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James translation of Jesus words into the realm of the Soul and 2019 knowledge. The first 10%. Serious comments very welcome.

The creative adult is the child that survived. Ursula Le Guin

The gusts were frightening, buckling the windshield.....

An hour ago 25% of the way, 500 calories, up the mountain there had been gusts that were a big concern and up to 50 miles an hour gusts were forecast. But not for another several hours. But then it was fairly fairly calm. Well, we're going to the hostel tonight anyway. On the way down there were several truly frightening gusts. Buckling the windshield. It's always a tough call but with this damaged back it just made sense to come to the hostel. At the bottom of this picture is Mount Whitney where we were headed. The picture is looking West and the weather is coming out of the West.

James, don't leave us, she said through tears.

My head is still spinning and still choked up.

Many many months ago now, cold months, James arrived in Lone Pine expecting to be here for a day or two continuing South. The area has turned out to be near perfection for the work James tries to do.

A major part of that Perfection is several people in particular that were just so incredibly genuinely simply kind pretty much from day one. In the words of one but in the behavior of both, they decided I was a local and just started treating me that way. Each is a server in two different restaurants that with the little money I have I frequent for coffee or salad bar. And the reason for coffee was to have a warm place to sit with a place to plug in my laptop.

Normally on the day she works oh, at least one day a week I would stop in and get something at the one restaurant but that didn't happen today. But saying hello to my friend was something I wanted to do so I did go in and we gave each other a warm hug.

We chatted for a minute, she asked how I was, and I did mention that my back is now severely compromised due to the vehicle rollover 2 days ago.

Immediately she was crying she was so worried. Are you okay? Here's my phone number if you ever need anything. James, you and your vehicle are the Talk of the Town. Please don't leave us.

By no measure have I ever been in such a welcoming area. Always before I have felt like an alien. I do not feel like an alien here. Despite what she said many or most way consider me one. But enough of them don't that I simply see a really compatible situation. It is an incredible blessing to me, and to my work.. is the way of life. All else, all else, is the way of death, cancer. Pioneering.... is the way of life. All else, all else, is the way of death, cancer. Pioneering the way of life, finding and showing the way,  is what you must do, what I must do. And it is the only path of joy. Joy and life are inseparable. Just as existence is inseparable with happiness and pleasure.

What if we had goodness reign in our lives, every breath? No matter what. Nah. That's crucified instead.


Solar cycling log April 18th. Down the rabbit hole. What a f****** ride.

It's back! The magical up and down knee pumping that seemed so extraordinary, about 7 months ago coming south, it's back! It showed up about an hour ago. What the f***?

At that time the seemed so extraordinary months ago no idea had I why it seem to be so productive. And then it was lost, never again to be found. Until tonight! And looking for it I was not! It just showed up.

Mentioned in the last log was the encouraging insight that being aware that the mechanical process is to move the chain ring it's called, the forward gear. That was emerging and proving to be a very useful organizing concept for the body

Tonight's journey did not start out easily but it wasn't bad. Nor was the notion of that chain ring in mind and after 40 minutes when it came into mind it was quite helpful. And what provided for the next hour was the notion that digging, another useful concept, meant placing extreme priority on the last 20 percent of the forward movement of that chain ring. Yes, all the power is in the thighs and the knees and it was hard to keep the feet and Cavs limp. Very hard. But eventually and happened especially with this notion of the last 20 percent of the chain ring being the sweet spot. And important also was the notion of not going past the full extension which seems to be a lazy escape the body likes to do.

Another extremely useful concept tonight was limiting power not to the 70% of the metrics but the 50%. Just see what happens if you limit yourself not to the 70% but the 50%. It has proven very helpful.

But then some new things showed up. Yes James for reason you don't understand you need to keep your focus on your knees and just awareness on what the feet are doing to that chain ring.

And at some level the body knows that it can't push the knees forward. Well, all of the sudden the notion popped in mind of pumping the knees up and down. But the logic then began do emerge. If the pumping is kept low that equates to the leg going to full extension and pulling and pushing the chain bring over to its full extension! And now it allows for the up moving leg to start playing a meaninful role. Delivering some level of power because as it moves directly up it retract and pulls the lower portion of the chain ring back to its full extension backwards! Who knew?!

