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April 16th solar RV cycling log. It's almost like a tandem, knees and feet.

It was a difficult but very productive climb tonight. 1440 calories. The Voyage included the brutal last Mile and a half of between 8 + 13% grade.

The painful investment of time in recent days to get the vehicle more prepared for such a climb really paid off. Right down to the switchable between two temperature sensors on each motor. Vehicle did not have to be stopped. Much better management. Unlike a prior a tempt where we needed to stop every third of a mile to let things cool down, no such stop was now necessary. Very satisfying and suggest that the coming months which will include this climb we are well prepared for. Wiring upgrade seem to be holding.

Another day's worth of work remains but it is non-urgent. Probably will be completed within the next week. Adding the wiring and a switch so that there can be a reverse in difficult off-road situations. Repairing the now spare transmission hub. Diagnosing the wiring problem for one of the seven solar panels. Replacing one of the transmission shifter cables.

But beyond that, but at the risk of jinxing things, we seem to be rather solid mountain goat Now.

It is difficult to be patient but patience is required as several things happen. Much time was spent in recent days making the seat more of an actual recumbent seat. Now the body must adjust.

And yesterday, two days ago, it was found that the body wants recognition of the ultimate goal which is that the gear at the feet be rotated. Of course this is the case but it has been deliberately kept out of mind, the focus at the knees instead, in an effort to keep the musculature of the feet ankles and thighs limp.

Well, throughout tonight's Journey there was an effort to keep the focus on the knees but be aware that the purpose of the thighs in the knees was to deliver Force to the feet on the pedals to turn that gear.

It opens a can of worms. The feet and calves find it really difficult not to get clever and try and do the work.

And the entire leg tries to deliver force all the way around the gear. And for world-class cyclist this may well be what they do.

But it is a degree of difficulty Way Beyond me. And it invites a really bad habit discussed last time we are the legs want to apply great force early in the outward thrust. This is probably bad practice for anyone but certainly for James.

But thankfully in the last 25% things came together. The magic last 25%. I think the body just gets so tired it says, f*** it man, here are the basics. Forget all this extra s***.

Key components that came together were yes, be aware of where your feet are because that gives you the place where Force matters. But in line with the notion of digging, when you get fatigued and particularly as things get more steep, forget the early part of the thrust, just be sure that you land for the last 20% Which means your knees feel fully extended and oh yes that is at the point where your feet have fully extended around the gear. This is promising for the future. I think this might be sustainable.

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