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Look for power in the turban spin, hi RPM.

 This morning was a really good start in terms of the issues discussed yesterday. Finding the weight of the premium for the body as the basis of a sucking up action. 

Unexpectedly what may be a really useful tool

Establishing the perennial is the beginning of everything else. It is the point of....

Oddly this is a bit of a new understanding. Establishing the perennial is the beginning of everything else. It is the point of effort done properly and that is the legs somehow sucking up to it. The


Cycling continued. A 4th leg of the stool? Hey partner to the Perineum in the top 3? Not sure. Short thin horizontal axle through perineum.

The following has shown up several times. Several weeks ago during wonderful performance it was central for one or several days. And then it disappeared from James understanding and only hours into today's journey did it show up again . It showed up hours after James remembered the central ality of establishing reprint eum as the 100% weight bearing center of the operation. 

What showed up? 

That the objects to which James hopes to contribute energy 360゚ is a shaft the goes through that perineum Horizontally of no more than an inch in diameter. And that what he hopes to be able to do is to contribute  to be able to contribute energy 360゚ exactly on that shaft nowhere else.

And the point is not James be obsessed with not delivering energy any place else. At least that's not how it has been so far. But focus on contributing all of your energy to that 1" diameter shaft.

***** Wow. Oh. Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God. So that's what he means.

James will have to look it up now to see who actually said this period seche 1st the Kingdom of God and all things shall follow. Or something like that period (Matt 6:33)

It is so hard to see what these original good souls

Number 3 on a 3 legged stool. With many rungs but only 3 legs. surrender 2 participation, contribution.

Surrender to 1 & 2, rotary engine, 100% wt 100% time perinium, above. 

3. Surrender to participation, contribution. 

This one is maybe the kindest gift of all. Maybe. not

Seek ye 1st rotary engine. Seek ye 1st 100% of energy wt on the perinium 100% of the time. Coreprinciples.

 Item. Rotary engined you are. Never for an instant anything else 

 item. .... 100% of weight on the narrow  perineum 100% of the time. such that the rest of the body Accept that fact and works around it. Check in and