And this resurrection others golden. Which made no sense except for a long time James wrote ecstatic Lee about the notion that the task was to turn an orb at the knees a small orb to be sure that it fully turned over the top of full extension each stroke. And it worked, and for days or weeks it could be held onto. And then it was lost. Why lost? Well, maybe because James I had not thought through the physical mechanic he's now understanding.

If the knees imagine that they are moving a chain ring of the same size as the actual chain ring at the feet and they are rotating it to full upward and downward extension with each stroke that happens to be actuator the shins and feet exactly on the same size actual chain ring that they're impacting. Who knew? Not James. But now he does! Is this a major breakthrough? Probably so.

Update. And all the elements of the last year are coming together now. Yes, if the knees circle a chain ring imagined at them using the dynamics discovered in the last month, it all works out. Dig, meaning that last 20% of the downstroke and upstroke is where the power is. But still, keep it cycling, rotational. Do not stay at 100% power, but shoot for 50%. Amazing how it works out. Keep the feet ankles and thighs totally limp. They are simply dead wonderful linkages to the feet which turns the real chain ring. There is no power in the dead piston on a locomotive but it delivers the power where it is needed. So it is with the Shins ankles and feet.

1900 calories.

Left shoe, move foot as far forward as possible.

Adjust seat pad back so there is full clearance under the thigh for full extension.

Yes, 90% of the focus is on the imaginary gear between the knees. Yes, there is a target point that is to be rolled into every stroke, about 7. Yes, the upstroke is really important to health in power directly and in the downward leg hitting the 7 Target each time. Yes, keep that gear between the knees rolling. The power of should peak in the last 20% down to the 7 Target, but it should always be kept rolling.

Ignite soul log April 18. Wherever the one in a million soul is dying for life is where I'm going, I replied.

Ignite soul log April 18. Wherever the one in a million soul is dying for life is where I'm going, I replied.

For many months now if not years articulated have I that the two places I see creator are in nature and the very rare kindness of one human being to another. Bringing this to mind is my new friend Michael who may currently be the only person in the world reading my blog with any regularity and depth and maybe the first person to ever do so as deeply and extensive Lee and openly as he may be doing. The prospect makes me very glad for him, and encouraged, frankly. Glad for him for the same reason I am glad for me to have a massed AL these treasures that are the reason my soul is joyfully alive. Maybe some of those treasures will enrich his as well. That's the reason for my life.

Michael comes to mind because as reported yesterday although no one besides Michael seemed to notice or care, major disaster struck the mission. The vehicle lurched forward in a dangerous situation and overturned and was almost impossible to lift up and no one was available to help. So attempt to right it I did and in the process the lower spine majorly dislocated. More so than if you pull your finger and dis locate the joint. It was very painful but much more than that alarming. If the spine goes this mission in its current form is terminated. A quick note of that was made on the blog and copied to Facebook. An hour later this beautiful little Nissan electric car appeared at the trailhead next to the vehicle and there was friend Michael quite alarmed and armed to help. Physical help was no longer needed at that point but his kind effort  was and is wind under my wings. It is encouraging to this mission to encounter such great goodness as we occasionally do.

One of the metrics that I task myself multiple times a day with is, availability, being where those dying for life for the soul are. In recent week speculated have I that maybe that is right here in Lone Pine Mount Whitney for the next 3 or 4 months as people come through this area from around the world to climb the highest peak in the United States, Mount Whitney, and others of the 14 ers I think they're called, those peaks in excess of 14000 feet in this area. Speculated further have I that it may be a spiritual, a graveyard, of the soul. That they may be all just be pleasure seekers, shallow, happy with the death of their souls. Drowning in the pleasure that is the price of that. No, disparrraging of others I am NOT being. Honest.

This morning provided two slightly encouraging encounters. Both at what is effectively the trailhead for Mount Whitney, a large dirt parking area just before the last 3 miles of the highway which is closed for cleanup of extensive Rock Falls and snow. Openning is tomorrow possibly.

In recent days being there at least during the day, working on the vehicle or just working in general, the latter possibility has been in evidence, just a lot of mindless, rather soul less, pleasure seekers. No, not being judgemental. Evaluating. You are free to disagree.

But if there is any population any place in the world where more than one in a million is dying for life for the soul it certainly is hiding itself well. So none of this should be surprising. What creation needs from James is defined, if there is a population, and area, where it is two in the million, or 5 in a million, or one in 100,000, James needs to find that the same way a fisherman, fishing I do not approve of, the fisherman wants to find the place with the best odds as low as they may me. And speculated have I in recent weeks that maybe in the summer months when Pacific Coast hikers are in the area this will be one of those higher probability areas.

