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The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. DH Lawrence.

Update. My bags are packed. I'm ready to go. "How's you guts?"

"How's you guts?" My friend asked on Facebook. My reply. I think I'm in the clear John. It may have been another incredible Gift, wake up call. James. Chew. Chew man. Don't swallow until you chew it down to dust. And hydrate at least moderately at the same time.  Make it really really

My next read. Free download? Yes. Link here. Dangerous case of Donald Trump, Yale Professor Bandy Lee.


James Mission needs your help. Yes, that places no obligation on you, however...

.... the fact remains he needs your help, his mission needs your help.

he'll probably live many more years, but as Gandhi said, live as though you would die tomorrow and that's where I find the intensity of life worth living.
My most important work has been the site

As with my life, the purpose of this site is to help ignite not anyone, not everyone, that's just not possible anymore than it is possible to ignite any but the rarest of Twigs or branches in a forest that has been under Deluge for a long long time. My life and this site is designed to help reignite the one in a million soul that has not been virtually totally extinguished and with some powerful encouragement and removal of a sense of being totally alone, might be reignited to the humanity we are all born too.
I need people to spend some time at this site, 15 minutes oh, an hour, 15 hours, whatever. And to know their thoughtful comments positive and negative. With the intended audience and purpose in mind.

In a prior post this afternoon I indicated that it seems to me I will be going back on the road within a week or  so and that will reduce the time that I could work on this site.
 You, and or people you know that might provide a thoughtful review of what it is intending to be, please feel free to invite them to do so. James

Now, a given and fixed a sumption of this site, and my life experience tells me that, this one in a million sufficiently dry twig is dying to ignite. But it will not without help. Without a lot of help. Point being, unlike any other population this site does not have time to be spoon-fed, nor can it do all the work itself. But that's the balance.

by the way, why the snake picture? Got me. And the poor sucker wasn't alive anymore. It was on the road and I hoped to get it off but it was too late.

It was never time to be political, but that's all we've done and look it where....

It was never time to be political, but that's all we've done and look it where
it's gotten us. What if we tried doing the right thing? What if we took the consequences of doing the right thing, and then doing it again, and then doing it again, even if we knew we were going to fail? This is exactly what all the great souls in the history of the world have done, pleaded with us to do, died for us to do.

There is nothing left for us to lose materially except our denial and delusion. There is everything to be gained, in this process we would regain our souls. And this applies to any individual that makes the attempt.

Yes, all hope for material decency in the future is lost, James continually.....

Yes, all hope for material decency in the future is lost, James continually claims. But make no mistake. It is because we lack the only thing necessary a tiny fraction of enough living souls to save the future. Everything material necessary is available in abundance. Other than that mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

I have read a set of real credible articles by a courageous extremely credible Yale psychologist, with other degrees in Divinity and Medicine, who pulled....

I have read a set of real credible articles by a courageous extremely credible Yale psychologist, with other degrees in Divinity and Medicine, who pulled together a range of other experts and they published the book. Bandy Lee, the dangerous case of Donald Trump.  A line that hit me was about how it struck her that he is very much the toddler, not being derisive, being clinical, the toddler that has toys and sand and soldiers in front of her and creates in Her Imagination her total world. Of course this author said it better than this but that's the gist. It struck me as very apt. He has been enabled since toddlerhood to be a toddler Tyrant and is now. He is enabled to create his own fantasy world in material world with all the lackeys around him. He imagines the reality he wants and then with his tantrums and wealth imposes it. And that of his imagination is his reality, that's as far as it goes. And we let him. We let it, I mean. Worse than that, we totally enable it. If there were ever a time that we simply turned our attention away from him, whatever it cost us, he would fold like a pitiful House of Cards.

But infinitely more likely, we will allow him to keep his fingers from the new clear buttons, and to raise his rabble mob and it will be Nazi Germany all over again.

The time for me to go is Approaching. Bitter sweet. Update.

