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GWDF D7A - FACT: Joe Romm surrendered to defeat years ago in his "Hell..." book: I didn't realize. Unlike Brown,

Unless he did a total about face in the final chapter?  Oh, and yes, per the subject line, Brown hasn't yet conceded, in words, but in deeds he's always conceded.  Fact.

Traveling to Phila for 2-4 days to say goodbye to dearest friends.  While waiting in the cattle chute for Megabus I began re-listening to an audio version of Hell and High Water in the Library. 

The following isn't personal.  My next 200 billion children are currently doomed by Plan Armageddon. Only THAT is personal to me.  The rest is figuring out how to save them and who might help, and who is hindering.

I'm going to have to listen again.  But it is 92% clear.  He is 99.9% clear.  'Politically, things just aren't going to change.  The best we can hope for is for 40' sea level rise next century.'  WTF!?!!?!?  Maybe he saves his courage for the last chapter?

No, I shouldn't be surprised.  Nice guy.  Engineer. Scientist.

Four major features to his background: 
1.  Fact - MIT science;
2.  Fact - Gov and non-profits - never had responsibility or experience leading people to high stakes change, nor doing it himself.
3.  Fact - He has been at this for decades with total failure, objectively, in bringing change. It is the rare person that can take the blame for that on themselves;
4. Fact - His audience goes to zero, like mine, if he steps up to the impossible, because more than maybe anything we've made the bargain in this society to avoid facing the needs of society so we can devote all to ourselves;
5. Fact - His funding goes away, from is books, his job blogging, the American Progress Think Tank - an arm of the Democratic Machine - they'd not have Joe playing with the platforms of the party.


No wonder he and I are on different planets.  My bad.  So much to learn, so little time.

Conceding defeat is almost impossible for me, and for Joe, it is all he's ever known. Fact.

ps:  McKibben has so embraced defeat he isn't even worth mentioning, my brother tho he is.

pps:  Hansen is the one that hasn't caved yet, and probably won't, but he hasn't the background or character to be able to stand and even begin to fill the leadership background.