One of the encouraging encounters this morning was with a  young female tour guide of an adventure camping group, about 10 mid twenties folks going for pretty rigorous camping experience of Whitney from what I can gather. Always, pretty much without exceptions James keeps his head down, on his work. Vaguely aware of this group was he that's all. Approached did this young female guide with some Sparkle to her soul, in evidence. I've never seen a vehicle like this, with some clear genuine wonder, she said. What I said I don't recall. She wasn't asking questions so I did not elaborate but I certainly extended respect to the show of soul that I think I saw there. And I took some tiny encouragement from it. And as they walked away going on their trip a young man in the group,  said, thank you for speaking with us, this surprised me, I hadn't noticed him, but it was genuine and genuinely from me he heard, you're most welcome.

Shortly after aware became I of people speaking in a tongue that I did not understand. Israeli, and maybe Middle Eastern occurred to me.

A man approached, late 30s early forties, and respectfully showed enthusiasm for the vehicle and was asking about the solar panels. Turns out he wanted to know whether they remain strong or deteriorating overtime. Remain strong indicated I. Turns out he is with a business in the Czech Republic maybe? A business that is developing technology to optimize the longevity of solar panels.

Not disparaging , and he did not take it as disparagement , I indicated that 20 years from now none of us will say that technology was the hope for the planet. Except for the technology of bringing souls to life.

This and the vehicle and the new messages on the vehicle, for joy serve those poor souls in solidarity, he said, may I record your message? I would like to share it with my friends back in Eastern Europe. It seems very humble and genuine so I humbly said yes of course. The message was probably two or 3 minutes long.

If this turns out not to be at all a fertile area this probably will be where we will remain for the next 3 or 4 months and study, at least because it is so conducive for that unless we become un welcome which seems unlikely, or the feared heat of the summer drives us north. The major investments in fortifying Sol  for climbing the last 4 miles, another two thousand feet, proves sufficient then we can escape up there to escape the heat during the day. That is the plan and the expectation. It is also thought that that higher percentage fishing pool might be up at the trailhead which will be open at the very top of the road.

Try and understand must James the diff types of needs of the souls dying for life that James lives to be physician to, health bringer to, his sites a wealth of Medicine, resources, LSGIABeing and start loving. Org.

Bringing this to mind is the book James is listening to a second time now, 1.5, against history, his story, against Leviathan. Freddy Perlman. Suggested by my friend Michael another book like that I am not aware of ever reading. Breathtaking in scope and scholarship as with other books that have been studied by James recently, saving paradise, the great transformation. But not a focus on Christianity as are those two books, or on religion as those two are, but on maybe economics maybe, or culture. Notions of civilization and savage RI which he rightly says are inverted.

Incredibly inspired and useful.  brilliant and creative. A potential treasure field going forward and at least a major rock for me to stand on.


What if, as an Act of Faith, Americans went all in for goodness?

I died for your Soul to be alive, here, now, on Earth. Your Christianity crucifies it. Jesus

Soulless, beautiful, beautiful trained young Asian Christian Droid did I meet yesterday.

Just before the last stretch, still closed, of new highway going to the base of Mount Whitney, Sol and I spent the day with me conducting upgrades and repairs.
Late in the afternoon one of the hikers, this is a Trailhead until the road opens in several days, a hiker sort of circles Sol, and then stood to get my attention.
Looking up there was a very pretty young Asian girl, early twenties Maybe? Are you a Christian? No, I said, it is the real man that I Revere, not what the church has been making up for two thousand years.
I speak this as the tired truth. She did not seem to take offense. And then began a series of questions which I responded to for probably 5 minutes or more which is a long time for me. She showed little reaction to each thing that I shared, other than as a basis to calculate what question to ask next,, and anyone reviewing this site can pretty well guess what I shared.
I didn't catch on. And that's okay. Finally, well, I believe the Bible is without error she said, that was earlier in the conversation, and now, well may I at least tell you my Christian beliefs.
Thinking for a moment I said, no, that would be unkind of me.

Unkind, why?

