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***** 01.03.13 Ecocide's Death Fast Day 1: Solidarity with Theresa Spence, Diane Wilson

 [ZERO endorsement, approval, agreement, fore-knowledge, or acceptance by Chief Theresa Spence or Diane Wilson (and here, and here )of me or my action is implied here, nor in any way has it been secured.  Quite possibly, the opposite.  They are not to blame, nor to be held responsible for my actions.  I act entirely on my own, as best I can hear our Creator (same as them, I'll wager).]

' 'Till enough are seen UNVIOLENTLY dying for it, giving 100% of their very being, global warming, Ecocide by GHG, and trampling of such few, remaining, meaningful lives as Earth's Indigenous peoples, won't stop. [You saw Avatar, right?] HOWEVER, WHEN enough are seen dying for it, giving 100% of all that they have and all that they are, UNVIOLENTLY, global warming, Global Ecocide, and trampling of what few meaningful lives that exist... WILL STOP.  IT WILL STOP, THEN.  AND NOTHING LESS, NOTHING ELSE, CAN DO IT, before what tiny hope that exists now, is lost, forever.' Loving ("Global Warming's Death, Fast.")

Yes, this is my 3rd Death Fast, 39 days, then 5 days, in 2012  (here, and here). These came on the heals of two, 50 day water only hunger strikes in front of the White House, to avert Global Ecocide by GHG, in 2011. A Death Fast is not some macabre, perverted commitment to die, anymore than a weapon of mass destruction is a commitment to mass destroy.  Both are weapons of ultimate power - one to destroy, the other to Create; one a weapon of ultimate Violence, the other a weapon of ultimate Loving.  Sometimes, they go unused.  Sometimes tests, even if unplanned, as were my 1st two, unexpectedly.  Sometimes launched, but aborted.  Sometimes launched, and allowed to reach their target.  Sometimes irresponsibly used, or hollowly threatened - neither of which have I ever, nor will I ever do.

204 billion kids ARE my life, 200 billion to be born, 4 billion alive already.  They're dead, tortured, eviscerated...  already, unless we change things now.  Now.  NOW. TODAY. 2013.  Yes, 40 years ago, when the US Government's Lincoln-created advisory panel, the National Institute of Science warned the President that global warming was the greatest threat ever to face humanity... was our last great, clear, near 100% chance to save our kids.  But we've done nothing since then, we the keepers of our children - we've done nothing but make our own lives, like vultures...

  • auth-whoring,
  • blogging (rhymes with flogging),
  • studying (rhymes with bloodying),
  • meeting (rhymes with bleating),
  • reporting (rhymes with devouring),
  • talking (rhymes with balking),
  • activisting (rhymes with sado-masochisting),
  • DENYING - our OWN PERSONAL responsibility AS PARENTS, AUNTS, GRANDPARENTS, BROTHERS... to STAND ('Denying' rhymes with forever-dying)...

So here we are (watch it.  Click lwr right of vid field for full screen.  Plse, watch it.):


 ... uh, did I mention - HERE WE ARE???

7 months ago it was clear to me that if there was enough sanity left on earth to Wage All-out Unviolent War, Waging Love, with their own bodies, to stop Global Ecocide by GHG, it was among our Indigenous Nations - Canadian (Athabascan, esp), US, Island Nations, Alaskan, Amazonian, South American, Asian...; and they and their children are the earliest victims, as usual.  This came clear to me during my 1st Death Fast in the spring of 2012.  I ended the 2nd Death Fast last summer, because I saw that there was no Life, no Humanity left on 2012 earth, that it already was a Dead planet, even among our Indigenous... too completely Dead for my Death Fast to do any good, and NONE OF US are to throw our lives away.  Including me.  EVER.  ("Resurrecting your Unviolent Warrior").

But now I see four things:

1.  Life among the Indigenous, I think - Chief Theresa Spencedle no more....

2.  Life elsewhere, such as  Diane Wilson.

3.  Clearly now I see - 'Unless the seed dies, and falls to earth, it bears no fruit,' Jesus.  The anti-apartheid movement was Dead in South Africa until Steve Biko (1977) and others Died, and fell to earth 16 YEARS before apartheid fell... and then there was Life.  Blacks lynched, Died in the US 1930's, Seeds that bore fruit 20, 30 years later in the '50's and '60's.  Tunisian alight before the Arab Spring.   Buddhist Monks alight in the early-mid1960's to stop the Vietnam Genocide half a decade later....  I've seen this pattern for years.  I've wondered if I was ever to be one of these Seeds.  I've not been able to see myself as that till now.  I think I do now.  Pretty clearly.  I Pray, that I may be Prayer, a Seed, in time.