 As announced in a post yesterday a plan today was to take in additional day in the hospital in part so that a major stress test could take place, the one day a week All you can eat Asian buffet for lunch. That completed about an hour ago.

All great souls are failures. They have all tried to save the world. They have all totally failed. Except in joy. And saving the one in a million soul.

Saving lives? It is way too late for that. Saving Souls is the only responsible thing to do.

The material future is hell. Ecocide is certainty. Bear no more children. The Young Ones must be our priority.

We didn't choose ecocide. We chose happiness instead of joy, and the result is ecocide.

Thanks to so many good folks James is able to fight another day. Dodged another bullet. No Medicare, no James.

Thanks to my brothers  John Hevy and Bill Fletcher and you that Put Your Hearts under my wings and lifted me, and Medicare, and really good folks in the medical system here, James is here to fight another day.
I hope that the lesson to be learned here was, James, with this scar tissue in your belly, and now is the time when it starts to grab small intestine, shoe, Man, chew. Nothing smaller than piece of dust gets into your stomach. Pulverize it first. There may be more to it than that, maybe I would need to radically restrict my activity and my need for calories but that's a price I'm loath to pay.

In an abundance of caution, and with financial help from a brother, last night was spent in the hostel and again tonight. Today I will resume my once per week all you can eat Asian buffet, yep. It's a necessary part of the health of this mission. My intention is to pulverized like crazy and take more time. And to see how things go. Stress test if you will in a relatively safe environment. If that goes well as I expect it will then tomorrow normal routine will resume.

It is unfortunate. I seem to be hitting my stride in terms of my micro ability to help some soul here or there, at just the time they body gets more vulnerable. When I can no longer justify the resources I consume based on what hope for the world I might be, it's time to go. But that doesn't seem to be yet.


A small group of you seems to truly care. ...

It amazes me, and it touches me and lifts  my wings.

The tube is out.  A lifesaver in, and agony to swallow, and debilitating... my body saw it as a huge violation and shut down. And that was a mercy, allowing me to sleep through much of what otherwise would have been swallowing pain. Further aided by a beautifully equipped

Hell to pay there will be for our substitution of pets for people.....

It is a daily joy for me to coach butterflies out of the road, beetles out of the way, protect lines of ants from the unaware, step over plants in the sand....

But as a society we cheat, we are cowards, lavishing all our 'goodness' on pets, strays, whatever when millions of children need our help.

Because fighting for animal rights is pretty cheap personally, we do that, while human rights are really now near completely demolished. 

Now, it is Hell to pay.  The piper will be paid.

Morphine, for the Throat!

Stomach activity is possibly a good sign.  Little pain there in 18 hrs.  3 hour test yesterday: contrast pumped into stomach, xrays every 15 min to watch flow.  The xray tech, great guy, didn’t seem to see much flow, not a good sign.

The very nice and good doc in lone pine said, yep, about 4 years after surgery is when these adhesions, scar tissue spreading and kinking the bowel, about 4 yrs is when this STARTS to appear.  Hmmmmmmm.

Sleep almost nonstop - pain management, sickness, fatigue from my way of life.

One couldn’t be receiving better care anywhere. Kind, competent, excellent facility.

NG tube is agony.

I expect to see the docs this morning for a progress update and treatment outlook.

I’m guessing that the chopper transport vs road, and hospitalization suggest the life threatening nature of this condition.  But being in there care, there is little risk.

I'll be inquiring of the staff if I can self treat in future incidents somehow.  All this cost to society is barely justifiable for me.  But as long as I can be productive in my work I will consider it. 

Unable to voicetype due to high pain in throat, but have the laptop.

Guessing they will begin soft foods today, but have to wait to hear from docs.


Brief update. Severe throat pain from tube.

Little strength except to sleep or doze. Excellent care. Tube is an attempt to keep all pressure from the stomach off the intestine so that the intestine can relax and clear the blockage. Surgery is always an option but it creates major complications. Wait and see.


Chopper to Riverside Comm Hosp


Bowel obstruction, adhesion.....