Because it would help you think that I was not really sad about your belief system. Why is that? She asked. Because it is the Hallmark of a soul that is not very alive.
But only this morning upon Awakening did I more fully grasp what I encountered which is a broader phenomenon that I have encountered many times. But it presented itself in a deeper understanding.
Google agents send me a daily summary on probably 30 different topics in which I have interest, every day. Most of it is not useful but some of it is. One was an article of a credible study looking at Christian fundamentalism, and finding that it correlates quite highly with brain damage of the prefrontal cortex. The study was of combat veterans as I recall. The article was not read extremely carefully by me but I reflected this morning, and somewhat last night, that the church is systemic War Of Destruction on the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that Embraces new ideas and change and Truth. And that when that's gone, the study went on, what is embraced instead is Dogma although that's not the word that they used. The security of Dogma.
The church is systemic Relentless war, and I'm speaking of the church communities, the fundamentalist groups, the Christian groups at large that Embrace such things as the inerrancy of the toilet paper Bible knit together by thousands of hands one in a million of which had any grasp of Soul, any grasp of the Divine. Despite their best efforts.
By incorporating such inane garbage the prefrontal cortex experiences Assault, it withdraws, it atrophies, and it essentially dies.

This was an extremely valuab insight for me.  Surprising that it didn't come till now.


Sol, Front and back Graphics finally updated.

Major disaster. Spine popped. Vehicle rolled.

There were probably a lot of dangers in flying the earliest airplanes. There are a lot of Hazards with this vehicle. Everything needs to be just right in this tremendously heavy bicycle in this very mountainous area. And this morning in a split-second things didn't go right. While trying to stuff rocks Under the wheels, because the brakes were not keeping it still while parked, one hand holding the hand brake, the other reaching desperately to place the Rocks, the hand slipped and caught the accelerator which is on the same handle. The vehicle jolted forward rolling up a steep embankment and rolled over. No one around. No help available. So over the course of several minutes James attempted to right the vehicle which was near impossible because it was trying to write it onto a steep embankment. Lifting to slide the front of the vehicle using the aluminum frame which required leaning over into the vehicle, was the only course. And it was undertaken. And then something James has never ever experienced, his lower spine popped. That was an hour ago. He is stable and functional. And quite interested to see whether he dodged the bullet.


Ignite Soul log April 16. More intentional focus on the mission.

Much distraction by the miraculous vehicle this last week or so. Getting ready for three or four months possibly of extreme climbing difficulty.

The work can't continue unless the body is sustained and healthy and placed where it needs to be. No extravagance is taking place. The bare necessities are being for seen and taken care of.

it is satisfying and gratifying to see that the effort is fulfilling the promise and the work largely behind us now.

But this preparing physical support is very distracting from the work of being a transformational soul as much as is possible.

Today required much additional distraction. But moments were found to summon to mind the goal and the one in a million Target clients. And that was helpful in terms of stirring the soul and increasing intensity.

April 16th solar RV cycling log. It's almost like a tandem, knees and feet.

It was a difficult but very productive climb tonight. 1440 calories. The Voyage included the brutal last Mile and a half of between 8 + 13% grade.

The painful investment of time in recent days to get the vehicle more prepared for such a climb really paid off. Right down to the switchable between two temperature sensors on each motor. Vehicle did not have to be stopped. Much better management. Unlike a prior a tempt where we needed to stop every third of a mile to let things cool down, no such stop was now necessary. Very satisfying and suggest that the coming months which will include this climb we are well prepared for. Wiring upgrade seem to be holding.

Another day's worth of work remains but it is non-urgent. Probably will be completed within the next week. Adding the wiring and a switch so that there can be a reverse in difficult off-road situations. Repairing the now spare transmission hub. Diagnosing the wiring problem for one of the seven solar panels. Replacing one of the transmission shifter cables.

But beyond that, but at the risk of jinxing things, we seem to be rather solid mountain goat Now.

It is difficult to be patient but patience is required as several things happen. Much time was spent in recent days making the seat more of an actual recumbent seat. Now the body must adjust.

And yesterday, two days ago, it was found that the body wants recognition of the ultimate goal which is that the gear at the feet be rotated. Of course this is the case but it has been deliberately kept out of mind, the focus at the knees instead, in an effort to keep the musculature of the feet ankles and thighs limp.

Well, throughout tonight's Journey there was an effort to keep the focus on the knees but be aware that the purpose of the thighs in the knees was to deliver Force to the feet on the pedals to turn that gear.

