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***** Completed, enough. 1/19/20. The cure for cancer buried in a minefield. Reader's guide, The Ways and Power of Love, Sorokin.

The subtitle of this post was and still is, reader's guide to this book which can be a Minefield in which the cure to cancer is to be found.

Well, it is late January 2020, almost. Probably some additional updates will occur but this is sufficient for the one in a million, the two in a Million, dying to be part of Salvation, part of Maybe saving a soul from needless suffering in this world oh, and maybe even a small group.

Possibly the most hopeful book ever written integrating, standing on the shoulders, of hundreds of great Souls throughout history.
Written by an individual of extraordinary intellect, not a heroic Genius of the Soul, no discredit to him. So there is a deadly blindness that must be negotiated by the reader.

  • The most brilliant relentless scholar of maps attempting to Pilot the plane.
  • The most gifted assembler of tools attempting to Sculpt flowers.
  • A passionate healer of the nervous system writing 70 years ago there for without the benefit of current science.
  • Like all except Cheese's, Heaven itself, the optimal Human Experience, is the joy that only comes from loving propagating loving, he seems to miss as well. There really is no hope for anyone or any group unless this is true.
  • Also he seems to miss that we are born loving creatures, we are born of the super-conscious, the million brain. Surprising but he doesn't seem to grasp this. It is a matter of protecting what we are or reigniting it.
  • And of profound importance he seems to not understand at all nor almost anyone he studies understands, it is said that fish are the last to discover water, that the optimal motivator is Joy from loving to propagate loving. That is the simplest road back to our nature is to reconnect us with that joy and the rest happens. His page after page after page after page of the techniques used by others are more likely to be detour than road to destination. We are creatures of head, flesh, and soul, superconscious he calls soul. What is in-charge grows, when head and flesh are in charge they starve soul to death because they have no use for it and only fear. When soul is in charge it exercises all three. Empowering the soul is really as simple as understanding the difference between joy and pleasure, and going for more and more and more and more of that. It is that simple. But we lack examples and words.
  • What would fetishizing eating look like? Hearing? Seeing? The vast majority of heroic altruist cited by Sorokin strike James as doing this. The point is not to criticize these great Heroes. Point is to see the error that may have helped cause so few emulators.
  • Sorokin is called to levels of detail and thoroughness in his subjects that would crush most authors and Scholars. But they can and do Crush readers that are not careful. Most other than detailed Scholars will need to carefully choose which sections of this book to skim or bypass all together so that the big issues, big takeaways, can be embraced and not lost.
  • Brilliantly, rightly, usefully Sorokin gives love five Dimensions two of which are Purity and wisdom as I recall. And yet in his Avalanche of helpful examples he does little to help us differentiate between those that are wise and pure and those that are not. Reader be careful. You must take responsibility for this.
  • Echoing and emphasizing the point just made, on the one hand I am amazed at how I am being persuaded that early in early religious communities a tremendous amount of movement from head and flesh in charge to the soul in charge took place. But I simply share that also I am almost revolted by what strikes me as pathology, sickness, in some of those that early on became Saints as Sorokin understands them, regardless of what religion they maybe from. I think he would have served us much better had he been much more discriminating. Or if he helped us with appropriate caution. I'm thinking that he is a bit smitten with such religious activities  and therefore biased toward them. Approximately halfway through the book James is right now, he has read it at least once before, in a portion where Sorokin is going on and on and on about the painful conversions to Soul in charge of many ancient Saints. And I find it very troubling that night of the Saints North Sorokin seem to be concerned with the degree to which This seems to be really a seeking of self-pleasure rather than a seeking of becoming a greater hope for the world. The latter being just another form of selfish lust, head and flesh, rather than loving to propagate loving, the work of the Soul But with this clearly in my mind I find all portions of the book very helpful none the less. Update. I'm into the details of the various monastic orders of all religions. Years ago when I first read this book I found these really very perverted not in a sexual way. And again I'm finding the same. Really sick. It struck me then and it strikes me now, that if the founders were great Heroes hose loving they did not go through such organizations. Very troubling.
  • 1. 12. 20. Okay. Again. Sorokin and most of the heroes he quotes from from the middle of the book on, has two deadly blind spots. One. Somehow they conclude that one. The only approach is to attack the desires of the head and flesh. 2. Set the ideal is to get rid of those negatives. What the f***? This is not how human beings work. This is not how the soul or the head and flesh work! We are tle illogical. Goal seeking Particularly positive goals. Did none of them realize that there was a preferable way of being to the tyranny of head and Flash?
  • 1.12.20 Sorokin, after seemingly admiring and extolling the perverse masochism of individual after individual after individual honestly puts forth many if not most if not almost all cases this is ineffective and self destructive.
  • 1.15.20 major evolution of James thinking On the monastic practices.
  • 1.16.20 back to revulsion, after yesterday's comment immediately above. And respect. The substantial degrees these monasteries and their practices approach what is needed, training camp for the would-be Heroic soul in charge. A training camp for the would-be Olympic athletes of Loving. Nothing revolting in that. But somewhere between sad and perverted if the Olympic Training Camp rather than tying itself directly to certain types of performance Place something in between, being pleasing to God, meeting the rules of God, MTG the rules of the camp, the training camp. Submitting totally in blindly to the coach... Such extraordinary room for abuse is created in this although Maybe In some rare instances it would be the best in terms of producing the desired performance in most cases it would dilute what ultimately was desired. And what should be desired is the Soul joyfully in charge and completely free of control and interference by the head and fleshwhich it cherishes but does not submit to.
  • 1.19.20. Some final comments, for now. Baby Einstein early on found major flaws in the theory of Newton. But if so he may well have held on to Newton until he could fully grasp something Beyond. We're James Sorokin has done invaluable work for us the most valuable the James has yet found.
  1. Item. but if so he may well have held onto Newton until he could fully grass something beyond. For James sore open has done invaluable work for us the most valuable the changes yet found.
  2. Item. Way more than any other work that change knows he has shown what all of the great religious thinker is were pointing towards, the Supra conscience, what James understands to be the soul, now fairly well documented as the Olympics system, the mom alien brain.
  3. It must be remembered that this book was published in 1952? The reader today has the benefits of 70 years of crucial history Sorokin did not. And 70 years of science particularly applicable to the delineation of the limbic system, the mammalian brain, the soul.
  4. Spoiler alert, sort of. James tends to find so appalling what he mistook as Sorokin's passionate embrace of monastic practices that to James seemed so perverted, that it distanced James from fully digesting what Sorokin was really offering us, when James first read this book 15 years ago or so. This was a terrible mistake. And in the final conclusions of the book discount that any of this Embrace was any sort of a fetish for Sorokin. Maybe as a great teacher He felt he needed to enable us to go through what he went through To come out on the other side and make the best informed conclusions..... 
  5. And if we honor and intelligently profit from this contribution by Sorokin what then? What if Sorokin had the benefit is being alive today 70 years later, what might he see and embrace? A. That the limbic system is the super-conscious as he calls it, the soul as James calls it. B. Is that the universal enemy is not disease and such things but tribal love The handmaiden of which is hatred. That the joyful war is against that. See. That at the time of Sorokin writing, at the time of Jesus and Buddha, and now, the prize every breath Is not saving Humanity although that would be nice now too late, not even saving another individual, but they personal experience joy of the attempt, of being Creator, loving Creator, being unified with that Force, the conduit for that Force. Later will this last section b error corrected hopefully.
  6.  if for whatever reason you try this book and find yourself discourage or pushed away or disinterested and ready to disconnect one strong suggestion. Go to the conclusions in the Final Chapter.
But this wonderful man Sorokin clearly is blind to several things as almost all the saints have been. The fish is the last to discover water. The experiecial  supremacy in all situations of being loving propagating loving is preferable. It is what the enlightened are greedy for. And when this greed takes over problem solving figures out how to get it even though it if it takes a long time and a lot of personal changes. 

