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Solar RV cycling log June 13., energy in predicts energy out. is cumulative.

Also, the mind and the body need fresh imagery or understandings to capture it at the moment.

How rarely does James implement the fact that energy in roughly equates at some multiple to energy out. rarely does he recall this not to chastise him, But James try and remember this, and not, of course, energy exerted by the body per se, but energy that gets into the crank and the chain.

Recent principles of recent weeks are all being substantiated, but not necessarily each implemented. The most useful thoughts today are that energy per inch of travel exerted into the drive system is roughly equivalent to energy out and that the way the body is finding most useful for that to happen today is to deliver long extrusions of energy to the ankles.

This does not feel like the most productive voyage of recent weeks or months but it is not bad. The mind has been largely free for listening to very important articles and this will be in excess of 1400 calories (1660) which is good exercise. Also there were times during this journey including now when focusing the eyes just at the edge of the dashboard that is very low is helpful to give the body perspective on what's being done. finding these steep grades at less than optimal gearing. What happens 30 feet in front of the vehicle is actually a bit distracting. Each turn of the crank moves the vehicle only a couple of feet and it can be focusing of the body and eliminating distractions when the mind is focused. Just feet ahead of the vehicle

James, attempt to remember the that the last two or three inches of the stroke may be where that high leverage whip action is. Point being. It's one of those things that maybe one can't go for directly. What one must go for directly in this case is delivering a six or eight inch pressure extrusion or stripe. But it is useful to remember that the last two inches of that, maybe where that whip action is. And on this voyage that has been forgotten as a explicit goal. It seems the body has maybe found it unconsciously. But now, with half a mile to go has become conscious

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