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Neurotypicals or neurotoxics? Part of a brief dialogue with the parent on Whose property I'm quarantining.


J. This was rolling around in my mind this morning....I'm wondering to what degree there is a tendency among autistics toward some combination of the following. They actually refuse to not understand the real, concrete, world. They have to figure it out for themselves. Or how do they know it's real? They have to feel it and touch it in their own terms. Do they live the question 'why' more than the mass population? Are they Rebels in a healthy sense, they'll do something because they understand it's true, not because someone said so? I think this has very much been, and remains, my world. I have to be on the Spectrum if extremely mild. I just feel such an affinity for what I'm reading and seeing.

. * are Geeks and nerds and those on the Spectrum pretty much the same thing?

. * what industries have a high proportion of people on the Spectrum, and or what disciplines?

M. engineering, social work, artists, you name it. i think they gravitate to where they are protected and appreciated and can be of service. maybe not sales ;P because f*** that. 

anything that seems to require lying or manipulation or hurting others i would expect to be less of interest tho in this works often you can’t choose. 

J. And guess what I went into right out of graduate school, sales. It was horrible. Talk about being in an environment everyone thrives on bulshit except for you? So I had to figure out a totally different way to sell based on ethics and morality and Superior Diagnostics and prescribing/ inventing the best medicine, or die, and I chose not to die. It was among the hardest and best things that ever happened to me.

M. ugh :( the worse but yes i’m sure it helped to stretch you considerably. like me working in retail or food did. hated it but so useful. 

J. I wonder if there are countries that tend to be more on the Spectrum. America certainly thrives on b*******, I would think that Germany May tend more to be on the Spectrum.

I mean come to think of it, look at their prime minister. A physicist?

M. ahhh good point i do love being in germany

i also love the french

and the irish

and the greeks

pretty much anywhere but here that i’ve been honestly. 


J. Seven Habits of Highly Effective families. I haven't read it. I not only read, when I was in Industry, 7 habits of highly effective people, but I went to several Advanced executive training courses paying for it myself. Hardly an original thought in any of it, but an extremely useful if not brilliant integration of great thinking throughout history and a really valuable structure......

. * if it turns out that I work out here for other than just the very short-term, and that would be fine with me, we probably need to think of building a padded cell for me for those occasions when I come across the word disorder associated with autism. It drives me f****** crazy. Autism spectrum distinction or something. The lunatics, the parasites, the toxics, Define our language. I don't want to be part of letting them do that.

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