The wonderful staff in this mall emergency room here in this small town is trying to find some qualified Hospital in the California that has a bed for me. If they find one the plan is to fly me there where they will place me under observation and hope that this obstruction clears and if not do surgery has non-invasive as possible. Apparently what they saw on the CAT scan today is quote, inconsistent with life. Yes, it is as uncomfortable as it looks.


Ignite soul log June 16. Important writing, routine maintenance to be ready to leave at moments notice.

Some important blog posts. Some very important articles read and posted some with slight analysis's. Several magnificent souls added to LSGIA being dot com. Mads Gilbert. And Holly, I'm forgetting her last name.

Frightening. Truly. All of a sudden this voice and a hand reaching into my vehicle as hot and tired I am

Vaguely aware was James of a car parked along the road and it would have been a man or men off at the creek fishing, which runs right along the stretch of road fishing. which runs right along the stretch of road. The arm reaching in was sweaty, it's very hot. Turning, I saw a middle aged man in a sleeveless blue shirt. Rather stocky, working class looking. I'm not sure what he said. But he padded my shoulder and moved back out of the way so as not to slow my travel.

What a magnificent random act kindness. that's what it was. I do wonder sometimes on these rare instances what inspiring of the heart if any, has occurred when someone reads the messages on this vehicle. for joy serve those poor souls in solidarity. Ignite your soul. The story, movie is what I've seen,  Pollyanna, always struck me as deeply serious. The message. Never have I made a study of it but sometime I might. psycho social analysis, very good soul in the midst of cold dead souls. And over time thawing takes place.

They are all our children. So are you working on a project the assistant server asked?

She is such a nice soul. Her dad is the cook at a restaurant I go to sometimes to sit For quiet and friendship and electricity and toast on the occasionall morning. There are a number of people on staff one in particular that has been so incredibly A friend since day one.

This little assistant server is as bright as a penny. Her soul has always spoken to me without words as being So solid, so good. My great warmth I have tried to appropriately Show But I couldn't tell whether this young one saw it or not. I suspected yes. No matter.

Today there reached a point where it was fairly quiet in the restaurant mid morning and all of a sudden this young 1, A sophomore in high school now came and sat down across from me.

Are you working on a project? Very respectful. Very honest. Very humble. Well, in 10 minutes we had covered, I had covered Kaaba the The tattoos which she asked about, oh, James, you don't like them? No! I never have! But that doesn't matter they're part of my work. The hunger strike for Darur in DC. The soul, the limbec system, almost always crushed by our head and Flesh.

Well, I finished, every waking 2nd I am working on my project which is to try and be prepared in the rare event that the one in a million souls still alive comes and Asks if I'm working on a project.

As I left I said, thank you for talking to me! Her coworker, my dear dear friend, overheard and said to me, James, she really likeed talking to you. What an inexpressible privilege and joy.

Solar RV cycling log June 15. It can't be this simple. * * * * *.

Is it As simple as pressing energy into the vehicle with the thighs as continuously as possible? I think so. There was a period of Literally unbelievable magic that lasted for weeks and it was At least in my mind it was lifting one leg high after a time 1 after another and there was tremendous power and virtual effortless Nas and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why it was working and that's why I lost it and I couldn't get it back

Now I think I know what it was. When one thigh is lifted the other 1 naturally presses down and as I now understand the notion of the piston on the locomotive And the wip action that takes place at the end of the knee pressing down why that would work but at the time I was clueless and once it was gone it was gone. well what is back is the notion that the job of this body is to put energy into the vehicle and have faith which is appropriate that the vehicle will see that and add it's appropriate share.

James, attempt to remember the that the last two or three inches of the stroke may be where that high leverage whip action is. Point being. It's one of those things that maybe one can't go for directly. What one must go for directly in this case is delivering a six or eight inch pressure extrusion or stripe. But it is useful to remember that the last two inches of that, maybe where that whip action is. And on this voyage that has been forgotten as a explicit goal. It seems the body has maybe found it unconsciously. But now, with half a mile to go has become conscious