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Update. My bags are packed. I'm ready to go. "How's you guts?"

"How's you guts?" My friend asked on Facebook. My reply. I think I'm in the clear John. It may have been another incredible Gift, wake up call. James. Chew. Chew man. Don't swallow until you chew it down to dust. And hydrate at least moderately at the same time.  Make it really really
really easy on the small intestine to accept from the stomach. This is wildly speculative, the following. But ever since the cancer operation it is virtually never that I have a solid bowel movement. This chewing may have been part of it. We'll see. But in any case, yesterday was a big food intake stress test and we passed with flying colors.  John, It was such a gigantic blessing for me to get to know you, to spend some time with you. Such a nice man. An angel Among Us.

Less than 100% chance I'll be departing Lone Pine as projected yesterday, this when I thought more soberly about the heat this time of year, even heading north, as I thought about it last night and early this morning. But as some mapping was done the this morning now, the odds are quite high again. It will be with deeply fond sadness that I depart this area. But it is back to feeling like the most joyful thing to do right now,  not the departing the area, But the seeing if this old teabag can find some boiling water, to steep in.

it looks like three or four days barring any severe winds, for which this area is prone, to make it to elevations two or 3000 some feet higher, cooler.  up toward Monmouth lakes. It might be that I'm not worrying enough about the heat. But it's also possible. I'm worrying too much. Worrying is probably not the right word but paying attention to? .

"You are an amazing soul James. Thank you for everything you do to help spread the light. I sincerely appreciate you," my friend Rex wrote. " you are totally worth it James, you have given everything. Please accept the medical support from our society? You need to carry on your important teaching. "  paraphrase. My friend Shoto despite my periodic harshness has refused for our relationship to terminate. I'm so glad.

I don't know what I am period. James does not know what he is. He never has.  it's a mystery. He just gets pulled forward and forward. But it seems he has good within him, no credit to him. The only reason he can think that his overachieving father didn't have him killed. And he needs to continue to do what he can to intensify that. Increase the potency and to make it available as best he can. And he is sensing all of a sudden this last day or so that the growing process which was the purpose of being here in Lone Pine, Mount Whitney, has indeed enabled a tremendous amount of growth and solidifying of what James has spent a lifetime striving toward. at a point of completion? ROFL but at a point of mastery that is suchhe must get out and see what he can do to give it wider availability. A more aggressive fishing expedition more aggressively offering the seeds for planting. the vehicle Sol has been receiving some considerable thought regarding this resumption of more aggressive traveling mentioned.

As stated by James recently  an interest in having a rear drive wheel situation that is better able to handle Sandy and packed dirt roads where the climbing may be significant. My brother john hevy brought to my mind an idea that had been discarded some time ago of attempting to establish effectively a tire chain sort of option for these brief periods when such off road travel is expected really desirable.

At the  hardware store some plastic stranded rope was secured and tomorrow it is expected that that will be attempted on several areas that have been difficult or impossible to surmount ground here, wrapping it around the rear wheel. James is carrying a tire received last week, which is also an important opportunity to try a three inch wide tire versus the 2.4 currently on the vehicle, now worn out. The 3 in it is relatively expensive. And much of the travel now if indeed Lone Pine is departed will be highway shoulder well paved and smooth. And this knobby three inch wide tire is not ideal for that. So if in fact, this tire chain idea that john revived works out that will be a really wonderful option and the knobby tire will be carried if the situation calls for.

James if you do indeed depart the  Mount Whitney, you will be missed. said someone who works in one of the establishments that I frequent when I told her. my beloved sister Chrissy at the restaurant where I had toast this morning is so worried about my health that I didn't even have the heart to tell her that I might be departing. Maybe tomorrow morning if I see her.

This town has just been a godsend for me. Such an oasis. Such a place to build for the next work.

on more of a newsy Note. The fire season no longer exists. In California, it is always fire season. But there are more intense times than others and we're beginning to move into the more intense times. about 40 miles south west of Lone Pine a fire of about 500 acres has been burning way back in the wilderness. Lone Pine is in the very top right of the map. And helicopters have been very active farrying something and apparently some of it being water from very near the portal road where I spend much of my time working online. There has also been a fair amount of hiker emergencies on Whitney, which has much more snow than prior seasons for a long time, and is apparently very treacherous. A fellow from the East Coast was found dead there within the last week. And I'm informed there have been three deaths so far this year. On Whitney much of it apparently doesn't make the news, the average being six or seven a year. And that also may be responsible for some of the helicopter activities.

I'm feeling substantially full emotionally this morning. Some of it is probably the intense feeling that comes when you've dodged the bullet. All this medical emergency stuff. Some of it with a thought of moving past Lone Pine. Much of it with the outpouring of genuine concern for James from Facebook friends and friends face to face.

Very expensive very rare event happily staying yet a third night here at the Mount Whitney hostel here in town. It is  not a clear call in the least. But it's the call just made by James, his nervous system is telling him you're entering a substantial transition, you're in a substantial transition. Take another day and get your feet on the ground. Further mapping of places to stay off road in the coming weeks and months is being done. And probably work on the major project that James would like to complete before taking to the road. And that is a annotation of the now clean. Four Gospels, Tolstoy translation and then extraction of the summary portions of that into a more comprehensive, clean certain document that he can have a central though not exclusive to his audio study as he is on the road.

Also, quite possibly, he will be downloading a book he's referenced several times in recent days by the Yale multi degreed authority that had the guts months or a year or so ago, to pull together some prestigious colleagues across the country in psychology to do something that psychologists never do, stick their necks out and express concern about someone. In this case, Donald Trump the dangerous case of Donald Trump, as I recall, is the name of the book. No, I do not advocate for me or anyone that we afford ourselves the criminal luxury of constricting Donald Trump. It's too late. The Titanic is sinking. What article suggests to me that this book  buy a Bandy Lee provides an extraordinary window to more deeply understand human pathology. And for that reason, it will most likely be downloaded and translated into a form that James can have read to him some weeks hence. He'll also be creating a post for the of what James currently experiences as a massive epiphany regarding the audience that all of us should be focused on, the micro audience, But who are they? James feels that for his own work, some tremendous clarity came regarding that tremendously important topic.

Also, a reason for delaying departure another week or so, a dentist appointment is scheduled for this coming week as is a doctor's appointment, be when we follow up ask for by the ortho trauma Hwang down at Riverside several days ago.

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