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Must read. Important research. The case against civilization. Yes, there is another way to be.

Single most adequate explanation of trumpocalypse.

Ignite soul log, June 13, slow steady progress.

study today was I have a list of articles that have been waiting current articles all of them well worth listening to.

One commented on in earlier post was scholarship looking explicitly at hunter gatherer societies of thousands of years ago and trying to understand seriously their quality of life, and if at all High, how that could be relevant to human beings today. And the conclusion of the article was that the quality of life was very high. And of course, sustainable as opposed to that of our culture, which is terminal.

a series of technical difficulties are slowing down. progress in some respects. Technical difficulties so associated with completing the project of the Tolstoy four gospel translation and harmonization making that available at In summary, most of the formats that are generally available there, the 909 page total works PDF is complete and in good shape. And the very important exactly copy Word documents are complete, but only for each of the 400 Plus page books that form the total work and combining those while preserving the hard fought cleaning and formatting is proving very difficult.

This transcript was generated by

Solar RV cycling log June 13., energy in predicts energy out. is cumulative.

Also, the mind and the body need fresh imagery or understandings to capture it at the moment.

How rarely does James implement the fact that energy in roughly equates at some multiple to energy out. rarely does he recall this not to chastise him, But James try and remember this, and not, of course, energy exerted by the body per se, but energy that gets into the crank and the chain.

Recent principles of recent weeks are all being substantiated, but not necessarily each implemented. The most useful thoughts today are that energy per inch of travel exerted into the drive system is roughly equivalent to energy out and that the way the body is finding most useful for that to happen today is to deliver long extrusions of energy to the ankles.

This does not feel like the most productive voyage of recent weeks or months but it is not bad. The mind has been largely free for listening to very important articles and this will be in excess of 1400 calories (1660) which is good exercise. Also there were times during this journey including now when focusing the eyes just at the edge of the dashboard that is very low is helpful to give the body perspective on what's being done. finding these steep grades at less than optimal gearing. What happens 30 feet in front of the vehicle is actually a bit distracting. Each turn of the crank moves the vehicle only a couple of feet and it can be focusing of the body and eliminating distractions when the mind is focused. Just feet ahead of the vehicle

James, attempt to remember the that the last two or three inches of the stroke may be where that high leverage whip action is. Point being. It's one of those things that maybe one can't go for directly. What one must go for directly in this case is delivering a six or eight inch pressure extrusion or stripe. But it is useful to remember that the last two inches of that, maybe where that whip action is. And on this voyage that has been forgotten as a explicit goal. It seems the body has maybe found it unconsciously. But now, with half a mile to go has become conscious

Tolstoy gospel translation upload seems to be complete., Scribd, even Amazon.

With No Illusion that anyone will ever read this, arguably no book written has had a more favorable impact on human Souls, averting for Tolstoy his intended suicide, creating Gandhi, maybe Martin Luther King Junior, and reverence from the likes of Albert Schweitzer and Walter rauschenbusch. All three sites are processing these large files and when complete James intends to provide the links.

 and practically and practically no one knows of it, no one cares about this book, no one is read it. But now they have less of an excuse. A complete clean translation is now up on the internet.  Probably 50 hours have been invested in this task of securing and cleaning various manuscripts into one integrated available form. And in the final days the technology Gods through hurdle after hurdle, computer crashing, software dying, uploads failing.... But as a friend recently said, James, you don't do real well at giving up.

These are still processing but should be available immediately or within a couple of days.


Igniting, reigniting, people's Souls was the only important work ever. But now none of the distractions make any sense.

Igniting, reigniting, people's Souls was the only important work ever. But now none of the distractions make any sense.

Soul is God, the kingdom, that which we can know, taught Jesus.

Soul is God, the kingdom, that which we can know, taught Jesus.

"But if one wants to understand the Gospel, it is necessary above all to remember that the first action of Jesus before preaching was to deny the external God......

"But if one wants to understand the Gospel, it is necessary above all to remember that the first action of Jesus before preaching was to deny the external God and every kind of worship. The destruction of the temple, repeated by all the evangelists (which is very rare), is the purging of the soil for the sowing. Only after the destruction of the former God the teaching about the God of Jesus and about that service of God, which Jesus teaches, is made possible........ Leo Tolstoy for gospel translation and harmonization.

Solar RV cycling log June 11. Part one. Exhaustion indeed is fabulous!

Such a surprise. A decent day of rest yesterday but terribly exhausting the day before.

