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***** vlog. Priorities: Updating the blog, Compiling a Death Fast Book, Showing the way with my life of how to Free Palestine… how to pay the price for them....

(NOTE: There are two long pauses at the beginning of the video as I deal with technical issues of recording and conducting text to speech at the same time.  And, obviously, there are major compromises to the the video in that I am punctuating, and speaking distinctly, for the transcription.  I need to make every second count.  We should all be making every second count.  These are the final days of possibility and NO ONE is standing up.  NO ONE.)

SPDF Day 9.  Priorities: I do not know how much time I have left.  Had I thought of an answer about five days ago I'd have thought just two or three weeks.  I've never been so sick on any sort of a fast.  Not nearly.  But after being re-hydrated at the ER, and after some useful conversation there, as to diet, 100 calories or so per day to treat my extreme fatigue so that I can mobile, as I demand to be...  my guess now is that this being day nine I have another month or two before going terminal.  For this I am grateful. A longer show, a longer dramatization of the Holocaust, is a good thing, on Capitol Hill, Online, here in front of NPR (Nauseating Pablum Radio where I am this week till 7pm or so each night), and at the Washington Post and White House when congress is out of town and weekends. 

But I don't know how long I've got.  And for now I'm guessing that the nature of my online activities will change substantially. 

As I noted yesterday in a crucial Blog Post (, Palestine was dying, is dying, for a lack of activists of REMOTELY the caliber, soul, commitment, embrace of the truth, determination to pay the price... that we last saw back in the sixties.  So my high priority is to do some further work on my blog (which is easily gotten to by googling 'start loving,' or using the easy to remember relay site, to devote my efforts to updating that blog, that message in a bottle I am leaving to the future, so that if after I'm gone someone's heart is awakened, someone's conscience is awakened, the curiosity of some serious soul is awakened, that I can serve them as best as possible based on my adulthood-long practice of high stakes leadership, high-stakes change, nonviolent study, nonviolent leadership, nonviolent (unviolent) practice.

Much of my time has continued to be devoted to studying the news on the extermination of Palestine and posting important stories.  I'll continue the study, but I suspect I'll Post far fewer of the stories to conserve time and to avoid watering down the more strategic posts. 

And the news doesn't change.  It's the same moment by moment, hour by hour savagery, depravity, NAZI-esq, violation of all that is human and decent, moral degeneracy exceeded only by that of we Americans, we citizens, that sit by while our tax dollars, our weaponry, our power to obstruct in the United Nations, are used to torture, torment, terrorize, and terminate this part of the family.


***** pic of Bibi and Barack: JVP, Code Pink, Open. Hillel, If Not Now, BDS...??? Those gutless, no skin in the game, silver spoon, unserious, uncommitted, tantruming whiners??? Israel OWNS the govs. of US, GDR, FR, UK, Egypt.... We have a 67 yr head start on the extermination, Adelson's billions, police state technology craved by world elites... and need just months to finish the job! BWAHAHAHAHAAAÀAAAAAAAAAAA..... (click for important detail)

 This meme I just created is mean and cruel. It is mean and cruel if facing the truth, the facts, in time to do something about it, regardless of how uncomfortable is, is mean and cruel. Today's liberals in, the United States at least, ever since the late sixties, never never never never never do this. They are my brothers and sisters. I love them. they have the right, legally at least, to choose what they are going to do. It is not my business to try and control what they do. it is my business to provide input, regardless of how unpleasant it may be , or a personal price, the total isolation, that it has cost me these last 6, 7, 8 years. Total exile . In my view I can think of nothing more mean and cruel than for the free Palestine movement to continue in the disgusting delusional thinking that currently and up until now embraces it. It too refuses to face the facts. It refuses to ask the question, regardless of how impossible, regardless of what would be the personal cost to me, what would it take to stop this genocide? It truly, savagely, mercilessly refuses to ask that question. If one does asked that question in light of all proven nonviolent theory, and the history of all proven nonviolent movements, then something like the meme above emerges. In a wonderful quote from Martin Luther King jr., he said, the three who walked past the victim lying by the dangerous road asked the question, if I stop, what will happen to me? The Good Samaritan ask a different question. If I do not stop, what will happen to him? If you find this post offensive, maybe you can be a little forgetting. I am on day 8 of the Stop Palestines Death Fast.


Tens of thousands in Tel Aviv demand the ouster of Satanyahu..... An estimated 60,000 Israelis participated in a rally calling to oust Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister. Read more here: A former Mossad chief and an ex-general both used "apartheid" in their speeches as an example of where the country is headed.

The key lobbying group is the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), whose strategists have long known that they need to work with the wider US public in their purpose of heightening support for Israel. These strategists are aware that the most important element in this target constituency is "Christian Zionism", a phenomenon little recognised among western European politicians.

​We saved Jews 3 times, Netanyahu should revise history lessons – Iranian FM RT “We're not about the annihilation of Jews,” Zarif stressed, reminding the channel that 20,000 Jews reside in Iran “in peace” and even have their own

How an American Billionaire Stands in the Way of Mideast Peace Sheldon Adelson is the Daddy Warbucks of Israel, and Benjamin Netanyahu is yet another of his beneficiaries.