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Jesus was wrong. But he was so incredibly productive of good. So hard to understand.

Even the man Jesus, if you can find him under this Six Trillion tons of church made up s***, he was wrong.
The man Jesus believed that there was a sky father that, when enough people, pleased him with their behavior, he would come down and impose a good righteous order. Further, Jesus would be the Earthly ruler, and the 12 apostles would be those directly under him.
Obviously all of that is nonsense, in hindsight. Tho given the thinking of his age and prior ages it was not unreasonable. But it was incorrect.
But what he got right was that God, the force of loving creation, could be pleased by only one thing, everyone acting as though they had one father, always watching, loving but administrating consequences, that could be pleased by only one thing, everyone behaving as though everyone else was their immediate beloved family member, with God watching every breath. Everyone on their best behavior always from the soul for the joy of it.
And the most admirable enviable Souls throughout history have reacted to that I have reacted to that kernel that Jesus got right. Bonhoeffer, Tolstoy, Martin Luther King Junior, Gandhi, Schweitzer.....
Just imagine for a moment that anyone in Jesus day, any 10 people in Jesus day, had gotten the core, embraced it with all their might like we all Embrace avoiding physical death, or material poverty, imagine we had dedicated ourselves to that even a small handful, where we might be in 2020. Imagine a small handful had done so five hundred years ago, a hundred years ago.
imagine what difference you might make in someone's life Joy today, or 500 years from now, if you embrace it, no excuses, none of our usual, oh it's not human nature bulshit, embraced it with all of your life. Imagine the quality of life impact you might have on someone or some a small group 500 years from now.

Let's get on with it.

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