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Eureka!!!! "Let your yes be your yes, and your no, your no." I GET IT!

This is one of the last bits of Jesus' scripture that just wasn't clicking for me clearly.  Then...

Last night on my shift at the White House an "action" unfolded in front of me - "Christian Peace Witness," or something.  According to their papers they were there to end the war on Iraq.  200 of them.  Candles.  Singing.

I think I can best capture the sPIRIT of the whole thing with this - after their solemn walking and singing "cHRISTIAN" songs, out of the entire group of 200, maybe 20, only 20 as per pre-agreement moved to the sidewalk in front of the White House knowing that by being stationary they would be arrested (and held for an hour or so, then released without a record.  But hey, it is SOMETHING).  ONLY 20, in the, what, 7th year of a war that they "say" horrifies them?!?!!??!  But this is not the telling part!!!!!  It IS scary to be arrested (even if it is not your first time!)  Well, when it comes time for arrest, the 180 are SAFELY placed behind a police tape about 20 yards away - clear view of those 20 starting to suffer.  What do the do-nothings do?  Well, for a while these onlookers (not really, pretty self-amused and self absorbed) in a real self-absorbed way sing - TO THEMSELVES!   Having a real good time!!!!!  Zero empathy and solidarity, zero encouragement and service of the 20 actually DOING something, RISKING SOMETHING - SUFFERING!!!!!  AND HERE'S THE GOOD PART!!!!  With 3 left to be arrested and put in the van - these 180 ABANDON THE 3 LONELY "CHRISTS" RIGHT THERE ON THE CROSS!!!!  WHY?  THEY CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE TO ANOTHER PART OF THE PARK TO CONTINUE THEIR CIRCLE JERK, I MEAN, TO SING SOME MORE "cHRISTIAN" SONGS TO THEMSELVES.

Well, at least they didn't chant, "CRUCIFY THEM!"

If I'm being other than entirely fair, accurate and Truthful may God strike me dead.

These poor, blind, hideous creatures!!!!  "Let your yes be YOUR YES," let your LOVE be YOUR LOVE, NOT some crippled, perverted, tortured RITUAL ENACTMENT OF "LOVE!!!!!!!"  STOP THE DOING OF "CHURCH" IN STEAD OF THE DOING OF "LOVE!!!!!!"  OH MY GOD.

[Yes, I am upset.  I am horrified, disgusted and revolted.  This is so typical.]