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Cycling, a revolution for James? Savoring the small round object with the knees.

only day 3 or 4 this is inconclusive. But likely to be sustained. 

 Detail may come in days forward if it continues to be so outstanding. 

Item. Not intuitive, counter intuitive. But now discovered and understood brilliant. Makes perfect sense. The machine can operate smoothly if the joints at the knees remains in Near perfect Timing,
synchronization, contact with saul.

The concept of savoring a round object is what is doing that so far. James is so hoping that it continues to be such a reliable friend. Secondary concepts come but so far are never the major operating force. Concepts including fondling, caressing. 

Item. Even on day 3 or 4 at the beginning of the journey it takes a good 10 minutes or so for things to come together. It is so understandable that the body wants to  thrust, Harry, Apply pressure to the petals. It is not in outright rebellion, but finding this counter intuitive .... Savoring of every millimeter of the round object in its rotation forward and withrraw Takes 10 or 20 minutes worth of coaching. And then every minute or so it may disappear and gentle reminder must be brought to mind. 

 Item. So intuitively the body wants to apply weight to the petals. But this is not optimal. And the notion of savoring Participation with that round object every millimeter intuitively solves that. Wait on the pedals separates the knees from the object. There so far is no time when that's desirable. 

Note. The metrics are totally acceptable and in the ballpark of any juncture where James has experienced excellent performance. 

 Item. James is beginning to think that somehow during Iowa this notion of savoring the round object at the knees must have been operational or achieved a different way. Some different way of making it happen. In no way is the notion of savoring recalled from Iowa but what are the chieves and the sensation of the Knees constantly greedily respectfully engaged with that round object every millimeter is recalled.

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