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Ignite Soul blog June 11. Yesterday a highly shocking awakening. Jesus was addressing exactly this period and time.

Several things collided yesterday I'll guess. Listening to the 1st 5 or 10% of the gospel translation and harmonization by Tolstoy. And the new clarity to James this last week or so that the job is to Pioneer living joyfully in the face of the existential material hell now in final accelerated stages of unfolding for the children and grandchildren and few downstream survivors.

What came to mind from memory was significant study
of scholarship of Dominic crossan Studied by James Rather intensely probably 4 years ago. Crossan expressed with great horror and Passion that the misery of the people of Jesus the destitute as was Jesus were in a material Hell beyond anything that we can imagine. What tiny they had was being viciously stripped away by the Roman elite.

Again, James realized only a week or so ago that the task for us is to figure out and Pioneer for those whose future we have materially destroyed how to live joyfully in the face of materially hellish and probably quite brief lives here on Earth.

Exactly the problem Jesus was looking to solve.

Tremendous acceleration in education has James received this last 6 months through detailed study of the great transformation, Karen Armstrong, her cross religion 14000 year book covering the religions and more particularly the great religious creators of that period. Confucius Buddha zoroastre Jeremiah Hillel Jesus Paul Muhammad. Although tremendously helped by the study of this book the great transformation, James came to a point of substantial disappointment or concern that in most or all cases these great souls throughout history had missed the point. Had missed the proper goal. Had missed the hopeful goal. That being Joy in this life as opposed to creating a materially less hostile world. The cart before the horse And the cart cannot pull the horse ever not possible. So whereas those like Buddha were absolutely living the joyful path, serving the neediest from the soul in solidarity, It may not be what they explicitly taught and it was not what the followers were either understanding or intrested in. They were looking for a solution to a world that looked like hell and with the soul in charge in all but a materially perfect world the life of such an individual with soul in charge looks like hell. Always has always will. As does the world look of the heroic medic spending her life in heroically dangerous war zones ministering to the needy.

But not Jesus! James had a suspicion of that and now he is seeing it clearly and very excited. The early man Jesus early in his life may have expected that God was going to come and magically bring a world of Justice to Earth. Any reasonable scholarship says that by the end of his life he realized that wasn't it. Never would that be. And as now James is understanding through the scholarship of Tolstoy, and the vision of Tolstoy, in slightly different words and slightly different conceptions Jesus was exactly seeing that heaven, a life, a being, experienced as heaven, There for every person that moves from head and Flash in charge to soul in charge, although Tolstoy says that Jesus understood that as comprehension of life, comprehension that we are the daughters and sons of that life force which at some scientific level is inarguable.

The most hopeful to the world of physicists does not worship Einstein. Does not sit and idolize Einstein. But respects Einstein to the extent of learning everything possible so that possibly they can take us beyond. This is my interest in and relationship to the man Jesus and also to people centrally now like Schweitzer, Walter rouschenBusch, Tolstoy.

Very exciting for James is to realize that the man Jesus was exactly on this task for his nearly identical historical moment although it was local and now it is global. How exciting.

Why? Not exactly sure but probably a variety of reasons.

Jesus was exactly on this work. James is glad Strategically for the same reason as Tolstoy that  millions and now billions of people know of the man Jesus And as Tolstoy once described it that creates a potentiality such as a supersaturated solution of salt creates a potentiality that with just the right shock to the glass holding the solution the salt could instantly catalyze and change form.

That masses can be shocked and transformed is clearly not going to happen and never was. If Tolstoy's writing and the life of Jesus and Schweitzer and others Wasn't going to do it in more conducive circumstances it is not going to happen. But what of the few? What of saving the few? Those with at all a favorable view of the man Jesus or possibly achieving one, the work of Jesus and Tolstoy and James this coming together makes things more hopeful for them. And for those simple souls that by their nature thereby thirst for truth the fact that the man Jesus did such great work that can be studied and moved even beyond is such a great help.

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