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Solar RV cycling log June 11. Part one. Exhaustion indeed is fabulous!

Such a surprise. A decent day of rest yesterday but terribly exhausting the day before.

Now 500 calories into this 1600 Callery climb to the Mount Whitney portal. The desired lessons learned of
several days ago, James, pedal as though you are totally exhausted and think about attempting to  equate your energy output with walking up a steep Hill and not more.

With some significant success this has been in mind since the beginning of today's journey. It took probably 30 minutes or more for the total relaxation, total exhaustion notion to become automatic and yet it was not terribly difficult to keep bringing it back to mind in that 1st 30 minutes. And not terribly difficult at all has been keeping in mind the attempt to equate what the energy output feel with walking up this steep grade.

Both of these are working exceedingly well. Excellent study is taking place point being that this mode of travel is quite automatic. The exercise is excellent with roughly 120 watts per hour output being maintained. This is slightly higher than what James is average these recent 7 months and there's really no reason that anything more is required.

By the way, why does James do this huge exercise every 2 days? James is not perfectly clear on this period he knows that it has to do with several things. Should he become unwelcome in Lone Pine Mount Whitney tomorrow he wants his batteries and motor, both human, to be in good shape. He is experiencing that 0 credit to him, discredit for the decades he wasted, He is Slightly advancing and bringing current the work of the few great great souls throughout history and that this might help some soul today or in the future and his work is productive not coming to an end and worth reasonably protecting its longevity. Those are certainly the 2 things to come to James mind. If there's a 3rd the comes to his mind sometimes it is that James receive some level of joy from doing all that I can for the world and somehow this is a little part of it, this averaging now 1400 calories output every other day.

An additional aspect of this tremendously fruitful combination of thoughts these recent days is that the Power input goal is to maintain substantial pressure forward through the stroke not on the pedals ideally but just below at the top of the arch. It is almost miraculous the way the body is responding to this. It yeah it's just sort of miraculous. Rather than triggering all sorts of extra shenanigans by the body, all sorts of attempts at little tricks and tips it seems to organize and focus with as little effort as possible all the necessary functions muscles efforts in the legs of which there are so many. Time will tell whether this is a good thing long term. Hard to imagine that it's a bad thing long term. What time will tell.

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