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James Mission needs your help. Yes, that places no obligation on you, however...

.... the fact remains he needs your help, his mission needs your help.

he'll probably live many more years, but as Gandhi said, live as though you would die tomorrow and that's where I find the intensity of life worth living.
My most important work has been the site

As with my life, the purpose of this site is to help ignite not anyone, not everyone, that's just not possible anymore than it is possible to ignite any but the rarest of Twigs or branches in a forest that has been under Deluge for a long long time. My life and this site is designed to help reignite the one in a million soul that has not been virtually totally extinguished and with some powerful encouragement and removal of a sense of being totally alone, might be reignited to the humanity we are all born too.
I need people to spend some time at this site, 15 minutes oh, an hour, 15 hours, whatever. And to know their thoughtful comments positive and negative. With the intended audience and purpose in mind.

In a prior post this afternoon I indicated that it seems to me I will be going back on the road within a week or  so and that will reduce the time that I could work on this site.
 You, and or people you know that might provide a thoughtful review of what it is intending to be, please feel free to invite them to do so. James

Now, a given and fixed a sumption of this site, and my life experience tells me that, this one in a million sufficiently dry twig is dying to ignite. But it will not without help. Without a lot of help. Point being, unlike any other population this site does not have time to be spoon-fed, nor can it do all the work itself. But that's the balance.

by the way, why the snake picture? Got me. And the poor sucker wasn't alive anymore. It was on the road and I hoped to get it off but it was too late.

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