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Wow. In Iowa was constant velocity misunderstood as momentum? Seems yes. And stair stepping from one constant velocity to another.

Also A  secondary interest in constant velocity in the lower legs as well. very important to keep it secondary. 

And then the thought occurred. Because of the way things were feeling. That what was constant velocity at the knees and lower legs Was misunderstood as
momentum and has been misunderstood ever since. 

And probably not insignificant a secondary thought That supports the 1st. stair step the velocity as opposed to attempting gradual increases or decreases. 

As mentioned some time ago James has chosen to use the elecktronicks for a power necessary to avoid changing the physical gear due to a fraying cable that as yet he has not wanted to replace. .... In Iowa the wonderful gear was used normally and all the time and James is remembering something that seemed somewhat insignificant at the time. it was used in a Stair step sort of way .... To eliminate variation and variability This creating a much more achievable stable target situation for the body to organize around. Maybe infinitely more, maybe not.

Yes, almost certainly this is what was missing, constant velocity, not momentum, though they share features for sure. Easy to confuse. But momentum has proven impossible for James to recapture and constant velocity is promising to be very prone to recapture and replication. 

One of the features of this constant velocity stair stepping is it empowers the body Toward success in dealing with the change of grade. With constant velocity Constant cadence empowered It coming and begin to Arrange 360゚ increase in power however slight So that the velocity can be maintained 360゚ this all centering in the area of the knees but everything else probably Similarly synchronized. This is very hopeful. Stair step and constant velocity at the knee area in a circular object sort of thing . Being the circular object, coordinating with the circular object. 

Cycling continued. Yes. The combination of constant velocity and stair stepping, the body experiences it as a massive reduction in complexity, a massive increase in predictability and the ability to understand what is going on and anticipate what is needed. Whether mechanically it is as dramatic objectively as the body is experiencing it it may well be. But the body experiences this as a dramatic reduction in variables making a much more manageable system and for James purpose everything is gained and nothing is lost

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