustainability.

Hello friends. R u doin OK?

Jesus was wrong. But he was so incredibly productive of good. So hard to understand.

Even the man Jesus, if you can find him under this Six Trillion tons of church made up s***, he was wrong.
The man Jesus believed that there was a sky father that, when enough people, pleased him with their behavior, he would come down and impose a good righteous order. Further, Jesus would be the Earthly ruler, and the 12 apostles would be those directly under him.
Obviously all of that is nonsense, in hindsight. Tho given the thinking of his age and prior ages it was not unreasonable. But it was incorrect.
But what he got right was that God, the force of loving creation, could be pleased by only one thing, everyone acting as though they had one father, always watching, loving but administrating consequences, that could be pleased by only one thing, everyone behaving as though everyone else was their immediate beloved family member, with God watching every breath. Everyone on their best behavior always from the soul for the joy of it.
And the most admirable enviable Souls throughout history have reacted to that I have reacted to that kernel that Jesus got right. Bonhoeffer, Tolstoy, Martin Luther King Junior, Gandhi, Schweitzer.....
Just imagine for a moment that anyone in Jesus day, any 10 people in Jesus day, had gotten the core, embraced it with all their might like we all Embrace avoiding physical death, or material poverty, imagine we had dedicated ourselves to that even a small handful, where we might be in 2020. Imagine a small handful had done so five hundred years ago, a hundred years ago.
imagine what difference you might make in someone's life Joy today, or 500 years from now, if you embrace it, no excuses, none of our usual, oh it's not human nature bulshit, embraced it with all of your life. Imagine the quality of life impact you might have on someone or some a small group 500 years from now.

Let's get on with it.


The Sheltering in place in Asheville North Carolina for now.

My friend from high school Phyllis and new friend Alan have warmly welcomed me into their home and feel that they are glad to have me stay as long as is necessary. An incredible blessing. Another act by the sponsors in Hunger Games? This is the only friend that months ago when this journey began said that they were hoping to see me on my way through. It is total coincidence that I am here at this time. Sponsors from Hunger Games?

Every group is 1/3 virulent sociopaths. Whether they rule, or are contained, is up to the 2/3. Extreme Social distancing, or doom.

Doctors and nurses? I love you. We are not worth it. Stop risking your lives. Thank you.