It opens a can of worms. The feet and calves find it really difficult not to get clever and try and do the work.

And the entire leg tries to deliver force all the way around the gear. And for world-class cyclist this may well be what they do.

But it is a degree of difficulty Way Beyond me. And it invites a really bad habit discussed last time we are the legs want to apply great force early in the outward thrust. This is probably bad practice for anyone but certainly for James.

But thankfully in the last 25% things came together. The magic last 25%. I think the body just gets so tired it says, f*** it man, here are the basics. Forget all this extra s***.

Key components that came together were yes, be aware of where your feet are because that gives you the place where Force matters. But in line with the notion of digging, when you get fatigued and particularly as things get more steep, forget the early part of the thrust, just be sure that you land for the last 20% Which means your knees feel fully extended and oh yes that is at the point where your feet have fully extended around the gear. This is promising for the future. I think this might be sustainable.

Albert Einstein paraphrase. Your soul is a sacred gift, your mind a servant. We've made the servant, master..

The measure of loving is being in unity with all of creation.


Article. American chemist to visit occupied Palestine.

Article. “I don’t tell people what to do. If they don’t ask me questions, they’re not ready to hear the answer.”

"... a critical shift in American culture — one that a handful of researchers have been tracking, with some alarm, for the past decade or so. Americans these days seem to be losing their appetite for empathy, especially the walk-a-mile-in-someone's-shoes Easter Sunday morning kind.... " netanyahu's propaganda rag needs to tell the truth sometimes, so that it can lie almost all the time.

"... Then, more than a decade ago, a certain suspicion of empathy started to creep in, particularly among young people. One of the first people to notice was Sara Konrath, an associate professor and researcher at Indiana University. Since the late 1960s, researchers have surveyed young people on their levels of empathy, testing their agreement with statements such as: "It's not really my problem if others are in trouble and need help" or "Before criticizing somebody I try to imagine how I would feel if I were in their place."

Konrath collected decades of studies and noticed a very obvious pattern. Starting around 2000, the line starts to slide. More students say it's not their problem to help people in trouble, not their job to see the world from someone else's perspective. By 2009, on all the standard measures, Konrath found, young people on average measure 40 percent less empathetic than my own generation — 40 percent!..."

But certainly I'm not endorsing their description of the book which I have not read. Much of it sounds incredibly horrible.

Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse George Monbiot George Monbiot. UK Guardian

Ignite Soul log April 14th. Nice shirt, God bless you, the woman said.

Several times a week one person or another, they seem to be local, I've never met them, will stop and say something like, thank you for what you are trying to do here., thank you for all your good work here,.... today it was a little different, the white-haired lady apparently had been sitting behind me oh, I hadn't noticed her, in the all-you-can-eat salad bar that I frequent several times a week. I take good care of the staff, as best I can, and the amount of vegetables and fruit, tuna fish, potato salad, that I consume wood cost way more than I could afford in a grocery store. It is a godsend on many levels.

As she was walking from behind me toward the exit door she didn't turn but she said, nice shirt, God bless you. It is not a fundamentalist shirt. For Joy serve those poor souls in solidarity. At all times I mind my own business, I have way more everyday to do than I have time for, so minding my own business is easy and a necessity, I keep my eyes down, I don't look for eye contact or recognition. But when I am in town I do sit in a conspicuous spot and of course there's the signage on the vehicle but there's the signage on me. Front and back. And when I can I will choose a chair without arms to sit in so that I can turn it sideways and sit with my back exposed to the room so that anyone that cares to read the message can do so. She chose to do so. She liked what she saw.

Tonight James is feeling really satisfied. That's not important. But he is.

The last several days have been a lot of technical work as discussed yesterday, attempting to establish that the vehicle can, sustainably, reasonably, do the climb that we did tonight in preparation for doing three times more once the final three miles up to the Mount Whitney portal are cleared of the rocks and debris from the slides this winter. It is rated as one of the 12 most difficult climbs for cyclists in the country and indeed it is. The road is very very good. Just three years old. But it is very very steep. Very steep. Did I mention steep? Between 9 + 13% grade for just under five miles as I recall. Tonight we did the first mile and a half of that as we have done several times recently but on the prior trips overheating of the engines was extremely problematic.

And much time has been spent in recent days trying to figure out a combination of speed and which controller running which motor that did not require us to stop every two tenths of a mile, literally, to let the motors cool down.