4.  There is no more  time.  Unless the Indigenous UNVIOLENT uprising, Waging Love with their OWN BODIES, is beginning, there's no more time.    NONE.  The physics is, about a 20% chance it is already too late to stop.  Uh, did I mention, here we are?  (watch all 30 min.  Trust me.)

Will there be a Death Fast 4 form me?  The one I began last night, is number 3 for me.

What is a Death Fast, anyway?  Well, here's the book I wrote on it: here (see tabs above) .  But it is a Hunger Strike where an end victory cannot be seen in time to save the Death Faster, and the Faster's Death is a perfectly acceptable, and the most likely outcome.  It is a decision to be a Seed, if that is what in the end is the best way to serve.  It is the ultimate statement of all perfect Unviolent warfare: 'I am here to collect what is rightfully mine ( in this case - legislation to charge NOW, the $250 / ton of GHG that currently is being 'billed' to our kids in the future - see vid), a future for my 204 billion kids.  And if the price for that is my life, I'm perfectly happy to pay it!  Right now.'

Death Fast NEVER is a decision to die!  It is a decision to serve with one's last breath, in my case, the Mission of the virtually impossible averting of Global Ecocide by GHG,  with ONE'S LAST BREATH, WITH 100% OF WHAT ONE IS, IN THE MOST PROMISING, POWERFUL (REGARDLESS OF HOW UNLIKELY) WAY POSSIBLE.  ('If the idea is not absurd, it has no hope.' Einstein paraphrase).  Death Fast is the ultimate weapon of the Unviolent Soldier, and it has the potential to Bear the Fruit of other Unviolent Warriors.  In Steve Biko's case, 5, 10 years later.  We don't have 5, 10 years.  We don't have 5, 10 months:

But I can't change that.  I can only change me.  And so I shall continue to try, with every breath.

I wonder how this will turn out.

Until in 60 or so days from now when I expect that they cart me away, I expect to remain at the now 7 month old 22/7 vigil in front of the DC Canadian Embassy taking vitamin, Iron (for my cancer-driven anemia to reduce the torturous restless-leg syndrome that results otherwise), and zero calorie electrolytes when available.  I may retreat physically for a few days or weeks, if friends in Philly will take me, cart me up and back) during the security of the Inauguration - I'm smack dab in the middle of Pr. Obama's route, LOL; but the Death Fast would continue uninterrupted.

The greatest, foundational Hope of MLK Jr, and Gandhi, our two greatest unvololent warriors of recent history, was in the Teachings of the man named Jesus, (  Tolstoy ).  Mine too.  I've been re-immersed in study of His teachings these recent months to be a Prayer of channeling His Teachings to my Life, and into this Lifeless, Hopeless age.  I expect to continue doing so, and to attempt to study and channel as well the Lives and Teachings of Gandhi, MLK Jr, Teresa of Calcutta, the Freedom Riders, and some of the other Wise we've been given.

I see no other hope, and no other Path for me that is nearly as promising for my 204 billion kids.

God, PLEASE Save their Souls.  By all indications, WE WILL NOT.

01.02.12 I'm considering Hunger Strike / Death Fast - Idle No More Solidarity

 01.02.12 I'm considering Hunger Strike / Death Fast - Idle No More Solidarity, and to Avert Ecocide - End Global Warming

For a year or more it has been my view that unless the Indigenous Nations of the world lead us back from Ecocide, with their Lives, Unviolently, dying, as many of us as is needed, THERE IS NO HOPE. They, as sick, broken... as many are, our Indigenous of the world are probably our last remaining repository of much Humanity, Sanity, and if they don't have enough to See what is at stake,

 and enough Courage, Love, of Creation, to Joyfully Die if need be to save our children, that NO ONE DOES.

But they may.  Google Idle No More.

Chief Spence is on day 20 or so of her Hunger Strike to protect her Indigenous Nation from having it's right to meaningful life revoked by the Canadian Harper government, as I understand it.


