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James, don't leave us, she said through tears.

My head is still spinning and still choked up.

Many many months ago now, cold months, James arrived in Lone Pine expecting to be here for a day or two continuing South. The area has turned out to be near perfection for the work James tries to do.

A major part of that Perfection is several people in particular that were just so incredibly genuinely simply kind pretty much from day one. In the words of one but in the behavior of both, they decided I was a local and just started treating me that way. Each is a server in two different restaurants that with the little money I have I frequent for coffee or salad bar. And the reason for coffee was to have a warm place to sit with a place to plug in my laptop.

Normally on the day she works oh, at least one day a week I would stop in and get something at the one restaurant but that didn't happen today. But saying hello to my friend was something I wanted to do so I did go in and we gave each other a warm hug.

We chatted for a minute, she asked how I was, and I did mention that my back is now severely compromised due to the vehicle rollover 2 days ago.

Immediately she was crying she was so worried. Are you okay? Here's my phone number if you ever need anything. James, you and your vehicle are the Talk of the Town. Please don't leave us.

By no measure have I ever been in such a welcoming area. Always before I have felt like an alien. I do not feel like an alien here. Despite what she said many or most way consider me one. But enough of them don't that I simply see a really compatible situation. It is an incredible blessing to me, and to my work..

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