Well I was aware  that speed was a major issue and I know from years past that having a fan blowing on the motor can help a lot to keep it cool. Well, not cool, but to lengthen the time between stops by a factor of two or three or four.

Well, the hard work paid off much better than I anticipated tonight. The outside air temperature was cool but not cold, and the combination of the right speed, the motors are more efficient when I let them travel faster than I normally travel so that they allow for all my exercise. The one fan I had on the motor helped a lot and a second one is coming for the second motor. Well, it was really gratifying and as mentioned in the cycling log the body performed really really really really really well tonight. It started out kind of rough but boy it went to a higher level than in a long time towards the end.

So the Big Technical Preparatory physical projects I think they're behind us but there's still some small ones that tonight's Journey indicated really need to be done, the availability to switch between temperature sensors is 1 whereas now the switching require stopping the vehicle and changing some cables. The new seat situation seems to be a substantial Improvement, not a game-changer, but a much more sensible posture, more pronounced recumbent, and the work that was done needs to be tightened up a bit. There's a lot of force coming out of this old body. And a few other items. The very painful delay of the new graphics for the vehicle may continue for another day or so but almost certainly it will be executed by mid-week.

Solar RV cycling log April 14th. Embarrassed, pleased, or not sure yet?

The next several paragraphs were written during the voyage.

Earth to James, land every stroke.

By the final 20% of each long Voyage this seems to happen by itself. To accomplish it in the first 20% of the voyage so far is pretty much impossible for me.

Difficult first 20%. Very difficult. Then here is what really helped.

Dig! James, that means, the last 30 percent of the stroke is where you need to focus. A really bad, hon recognized habit, is trying to find the power in the first third of the stroke. Why? I don't know. Body thinks it's a good idea. It is not.

Land the stroke James. Land it.

Aim the torso and keep it stable James. Aim to the landing point as best you can. James, keep it solid, something for the thighs to work against. Have a heart.

Left leg really wants to go rogue today. Part of that seems to be not digging but rather starting the stroke too early. The other part, and this seems huge, the foot ankle and shins were not completely limp. The lower muscles were disempowering the thighs. And forcing a very difficult rotation to manage. make the foot ankle and Shin Limp.

Stationary attempted to be sure that the knees were in equal relationship to the crank full extension. Seems to have quieted the rogue left leg down.

There is a support beam running right down the middle of this vehicle. Sitting as I always sit but looking down maybe for the first time the cross bar is distinct Lee to the left. Who knew? Have just shimmmed supporting the right buttocks against the slope of the shoulder, and centering the body. Feeling less lopdided for these initial seconds.

But these paragraphs are written at the end after a 1650 calorie night, very good performance, and really startling stuff the last mile and a half which is an extremely difficult climb of between 8 and 13%. About a mile and a half of that.

In The crucial very difficult last mile and a half, a new part of the routine, an old friend returned unexpectedly. Probably was a friend about 3 months ago on lesser climbs in this area but was not found to be sustainable.

That old friend is the notion of the knees turning the gear that moves the chain. And on top of, enabled by, a month-and-a-half now of ever-improving and more rational sustaining Dynamics, this emerged and was quite helpful. It improves the ability of the body to do everything that's been discussed in the last month and a half worth of logs in an even more rational and coherent and focused way.

But then something really really really surprising happened. Knees, James, the knees! This has been emphasized over and over and over for many months now because when musculature in the calves ankles and feet get involved things get very tense and a lot of energy is lost in that.

But tonight at least tonight, maybe not sustainable, maybe very sustainable, the thought was, James, the knees are not really turning the gear at your knees, there is not one, but they are moving your feet which is turning a gear.

Well, whether it was adrenalinn because the overall Voyage was going well, whether it was somewhat the new seat orientation, whether it was just a body is stronger and better trained from all these recent months, time will probably give some evidence.

But this last Discovery really is mechanically what's happening, and at least for that arduous last hundred human Watt blast at very high output, about 200 watts per hour sustained Which is higher than James has seen all winter, and it felt quite good, quite fluid, maybe it's sustainable and a new Plateau for James? Maybe with this thought and all the preparation psychological and physical all winter, maybe he'll be able to continue to deliver all of the Power with the thighs using the study torso as a  PowerBass, and the knees but with this improved focus of what it's actually doing, it is moving the feet which are moving that gear driven by the crank.