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(Video should work now) From the garage, video log update on the quarantine.

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Omitted in the video is what this is all about  from James standpoint. In the last several years James has come to understand this family situation quite well in overview, and against impossible odds, impossible odds, totally outnumbered, this parent has kept the children alive through thick and thin including the virus to which they are mortally susceptible, and has a decent life for them, but it's insanely unacceptably precarious, and the outlook for all three is really not that bright honestly. And it could be. And James life limb and treasure is totally devoted until he becomes unwelcome or determines he can't help turn the outlook for each and every one of the three to something substantially improved. And for that to happen the next month at least is James learning how to pitch in and offload this


My friend asked about my jaw, my current mission....

I find it incredible blessing to have this potential opportunity to help this little family, and maybe a larger Community too. It seems an extraordinary fit to me on many levels but I don't know if it'll last till this evening or till the rest of my days. I take it one hour at a time. Hopefully I'll not lose track of that. My bags are packed

Neurotypicals or neurotoxics? Part of a brief dialogue with the parent on Whose property I'm quarantining.


J. This was rolling around in my mind this morning....I'm wondering to what degree there is a tendency among autistics toward some combination of the following. They actually refuse to not understand the real, concrete, world. They have to figure it out for themselves. Or how do they know it's real? They have to feel it and touch it in their own terms. Do they live the question 'why' more than the mass population? Are they Rebels in a healthy sense, they'll do something because they understand it's true, not because someone said so? I think this has very much been, and remains, my world. I have to be on the Spectrum


Log. The two-week quarantine is approaching the halfway mark.

The two-week quarantine is approaching the halfway point approximately. Here in the garage. My choice. The safest place and it's fine with me. Hey, I Did Standing Rock North Dakota from Thanksgiving through mid-February and the arrest.

More sleep has been required than I would have hoped, I think as a result of both