Tho her stand is not directly against Ecocide, as is mine, as the stand of all should be, I believe it IS a stand for MEANINGFUL LIFE, and this is virtually the same.

I've communicated to an intermediary to Chief Spence,  to see what she thinks of me joining the Hunger Strike..  We are out of time to avert Ecocide.  I don't know if Chief Spence's work is the beginning of the End, but if it is not it is too late anyway.  And if it is, I have to give my last breath to make it INDEED, the End of the End, the End of ECOCIDE.  The end of any future for Children, EVER..  Anywhere.

I'll remain in Prayer, seeking in my imagination, the Wisdom, Will, Guidance of the Creator.

You, should do the same.  You do love our children.  Right?


Death Fast Resuming Monday

The HOPE of Suffering Near Perfect Solitude, Ferocious Truth to one's Calling

A note from one of the less than 10 in my life that haven't totally fallen away, on facebook, this morning:  Happy Birthday (it's this month). You ARE an inspiration.
My reply: You are extremely kind in saying this Craig.  Thank you.  By being who I am, more relentlessly every day, I repel almost everyone.  This has always been true of me but it accelerates as my last vestiges of trying to be what the status quo wants of me, fall away.  It always hurt, the isolation that resulted.  Finally, I'm running toward it, not the isolation, but the Hope of being 100% what I'm supposed to be, what is needed of me.  The way I thought of it this morning was, that I was born to be an important piece of a jig-saw puzzle, but I correctly sensed that by being that, I would NOT fit with so many other pieces, so I tried to contort myself away from being what I was born to be, what was needed of me, so I wouldn't suffer that massive isolation!  But after 60 years of trying it this way, I now realize, 1.  That self distortion, self mutilation HURTS, and 2.  by self distorting, self mutilating, IF THERE ARE ONE, TWO, A FEW OTHER PUZZLE PIECES WITH WHOM I'M SUPPOSED TO FIT, I'M PREVENTING THAT, FOREVER!  No more!  I'll take my chances.  I'll be what is needed of me, for itself, for my love of the Whole.  But in doing so, when other 'pieces' more quickly than ever, realize I am NOT a Fit with them, and move away, I'm grateful, I'm happy, because I realize who and what I'm suppose to be is getting clearer, and therefore that if there are those for whom I'm a fit, it will be ever more possible, ever more easy for that potential fit to be seen, and for it to happen.  Loving  
 Post this morning:


When I restart the Death Fast....

When, maybe 'if,' I restart the Death Fast:

1.  Over the next few days I expect to be posting my thinking, here.  So, if you wish to know my thinking, you'll want to check this link, or better yet, subscribe to the daily summary.  I do not expect to repeat what I post.  If one is interested, they can read, and then we can discuss.  Billions of lives depend on our every second, and I for one, will waste not a one, as you should demand of me, and yourself.

2.  I'm not open to arguing, but with those of you that have earned it through your kindness (you know who you are) I am open to some further discussion and clarification, and to hear your thoughts, now.

3.  But when (if) I restart, one of the things I've learned is that I can't retain the clarity I need for that part of the work if I allow ANY dialog.  So, if there is to be any talk, NOW is the time.  Once, if, I restart, other than what I've written, said, and blog, there will be zero communication, internet or in person.

I've been holding at the body-weight of Day 15, measuring my calories daily, verified on the scale this past Wednesday - 157 lbs, for me.  When, if, I restart, I may start at zero, or Day 15.  Not sure yet.

Yes, I am riding a bull, riding a roller coaster, sailing in a storm - external and internal. Detach, if and when you need to.  I'll think none the less of you.

I experience my fits and starts this way - if my kid were pinned under a car, and it was only me that was there to get it off - I wouldn't know how, I'd grab this way, I'd grab that way, I'd try this, I'd try that, and I'd keep trying, I'd recognize I was failing, but I wouldn't stop trying, and trying new ways that seemed promising.  That's how it is with me.


nd GWDF2 D15H11 'None alive stand where I stand. Universally Rejected, I admit. But I stand where Jesus, King, Gandhi, Corrie, Alice Paul, Diane Nash stand. Hmmm.' Loving

nd GWDF2 D15H11 'None alive stand where I stand.  Universally Rejected, I admit. But I stand where Jesus, King, Gandhi, Corrie, Alice Paul, Diane Nash stand.  Hmmm.' Loving

GWDF2 D15H11 Extensive Pain, and Dr. Brown Convolutions Slow Down

GWDF2 D15H11 Extensive Pain, Elections, and Dr. Brown Convolutions Slow Down

The 9 day escape from hours per day of abdominal pain has ended.  Thank goodness for the new meds, but their effect was temporary.  Evaluation for tests is October 11 at which point they become scheduled. 

