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Jesus, the addictive drug.

Jesus, the addictive drug. 

Even in the McDonald's today the music playing, every song, was Jesus. Country primarily but not exclusively. It has been that way for the last 100 miles or so. 

This post is in an initial attempt by James  to
process and gain some understanding of what he is observing.

 There have been numerous conversations these last 100 miles or so sparked by the Jesus imagery on this vehicle that is virtually always interpreted as Christianity which it is not. One a certainly intelligent and thorough dialog with the store manager of a corporate restaurant 3 or 4 days ago. It was a conversation that James was very glad that we had because James could share understandings which were different than the one that this store manager expressed, but several times he said, James you are correct. Possibly neither he nor James knows what he meant by that. neither of us was trying to convince the other. Did James open his eyes a little bit? Doubtful, but possible. Certainly not possible had there not been the dialog. 

I mean such items as, friend, as I know Jesus he just didn't care whether we loved in his name or not. He'll ask me and I think all of us two questions. Did you love creator with your whole heart your whole soul and your whole mind and did you love your brother as yourself. Again, the man said correct the clearly that is not where hes coming from or what his circle of friends says. And maybe our conversation was meaningless. 

But the prevalence of the music playing in almost all of the stores suggest to me something different than this. also important. 

Jesus as the drug of choice. In the more sophisticated coastal societee as things like music for the young people are the accepted drug of choice. Mindless vile manipulative sexual krapp with few exceptions in my view. But a drug of choice. Here in this stretch and probably a much larger area, Jesus is the drug of choice. 

 As music is on the coasts a form of masturbation but here it is Jesus masturbation. 

James is trying to understand what he is seeing although his words will seem judge metal that is not how experiences them. E value etive. Attempting to understand. Jesus is the cure for loneliness for depression for isolation for pain for hurt for abandonment for boredom for loneliness. For disease, for poverty for en during the insults of the coasts. Providing rightful revenge. 

It is clear to James based on everything honest about the man Jesus that this is not what he intended. He would be horrified although he spoke of anticipating it. Maybe he even saw it at the time. 

What did Jesus work toward? Lives of selfless courageous loving service. Where the joy is. What he understands that creator does Before & After the human species. Creator makes the rain to fall on the evil and the good. Creator creates goodness. Creator creates life. Protects life  fosters life. .... 

Is James glad of this what he sees this prevalence of Jesus? No. Because it is not Jesus. It is another perversion as unintentional unrecognized involuntary as it may be. And it therefore and thereby displaces the possibility and substantially prevents the possibility of jesus' actual teachings and understandings being available because people are certain they already know. And they're filling the space of needing to know with deadly self pleasuring krapp. 

Worse than the self pleasuring on the coasts? Probably not. The consumption levels are much higher on the coast James thanks and it is consumption that is materially destroying all life on Earth. The obstruction of the fly over country? Of the Jesus country? Yes, that is globally deadly. But the fuckings liberals can take more than their share of credit for that with their gratuitous slander in ridicule of fly over country. Fuckings liberals. 

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