Many of them act as though, yet seem to not recognize in themselves, that they have found being loving propagating loving Feels superior to every experience available through the body and the head. This is certainly the experience of James.

This extraordinary intellect and Great Soul has assembled for those who would be loving propagating loving, a tremendous tool kit, but it can literally Crush the reader it is so vast and with such shortcomings at various crucial points, that care must be taken to avoid that.
Kreator willing, such a brief guide, map, will be available in late January 2020 here.

1.11.20 update.

A. As James continues to study this book he constantly Updates this particular post so please consider checking it regularly especially if you are reading or planning to read the book.

B. It may well be this is post is turning into the reader's guide to that James mentions. He is already feeling that for the serious Reeder it is almost sufficient.

2. 14. 20. And now an additional substantial reservation. The highly-regarded Theologian Paul tillich says, institutions are inherently evil. My attention was drawn to this by the writings of our greatest moral and intellectual prophet in the United States in the world, Chris hedges. You can easily research his background and works to assess what I have just said here. I was and M greatly enlightened and empowered by the extreme regard, respect, that Sorokin has for the well-intended monastic monastic movements in all religions. And the understanding that I have derived from that is that to empower the part of my nervous system that is my soul, my limbic system, what Sorokin calls the Supra conscious so brilliantly, to empower that under any circumstances but especially in a culture that worships head and flesh in charge, requires a daily expert regimen, an exercise regimen of brilliant design. It is scientifically indisputable that the parts of our nervous system that we use grow and the parts that we do not use a trophy. An Olympic athlete is training their nervous system every bit as much as they're training their muscular tissue. But I cannot agree, I must now strongly disagree with the notion that monastic organizations even the best intended can be trusted. I must not allow anyone to tell me what my eyes are communicating to the rest of my nervous system. I can listen to opinions but I must Reserve that judgment for myself. I cannot allow anything to get between my Supra conscious and the rest of me but that is exactly what almost always the best intended even religious organizations do. Institutions are inherently evil said tillich. Power corrupts and organizations have power and they corrupt those at the head and those Within. So in this regard I deeply thank Sorokin for a tuning me to the tremendous regimens that must be administered every day, but I must take the responsibility of doing that myself and not become intoxicated with some group that imposes it on me in any way.

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