The pain for hours per day makes work difficult, and at times, dozing is all I can manage.

Also, Dr. Lester Brown's Plan B 3.0 is to locked in, what, infotainment?  Self-aggrandizement?  Puffery?  Unraveling it for the Actionable Essentials is insanely slow, and maybe impossible.

I may be forced to jump over #4 to #5 - Dr. Joe Romm, Actionable Essentials, and that may provide enough of a framework to come back to #4.


GWDF2 D15H8 Internal Bleeding Tests Sched 10/11

Given that I can, to my horror, see no signs of viable human Life  (NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE) ( ) I'm holding at day 15 of the Death Fast for 8 days now, and expect to continue this indefinitely, month, longer.  This morning on the scale at the Unity Health Care Center I verified that I'm maintaining the 15 day, .5lb per day weight loss of the 15 days of the Death Fast I endured.

I understand from beloved doc Cardile this morning that a colonscopy, and the one thru the throat, could point to some inexpensive therapy - targeted anti-biotic, for example.  Even tho my fellow citizens would cover it, I'm forever unwilling for expensive care, when 4 billion of my sisters and brothers exist on $4 per day or less?  Been there.  Done that.  Never again.

Oct 11 is a consultation, tests to be scheduled then.

Gandhi: "The golden rule is to steadfastly refuse what millions cannot have."  Yes. True.  Solidarity is, IS, Loving.  Nothing else is.

GWDF2 D15H8 Road-trip War Chest - Accepting Pledges

GWDF2 D15H8 Road-trip War Chest - Accepting Pledges

[Johnny Appleseed; Paul Revere...; may point the way for me, at this time.]

[Note, share this with friends.  SHARE THIS WITH FRIENDS.  Yes, it is time for folks to find new guts, boldness, venturing outside our comfort zones....  WAYYYYYYY past time.]   [Oh, uh, share this with friends.]  [Yes, even NOW would be a good time.  We are as much as 15-20 years too late on getting started here.]

Accepting pledges, not funds, but pledges, so I know what support could be there if I need it.  Giving me some idea of your thoughts of your aggressive support / solidarity (zero 'charity' accepted), if you have them, would be very useful to my planning.

For many years, 9 or so, the vision of walking the country has been in and out of my mind.  With my within the last 2 weeks Vision, Revelation that like with Wall-e, there are no signs of Life on earth (Life: that which JOYFULLY, TOTALLY risks all against existential threats to it's children; like my father's generation did against the Nazi threat; True for every still-viable species, which we humans have ceased being, NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE), the idea of traveling the country, by bike, pulling a cart with "Save our Kids, Kill GHG" sign;  stopping in town squares to 'soap box...,' is raging back into my mind.  Why?
#1.  To search for the 1 in a million insanely humane (INSHE), and help them understand the existential threat of free dumping of GHG;
#2.  Raising general awareness of the GHG Existential Threat - Ecocide; Envirogeddon.

I'm one of the few (fewer than 2?) that understands this issue at an authoritative level in my Head (there are thousands who also do) and in my Heart (the other being, uh, who, based on their behavior, who?  MK Golden.  Who else?????)  My understanding is growing by 9-12 hours per day of deep study of the best, most authoritative information; 7 days per week, every, EVERY waking second.  Maybe approaching the Masters or PhD level already, within several months there may be none that have my Heart AND Head grasp.  The DC, national, and international 'clubs' on this issue, scientific, 'activist' have world-class defenses against me and anyone not in the 'club (placing the club members, their status quo, comfort, above humanity)' but some folks in towns around the country, don't have those defenses against a guy 60 year old guy in questionable health, with facial tattoos, adoring Jesus, adoring every species, every human, risking all, giving away totally, 100% for free, multi-degree PhD level skills and expertise that industry paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for, in my earlier life  (SL , TPB .  Somewhere along a 24 / 7 / 365 multi-year nationwide bike trip there could be some insanely humane, of Creator knows what background creed age socioeconomics... that could come to realize that a planet without life support can't deal with the issues they've otherwise been fighting for; and that they need to focus on GHG so they have time for the issues they already were on.

