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James lifelong revulsion, distrust, of monastic orders, horribly too expensive .

James, There are 3 parts of you psychologically. Your entire decades Have worked to teach you that the head and the flesh are the normal part, the natural part, the healthy parts, the part that is essentially human. Thereby totally denigrating the
mammalian brain, the soul, the heart, loving except for occasional mention.

 From that perspective horrifying perverted Disgusting the monastic orders and practice's. 

 Rife with potential problems? Absolutely. 

In this study of the Sorokin ways and power of love Has included many hours of excruciating wading through the revulsion mentioned above. 

Something far more wise is now emerging within James. 

Item. James, is it possible that there really were people that understood that the superior life, the life that feels most gratified is the sole entirely in charge? Your entire life has led you to this realization independent of this book. Yes. In fact you are certain of it. 

Item. The world of these monasteries sometimes, usually, almost always, the material world was hell. And there was no way to escape the physical misery. Welcome to twenny twenny Earth and the future here. 

 item. The lives of a majority of people was physical torture? James, you consider A primary  client group to be those currently being tortured, palestinians for example. American immigrants in detention torture facilities for example. yes this is opening your eyes James. This was much the world of these monastic practice's. 

Item. It still is true that James is finding no one speaking of how the optimal life, the life that feels the best for itself Is the life of heart, soul, mammalian brain completely in charge. The thing that the enlightened person would be greedy for above all else instead of all else, displacing all else. This idea is nowhere to be found. But James has found it and so far remains convinced that this is correct, this is true. And as James applies this filter that he has to such writings as Sorokin that do not use that filter enables James to see what maybe was really going on and what really the potential is. 

Item. Yes, For months or years A target population for James concern is the survivors on Earth in the unstoppable ever increasing material hell we are unleashing. or what life better than suicide is possible? Is one possible? With that perspective what is written of by Sorokin in ways and power of love is an incredible treasure trove. And unspeakably important resource.

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