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We aim to establish the first of a series of Communities that Starve the Corporate Capitalist State (CSCCS). These will.......

### CSCCS's, Communities that Starve the Corporate Capitalist State. This is my understanding of the initial thoughts of this core team. Your comments, suggestions, recommendations are welcome. Please read and comment. 

"We aim to establish the first of a series of Communities that Starve the Corporate Capitalist State (CSCCS).  These will be self growing, self-sustaining, self-propagating, with near zero consumption of corporate or capitalist Goods of any sort, and near zero extraction from mother earth.  The basic design approach is so threatening to corporate profits that upon being understood it has been banned from University campuses and even meetings of the UN.

With much less technological know-how for thousands of years people lived on earth doing what we intend to by way of minimizing disruption and they lived at a much higher inner quality of life than most people do today. We intend to bridge this Gap for the benefit of humankind and the benefit of creation. We see no other way to stop our Collective suicide now in its Advanced stages, than to starve the corporate capitalist state.

A core team proven in commitment and expert in architecture, Construction, and Technology is exploring available options for partnership that provides land, passionate long-term commitment to the vision, and possibly funding. All parties are investing heavily and will gladly Supply Mutual guarantees. The property that offers the strongest Foundation is what we will select and currently that looks like a property in Vermont but we are very open to other options and are exploring several.

These are perpetual cultures of contribution, from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs, that are radically inclusive with a priority of helping disenfranchised, disengaged communities to slowly but surely become revitalized through participation and eventual inclusion in each of these Ventures. We are determined to expand the current core team for Greater inclusivity by age and gender, as quickly as possible.

At the medium and long-term heart of this venture are children with healthy activities at the center of the community and Community Construction.

The core team is not looking to build communities for themselves but rather upon establishing each Community will move on to the next.

Although the pragmatic, judicious use of corporate capitalist products will take place, by harnessing the energy of Mother Earth, and the Sun, in millions of tons of Earth placed above Earth bearing structures even the use of corporate products such as solar panels and wind turbines will be minimized. Each Community will be self-sustaining in its food and the availability of water sources, ideally river or lake, will provide many advantages.

Those who are passionate about this vision, and have thoughts about available suitable land, and or funding, and joining this mission, please comment or message us.

Everyone wants a revolution, no one wants to be the revolution. It will be interesting to see who if anyone will stand with us in this mission."