What funding would I need?  Not sure yet.  Maybe none.  Maybe some hundreds of dollars.

Two insane angels in my life have already proveded  funds that might be enough, safely hoarded in a bank.  Due to them I have laptop, wifi, basic solar power, and basic solar power storage.  But I see additdional needs:

*  Bike
*  Bike cart; and maybe just the cart - walking may be the best way for me to go.
*  Signage suitable for an arduous trip
*  Light-weight sleeping bag - all season
*  Additional solar panel
*  Enhaced communication vs what I have now - I'd need the biggest (rural, nation-wide) wifi network / communication and that could involve a 2 year contract with Verizon, and maybe a smart-phone.  I'm envisioning doing this in a way that enabled me to remain hugely productive in study and publishing on the internet as I bike, or possibly, so I can work on computer, act as a mule to the cart of stuff I'd drag.

Anyway, this is what is raging in my mind.

Timeframe?  The (Actionable Essentials (Drs Hansen, Romm, Brown, Stern, IEA, EIA...) books I'm working on for you, are also for me - establishing a world-class, authoritative scaffolding for me of the basic information that John Q's need to advocate for the next 200 billion kids.  These will keep me pinned down here another few months.  But then I'd be free to head south in the winter months, on the journey.

Oh, uh, ps: 
[Note, share this with friends.  SHARE THIS WITH FRIENDS.  Yes, it is time for folks to find new guts, boldness, venturing outside our comfort zones....  WAYYYYYYY past time.]   [Oh, uh, share this with friends.]  [Yes, even NOW would be a good time.  We are as much as 15-20 years too late on getting started here.]

Accepting pledges, not funds, but pledges, so I know what support could be there if I need it.  Giving me some idea of your thoughts of your aggressive support / solidarity (zero 'charity' accepted), if you have them, would be very useful to my planning.

Loving 200 Billion Kids Bangladeshis....


GWDF2 D15H3 Synonyms: Courage; Loving. Inseparable.'

GWDF2 D15H3 'Synonyms:  Courage; Loving.  Inseparable.

For years when I've heard the word 'courage,' often directed at me and my work, I've understood - 'Courage is what Love looks like to the onlooker.'

Yesterday I realized - they are the same thing.  Courage IS Loving.  Loving IS Courage.  One does not happen without the other.

Yes, I see some problems with this, some things that seem like exceptions.  But I find that the above trumps those exceptions.

Loving is Courage.

Courage is Loving.

They are the same neurological faculty.  They are the same Psychological feature.

The other synonyms of Loving?  Solidarity.  Respect.  Identification with.  Courage.


nd GWDF2 D15H1 I guess, probes for 'life,' my Hunger Strikes, Death Fasts, in part are. None found. NONE

nd GWDF2 D15H1 I guess, probes for 'life,' my Hunger Strikes, Death Fasts, in part are.  None found.  NONE.

GWDF2 D15H1 I find this to be a lifeless planet. Truly.

GWDF2 D15H1  I find this to be a lifeless planet.  Truly.  I see no signs of life.  Rachel Corrie is dead.  Steve Biko is dead.  Gandhi and King are dead.

I see NO signs of life.  Only an all-embracing desire for The Matrix - Right and Center, and LEFT.

A friend had me watch the movie Wall-e recently.  We don't know how many hundreds or thousands of years he worked alone on a fully dead earth, until signs of life began to show, and then he took full advantage.

It may be that I too am to wait until such time as signs of life show up, preparing by writing, researching, vigiling at my Canadian Embassy outpost.

I don't know.

I see no signs of life.

As of this moment, I remain on "hold," as of today taking 1600-1800 calories per day to stay at my current 157, Day 15 weight.

I don't know what tomorrow brings.

Throughout most or much of his adulthood, England wanted nothing to do, NOTHING to do with Churchill; only when they saw existential threat, and then they wanted his help.  What did he do in the meantime?  Sharpened the saw, I'll guess.

Wall-e, aka Start Loving 200 Billion Kids Bangladeshis...