Now 500 calories into this 1600 Callery climb to the Mount Whitney portal. The desired lessons learned of

Ignite Soul blog June 11. Yesterday a highly shocking awakening. Jesus was addressing exactly this period and time.

Several things collided yesterday I'll guess. Listening to the 1st 5 or 10% of the gospel translation and harmonization by Tolstoy. And the new clarity to James this last week or so that the job is to Pioneer living joyfully in the face of the existential material hell now in final accelerated stages of unfolding for the children and grandchildren and few downstream survivors.

What came to mind from memory was significant study

At what point would rallying people to save the Titanic be Criminal misdirection of resources and attention?


Ignite Soul log June 10. Working to understand neuro psychology as Jesus did.

Although dealing with significant fatigue from yesterday's Marathon good productivity tackling the now reasonably clean translation and harmonization by Tolstoy.

The focus of this effort is to deal with just one aspect of what Tolstoy is sharing. Tolstoy's audience is those interested in the man Jesus and probably from a Christian perspective. My immediate concern is not. It is to extract what can be extracted as to the way that Jesus understood the human condition and the human opportunity for optimal experience.

It is quite an interesting and somewhat exciting body of work. Only 5 or 10% complete. Will James ever know how much his current understanding of things is influenced by earlier deep study of Jesus and how much is a matter of Jesus and james coming to a similar understanding of life.

Very substantial to James and possibly central to his life now is attempting to do his share of pioneering for people downstream how to live a joyful life in material hell. Oddly, in this initial work described above by James, he is finding himself surprised to see that Jesus seems to be doing the same thing. In part James is surprised because this is very much the standing that domanic crossan had of Jesus and James has studied that. But James had forgotten.

Tremendously aided is James by the many tens of hours of work he has now completed for a clean electronic version of these four gospel Translations all 12 chapters. He is now for the first time able to have his smartphone application, at voice, free, read to him this entire 900 page work. Yesterday probably 40 or 80 pages were read to him. James is now working through the text of those same pages.

Solar RV cycling log June 9. Total exhaustion, a terrific friend!?!

Much to report except really a basic confirmation of recent week.

A shocking development was extreme exhaustion on this 1800  calorie climb tonight. And it was wonderfully revealing.

It was a really good journey but with 25% left to go the legs were just spent. The body was spent. All it could do was just sort of hold on.

All it could do was just sort of maintain pressure forward with the balls of the feet on the pedals but the pressure felt slightly Below, on the upper Arch. The forward Arch.

And the performance was terrific.

A related piece of this possibly was about the same time a decision to try and equate the body's expenditure with walking. And more particularly with walking up this steep Road carrying a 70 lb load which is what James was carrying. It is very very difficult for James body to not try and expand all the energy if possibly can. Throttling back continues to be very difficult. This idea of trying to equate with the energy expenditure of walking was helpful.

The human output maintained between 100w and 180 Watts!

what the heck was going on? Much energy had gone into the technique and mechanical physics discussed in recent blogs. Maybe the body had gotten into good habits. But be that as it may I think that there was a relaxation and fluidity the came when the body just said, all we can do is hang on and keep pressure on the pedals.

In a very brief climb this morning, June 10th, the body was tired but not that tired. But the attempt was to carry forward cycling as though the body were totally exhausted and only able to keep pressure alternately on the pedals. It was an encouraging experiment.



This book created the three greatest souls of the last 150 years, Tolstoy, MLK Jr, Gandhi, and fed Walter Rauschenbush, and countless others, directly and indirectly.




THIS FOLDER HAS THE NOW COMPLETE AND CLEAN WORKS.  ADDITIONAL FORMATS WILL BE ADDED.  The word  documents in particular can be cleanly READ TO YOU while you  are otherwise occupied with mindless tasks with @voice (smartphone) or similar apps.

I find error in this work, if that is the correct word.  And I think it is not error, but strategic calculation on the part of Tolstoy.  I'm quite sure, strategic decision.

What is that? It is entirely Jesus teaching's centric. But as clarified in the final 2 chapters of his The Kingdom of God is Within You, the book that created Gandhi, he was deeply aware of how many millions, now billions, knew of Jesus, and thereby the potential of shocking out of the dogma into Jesus human teachings. 

Point being, I do not believe that Tolstoy preferred the truths of Jesus vs the truths of Confucious, Buddha, Hillel, Amos, Muhammad... where they overlap with those of Jesus.  Truth is Truth, Math is Math.

Courage is what soul in charge looks like to head and flesh.