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Ignite soul log June 16. Important writing, routine maintenance to be ready to leave at moments notice.

Some important blog posts. Some very important articles read and posted some with slight analysis's. Several magnificent souls added to LSGIA being dot com. Mads Gilbert. And Holly, I'm forgetting her last name.
Young woman recently deceased from cancer, but not before selling her house to fund a brilliant courageous legal campaign to establish planetary destruction as a crime against humanity. What a privilege and honor to witness such souls. The most enviable and joyful lives.

Much work was done on the vehicle in the last 6 months to hopefully make it equipped for the severe climbing happening multiple times a week in this magnificent area. And all of that work is proving itself.

James may also be settling slightly into a more mature resignation that this vehicle partner is not impressed by procrastination. The needs of sol, this vehicle, are not determined by James schedule. Possibly James is being a bit more proactive. Or maybe just lucky.

There are 7 solar panels each 100 W on this vehicle. These are the longest solar  weeks of the year just Before & After June 21st. we don't use 50% of the potential solar energy coming down. But in another 2 weeks the decline will begin gradually over 6 months. And in line with the responsibility to be ready to leave at any moment without too much disruption to the real work which is study and preparation and writing, the 2 solar panels that have been faulty or intermittent work was done today to resolve those.

It turns out that 1 was a solar controller that had failed and it turns out moisture must have gotten in, water at some point. My best guess is that snow blew in this Winter and melted but it was not an expensive fix, the part arrived several days ago and was installed today. And the 7 solar controllers are now in a much more moisture protected situation than they were before period

Anyone that has followed this journey, and probably no one is, might know that a year ago almost exactly all 6 of the 7 panels had failed and had to be replaced. It turns out that almost certainly they all failed due to being on insufficient support structures that allowed flexing which resulted in broken internal wiring. No proof of that but it's probably 90%. Well for the last year that has been resolved and yet the other intermittent solar panel pretty it may well be that it is a problem the manufacture, Chinese, extremely good I think, is aware of. somehow the Junction Box for the wiring becomes a bit faulty. Loose. And there is evidence from today that supports that theory. In bright Sun no amperage was appearing until James pressed on the Junction Box and then it was normal.

With the panels that failed last year it was very sad but absolutely shocking how responsible the panel supplier was. They replaced them at almost no cost to me. Almost no questions asked.

For possibly 3 or 4 weeks now the attempt has been made by James to contact the manufacture of these 6 panels which is different than the prior manufacturer but had been highly recommended by reputable engineer. No response. No response. No response.

About 5 days ago James tried a different way of reaching them and the response has been excellent.  every appearance that after the problem is diagnosed they will do what is necessary.

Yes, no metrics have been posted by James in recent weeks. The purpose of those metrics is to focus and guide and increase the intensity Of James work. This is all about harnessing the nervous system and ultimately keeping the soul in charge and as intensely ignited as possible. Although James is not exercising the metrics every day he is periodically and no substantial change down or up. His new primary metric is rating from 0 low, up to 10 Hi, this issue, pioneering joy in hell. For several weeks now James has been receiving and attempting to embody that primary goal which is what we owe all of creation and certainly all surviving human spirits, it is what we always owed. It is what Confucius and Buddha and Jesus and Jeremiah and Amos and Hillel and zoroastre were on to and encouraging us toward.

James has no idea if he will ever be able to drive these metrics from a smoldering, lukewarm range of 7 up to 8.2, yes no idea. He certainly wants to but only time will tell.

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