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Solar cycling log April 18th. Down the rabbit hole. What a f****** ride.

It's back! The magical up and down knee pumping that seemed so extraordinary, about 7 months ago coming south, it's back! It showed up about an hour ago. What the f***?

At that time the seemed so extraordinary months ago no idea had I why it seem to be so productive. And then it was lost, never again to be found. Until tonight! And looking for it I was not! It just showed up.

Mentioned in the last log was the encouraging insight that being aware that the mechanical process is to move the chain ring it's called, the forward gear. That was emerging and proving to be a very useful organizing concept for the body

Tonight's journey did not start out easily but it wasn't bad. Nor was the notion of that chain ring in mind and after 40 minutes when it came into mind it was quite helpful. And what provided for the next hour was the notion that digging, another useful concept, meant placing extreme priority on the last 20 percent of the forward movement of that chain ring. Yes, all the power is in the thighs and the knees and it was hard to keep the feet and Cavs limp. Very hard. But eventually and happened especially with this notion of the last 20 percent of the chain ring being the sweet spot. And important also was the notion of not going past the full extension which seems to be a lazy escape the body likes to do.

Another extremely useful concept tonight was limiting power not to the 70% of the metrics but the 50%. Just see what happens if you limit yourself not to the 70% but the 50%. It has proven very helpful.

But then some new things showed up. Yes James for reason you don't understand you need to keep your focus on your knees and just awareness on what the feet are doing to that chain ring.

And at some level the body knows that it can't push the knees forward. Well, all of the sudden the notion popped in mind of pumping the knees up and down. But the logic then began do emerge. If the pumping is kept low that equates to the leg going to full extension and pulling and pushing the chain bring over to its full extension! And now it allows for the up moving leg to start playing a meaninful role. Delivering some level of power because as it moves directly up it retract and pulls the lower portion of the chain ring back to its full extension backwards! Who knew?!

And this resurrection others golden. Which made no sense except for a long time James wrote ecstatic Lee about the notion that the task was to turn an orb at the knees a small orb to be sure that it fully turned over the top of full extension each stroke. And it worked, and for days or weeks it could be held onto. And then it was lost. Why lost? Well, maybe because James I had not thought through the physical mechanic he's now understanding.

If the knees imagine that they are moving a chain ring of the same size as the actual chain ring at the feet and they are rotating it to full upward and downward extension with each stroke that happens to be actuator the shins and feet exactly on the same size actual chain ring that they're impacting. Who knew? Not James. But now he does! Is this a major breakthrough? Probably so.

Update. And all the elements of the last year are coming together now. Yes, if the knees circle a chain ring imagined at them using the dynamics discovered in the last month, it all works out. Dig, meaning that last 20% of the downstroke and upstroke is where the power is. But still, keep it cycling, rotational. Do not stay at 100% power, but shoot for 50%. Amazing how it works out. Keep the feet ankles and thighs totally limp. They are simply dead wonderful linkages to the feet which turns the real chain ring. There is no power in the dead piston on a locomotive but it delivers the power where it is needed. So it is with the Shins ankles and feet.

1900 calories.

Left shoe, move foot as far forward as possible.

Adjust seat pad back so there is full clearance under the thigh for full extension.

Yes, 90% of the focus is on the imaginary gear between the knees. Yes, there is a target point that is to be rolled into every stroke, about 7. Yes, the upstroke is really important to health in power directly and in the downward leg hitting the 7 Target each time. Yes, keep that gear between the knees rolling. The power of should peak in the last 20% down to the 7 Target, but it should always be kept rolling.

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