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My friend asked about my jaw, my current mission....

I find it incredible blessing to have this potential opportunity to help this little family, and maybe a larger Community too. It seems an extraordinary fit to me on many levels but I don't know if it'll last till this evening or till the rest of my days. I take it one hour at a time. Hopefully I'll not lose track of that. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go if that turns out to be the best thing. Now, snow on the roads that could make things die see. We'll see.

Being profoundly trustworthy is certainly one of the things I'm trying to be, as I always do, and this individual, I think you'll understand this, is extremely careful about anonymity. I don't have any current photographs and would hesitate to share with anyone, even you, for that reason. Such great care on the part of such individuals is not something I understand, which is all the more reason I have to be careful in trying to respect it.
I'm glad of your interest though.

The jaw. Wow that was a crisis. It did teach me that I have developed Way Beyond any ability I thought I'd have to be quite fully functional with extreme pain that I thought I might have to live with long-term. It also seems to me that I invented a way of rather dramatically ending this lifelong jaw clenching and grinding at night that I've never seen any mention of in the literature that could work. Bottom line maybe 2 or 3 weeks now the discomfort has been mild. What was a 2 inch by three-quarter inch, by quarter inch high swelling on the jaw is now probably a third or 1/4 that that size. No longer shrinking but not really growing either. Of course I don't know for certain what it is, it could be cancer, it could be infection, but I think it's swelling from damaged tissue from the grinding that I still do a little bit. But about the time that things were so in crisis I just happened across an article about the pandemic and how, it was written by a dentist I think, how their practice for cracked teeth has exploded. And not the point of the article, but this dentist mention, a comment that maybe I've heard before but it really stuck this time. That except when one is eating the teeth should never never never never never never touch. Well, I decided that okay maybe that's true, and it hugely sharpened my sensitivity and awareness of when my teeth were touching. And even in those times that I awake at night I seem to be way more aware than I was and that seems to have been reshaping my behavior. I've also created I have also created 2 formed hard night guards for my upper teeth and lower teeth and I sandwich a soft one in between. Well, as I say it's one quarter the size and not growing. Thanks for asking.

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